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September 8, 2019

Hi. I’m a C6 quad and I’m going to demonstrate Demonstrate how I put on a pair of pants The first thing I do is have my pants sitting
next to me and I have my legs straight out And then lift up my leg and put my heel to my shin Which allows me to have Access to my foot. Next thing I do is I loop my left arm under my Knee, that allows me to hold it And then I take the pair of pants and hold on to them And then loop it right over top of my leg Then I put my foot down and start pulling them out And then put my left leg out Pull the pant right down below my knee so that I have enough room to Put my right leg in And then I gather my pants together so it will like a little circle And then I put it down towards my other foot I lift up my right leg and hold it with my right arm And I put my foot right into the circle that I just gathered And I pull this up And then have my pants pulled up to make
sure I have enough room Then you can always pull them down a little more And then I hook my hand Into in front of them so that when I lay back I just don’t fly backwards And it allows me to bring my knees up when I lay back So that I can start pulling them up better And then the right side just right around my hip So that when I roll it won’t slide down And then I loop my other Left hand into the pant leg which
allows me to pull up my knee a little better So I can go more on my side I then go more on my right side and then I hook my hand in And I am able to pull them up more Then I’ll do the same thing with the right side Until I have it pulled up on the side And there we go. To see more dressing techniques check out

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