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October 29, 2019

ARTERIELLE / PROBLEMS OF KIDNEYS AND CHOLESTEROL / C’EST COMPLETED Hypertension is no longer an exclusive disease
for the elderly, because there is currently many people between sixteen and thirty-four
years who suffer from hypertension. It’s a disease that needs to be well controlled,
because if it is not treated correctly, it can be very dangerous because it
causes cardiovascular problems, premature aging and lesions
brain. For this reason, it is essential to have good control and correct the
drugs. I make this improvised video because of a
subscriber who wrote me following the video on the cure of Dr. Breuss, I read his
message and I also read the intervention from another subscriber which made me a lot
affected, that’s why I decided to improvise this video, then you know
already that I love you all, that you are welcome on your channel
health and beauty, I do not need anymore to tell you to like the video before the
look at nespa because you’ve already done it , so without further ado we’ll go into
our heart of the subject, You must not forget
that the voltage is changing a lot depending on of the psychological state. Bad stress
passenger, a bad time in life will sometimes raise blood pressure
for a few months before this one back to normal … This last remark
is good for cholesterol! The tension is measured to analyze how
whose heart beats when he pumps blood (systolic pressure) and when he is resting
between beats (diastolic blood pressure). If you suffer from this problem, you can
take advantage of natural remedies to lower your tension. Find out how … I’m going
first talk to you here about studies that have been made for this purpose on the beet
against hypertention and so I will introduce you another red onion recipe
so a subscriber to share his experience, so you’ll have a choice between these two elements
there then here are the best natural juices to treat hypertention,
In addition to past results, recent research reveals that drinking
a single glass of this purple juice a day may be enough to lower blood pressure
people with hypertension. In fact, this simple juice can lead to
“significant” reduction in pressure blood.
Details of the study For research, Amrita Ahluwalia, Professor
of vascular pharmacology at QMUL, and its research team analyzed the effects
red beet juice and placebo on 64 people aged 18 to 85 years old.
Half of the patients were taking medication prescribed for hypertension but did not arrive
not to reach the target blood pressure. The rest had been diagnosed with hypertension
but did not take any medicine yet. A group consumed a glass of beet juice
per day (250 ml), while the other group had a nitrate-free beet juice (the
placebo). Nitrates are thought to reduce blood pressure. In the human body,
the inorganic nitrate is transformed into oxide nitric, which relaxes and dilates the vessels
blood. During the 4 weeks of consumption of the
beet juice, the participants of the group not placebo presented a reduction
blood pressure of 8/4 mmHg (millimeters of mercury). During the next two weeks
the end of the test, the blood pressure patients have returned to their previous level.
This group also experienced an improvement 20% “of the expansion capacity of the
blood vessels and the rigidity of their arteries reduced by about 10%. This
improvement could also reduce the risk of heart disease.
Although the group drinking beet juice rich in nitrates has improved,
there was no change in the pressure Arterial, vessel function
blood or stiffness of the arteries in the placebo group, including beet juice
was without nitrate. The authors note that the reduction obtained
in the group of active supplements is comparable to that of drugs; the reduction
average blood pressure brought by a single antihypertensive drug is
of 9/5 mmHg. This interesting study is based on
previous research of this team and revealed that a glass of beet juice
per day could bring down the tension in hypertensive patients,
even in those whose hypertension was not not controlled by medication. ”
“This research proved that one dose daily inorganic nitrate can be
as effective as a medical intervention to reduce blood pressure and
best part is we can get it thanks to beetroot and other
green leafy vegetables “. According to her, one of the reasons
the results are interesting is that it’s just for everyone to increase
nitrates in the diet. It is extremely beneficial for people
to be able to take steps to control their blood pressure by means not
clinics such as vegetable consumption “, adds Professor Ahluwalia. “We know
that many people do not like to take drugs all the life when they get
feel good, and therefore, the observance treatment is a big problem. ”
“The possibility of using a product natural, rather than another pill, for
reduce blood pressure is very attractive, “adds Dr. Amoils.
Filled with about 20 times more nitrates that most other vegetables, beetroot
could be a marvel for scientists and dietitians because its
healing and stimulating powers are slowly discovered, study after study. Another study done in 2010 by the University
Queen Mary’s of London showed a correlation between daily intake of beet juice
red and the almost immediate drops of the blood pressure of the drinker. Moreover,
it has also been found that a decrease blood pressure increased. A
another study published in the Nutrition Journal revealed that “500 grams” of juice from
beetroot also resulted in a fall blood pressure within 6 hours
hardly after consumption. So to consume your beet it’s
very easy to wash it and then sprinkle it and you make a smoothie that you consume
just according to the indications mentioned more high,
Then we will go to the red onion Indeed Quercetin consumption, a
flavonoid content in the care, done lowering blood pressure in patients
hypertensive. Studies had already shown that
big consumers of quercetin had less risk of suffering from heart disease.
Moreover, studies in animals had highlighted that by giving
quercetin to mice their pressure blood decreased. The researchers therefore
wanted to check whether by giving quercetin to hypertensive patients their pressure
could decrease. Forty adults with hypertension
or prehypertension were recruited and separated into two groups. The first ones
received 730 mg quercetin daily during 28 days while the second patients
group received a placebo. Results after these 28 days: patients
who had been entitled to quercetin have seen their blood pressure go down, unlike
to those who received the placebo. How does quercetin lower the
pressure? Researchers do not know not the exact mechanism but suspect
this flavonoid to limit the production of angiotensin II, a molecule that increases the pressure
blood pressure by causing a constriction of blood vessels.
And garlic is a very food beneficial for the whole organism; It is
fully demonstrated that it can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.
So put a crushed garlic clove macerate at night in a glass of water
let you put tote at night and then in the morning you crush your red onion that you
put in your glass of garlic water and drink everything (without the garlic clove) okay
without the cloves of garlic, you can also make the effort to consume at the mins 200
g of red onions a day whether in raw or cooked or as I have you presented
upper That’s all for this video, I hope
that you liked and that you liked since even before starting to watch it
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I’ll see you soon wear well. bisous kisses 

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