Self Healing Diabetes High Blood Pressure Back Pain w. 10 Day Colonic Cleanse Colon Hydrotherapy

September 19, 2019

My name is Sal and I first came to Living Waters through a friend more of a gun held my head when I got here I kinda went with the program took a three-day and after about midway through the second day I was signed up for a 10-day in my head it still took a little coaxing that once i got into the 10-day can’t explain how much better I feel not only health-wise emotionally mentally everything around me has changed its incredible i’m finally on my 10th my last day and I’m kind of worried that I’m not gonna come back here tomorrow I can’t stress enough for a guy that would laugh at this it’s no joke it’s incredible you had some big wins very early on during the cleanse I remember the first couple of days you had some pretty amazing things that happened do you want to share with those i hope that back i have diabetes high blood pressure totally different feeling I had a beard for a long time and I think I was hiding behind it it got trimmed almost willingly and now that it’s done it’s like wow who is that everything there’s changes that it would take me this video would be four hours I can’t I can’t explain so your blood Sugar’s you tested your blood Sugar’s you’ve been diabetic for a number of years 18 years 18 years diabetic my blood sugars have never run this good my numbers have dropped and it’s may be more aware of whatever I put in my body is going to trigger those numbers i find that I’m not hungry all the time I have to force myself to eat I’ve lost at least 12 pounds in the last two weeks i get up in the morning and I blend something and i’ll drink a little bit of it and oh man Im full I don’t you know I find myself wasting food and I have to get my old patterns of you know you gotta fill up now because you don’t know when you’re gonna get some later food was always life in an Italian family you live your life and fuel it if you fuel it right everything works better and you like my emotions Ive always been emotional that makes you see things different clear more clearly and I noticed that people are more friendly or people are coming up to me now before people would look at me and think oh man that guy is going to mug us there’s a lot of change why no blood sugar wise you drank some juice several days and you check your blood sugar and you were shocked that your numbers hadn’t moved they were right where they should be they would go up a little bit you know because you just put your trying to digest something and they wouldn’t spike or peak and there was a few days that I didn’t even I didn’t take my meds or I forgot to take my shot i have a shot that I take its non-insulin and I went to an no after I made something I oh I forgot my shot and I took my sugars and wow I guess I didn’t need that shot today so what would you say to someone who’s like you you got it was 30 that was weird what would be your words about someone thinking about doing this the idea so you know coming in and doing you know the the colonic coming Im like are you kidding me no way before this I said you and who else are gonna hold the gun to my head to get me in here and now i’m doing I mean I just I cannot emphasize or explain it you have to try it I mean what do you got to lose I have never felt like this before never never have these feelings like this so on a scale of one to ten ten being the worst how you felt when you begin to cleanse and one being the best what number were you when you started where you at today I I probably say honestly maybe an 8 now below a one before if you have any any second thoughts give it a try give the three-day a try you can’t go wrong there’s nothing here that’ll hurt you it’s just gonna help

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