Reversing Diabetes: Dr. Mark Savant’s Experience with Patients on Virta
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Reversing Diabetes: Dr. Mark Savant’s Experience with Patients on Virta

October 9, 2019

I’m Dr. Mark. Savant. I have a private practice
in general internal medicine in San Francisco. The first thing that I really
liked about the Virta Clinic was that it was based on all the
research done by Dr. Phinney. And I think as a
physician, you want to know what the
science is behind it. In terms of their
medications, the real danger in going into this is taking
people off of insulin, and staying on top of that. The medical team
at Virta has been very good about keeping
me up-to-date about what’s going on. The level of support that Virta
provides is really something that I can’t. It’s that constant
contact with the patient. I find that referring
patients to the Virta Clinic has saved me quite
a bit of time. I’ve definitely
noticed that compliance is much higher when people
are on the Virta Program. I’ve seen people certainly
lose weight, lower their A1Cs for their diabetes. But I’ve also seen their
cholesterol numbers all improve, their
triglycerides bottom out, their LDL becomes
large particle, their HDL numbers increase. I see people have better
moods, I’ve been told. They say that their
skin is better, and that they sleep better too. In fact, I’m always
looking for those patients who really could benefit from
being in the Virta Program. The proof is in the pudding
in how the patients do as they reduce
their medications, all their lab data improves,
and they feel better. It’s really kind of a
global effect for people. As I said before, I’ve never
seen anything as significant as this.

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