See Inside Pediatrics at Joslin Diabetes Center!
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See Inside Pediatrics at Joslin Diabetes Center!

October 10, 2019

Jen: Hi I’m Jen!
Micaela: I’m Micaela! And welcome to Pediatrics. Jen: This is Stephanie and Louise, they are our office coordinators.
Micaela: They help make appointments and answer the phone when your mom or dad calls to talk to your nurse or doctor. Jen: this is Stephanie and Josie, they’re our medical
assistants Micaela: When you first come to Joslin, you’ll stop in with one of them, they’ll do your height, your weight and your blood pressure
Jen: They’ll download your meter, your pump, and your CGM Micaela: This is Chris, he’s our pediatric phlebotomist
Jen: When you come to Joslin, he’ll do your A1C when you first get here, and may do some additional lab work if needed Jen: This is Heidi. She’s one of our dietitians Micaela: She helps families with individualized meal plans, carb counting and overall healthy eating and exercise Here are two of our pediatric nurse practitioners,
Julie and Joyce Jen: They provide diabetes education and adjust insulin.
This is Dr. Markowitz she is one of our family support specialists here Micaela: She helps kids and families cope with
their diabetes Jen: And this is the playroom where you can hang out
with Micaela and me while your parents are in their appointments
Jen: We have all sorts of fun games and arts and crafts projects to keep you busy Jen: This is Dr. Lafflel, she’s the chief of Pediatrics
Micaela: Dr. Laffel, can you tell us a little bit more about how family is incorporated here at Joslin? Dr. Laffel: when a child is diagnosed with
diabetes, basically the family now has diabetes. Diabetes at any age is not a do-it-yourself condition. Particularly for children with diabetes,
these children are relying upon the adults in their
lives, particularly their parents to care for their diabetes. So families are they important? They are absolutely critical. And the Child Life team allows us to focus on the questions and the needs of families and to provide the support that families need. Because
the children who have diabetes can be pleasantly occupied in educational activities and support
activities with our wonderful Child Life team while we’re working with the parents, with the family members to ensure that their children are getting
the up-to-date information all so that we are able to ensure their
children with diabetes experience normal growth and development,
that we can do our best to prevent diabetes complications, to preserve the
health of our children with diabetes, and most above all
to protect their futures. Because the children we have today are the future for all of us tomorrow. Micaela: Thanks for joining us for this tour of Pediatrics!
Jen: We look forward to seeing you at Joslin.

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