Reverse Diabetes — How Bob Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Using His Food as Medicine
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Reverse Diabetes — How Bob Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Using His Food as Medicine

October 10, 2019

Bob: My A1C went from 9.9 to 6.4 and I had
the doctor take me off all the medication. I’ve
dropped from 6.4 to 5.9 unmedicated. You have an opportunity with this group to
reverse diabetes. Type 2 can go away. I’m Bob Blackburn and I was a type 2 diabetic. I got diagnosed November 28 of 2016. I knew I
had a problem. I was 296 pounds, I was a cheeseburger away
from a heart attack, and I wasn’t feeling that good. It was a couple of symptoms that had brought
me there. I went in there and
they took all my tests, and I didn’t know what any of this stuff meant. I didn’t know what an A1C
was, but it was a 9.9 and they were very concerned. I went home that day upset, nervous,
concerned because I had seen was diabetes did to an Uncle of mine. I saw what it did to people
that I knew. I saw a waiting room full of people in the
VA hospital that had it and people were missing toes, people were missing limbs, people
were on dialysis, and these aren’t things I was
too interested to sign up for. I went home. I watched Dr. Barnard’s video basically like
three times, and then immediately bought the reversing diabetes book that he
had out. I didn’t even go to the bookstore. I had it
dropped right on my iPad. I read it that night, and the next day I was
eating plant-based as a primary form of nutrition. When I started, the first thing out of the
box is they gave me a bottle of Metformin and told me to
take those. I took them for about three days and I felt
so sick, I went back to the doctor and said I’d rather take the shots. So they gave me the Lantus, I took 20 units
of Lantus every day. And
my goal was in 90 days to come off of it. I learned quickly that it wasn’t about the
carbohydrates or counting carbohydrates or any of that
stuff. I just started eating kind of random and then
I started eating usually 1 – 2 cups of beans a
day. I ate a lot of greens. I ate a lot of greens because I basically
was following Dr. Fuhrman’s game plan on what I call a modified Fuhrman. And then movement. I had been trying to go to the gym to make
some lifestyle changes, so I went to the gym and basically was getting
about 20 – 30 minutes of cardio a day with rowing and
biking. My knees are bad. I don’t run. And then I started lifting again, but for
the most part I wasn’t as focused on the exercise. I was almost consumed with what I was going
to eat. When I first got introduced to this way of
eating and what not, and then I searched out and
found this Mastering Diabetes and it was the timelyest thing that had ever happened to
me. Because I learned all about different types
of exercise and I learned about different kinds of
eating and about Engine 2 and I learned all these different things that kind of went into
this filter. When I went for my first 90 days, my A1C went
from 9.9 to 6.4 and they took me off the insulin. That to me was just an awesome moment. My weight started at 296. My 90 day weight was 244. And that’s when I started to notice
because my pants were falling down and I needed some clothes. I’ve lost 90 pounds in 8
months time. My cholesterol was an interesting story because
I didn’t think I had high cholesterol. Evidently I
did. 207 was my starting total cholesterol when
I took my November test. My 90 day number
came down considerably and my total cholesterol is now 125. My belief is that education is the key to
all of this. What Mastering Diabetes did was between
Cyrus and Robby being able to interview all the top people in the field and providing
different ways of looking at this problem, the bottom
line is that you have to find what works for you. You
have to take personal responsibility for what works for you. It’s your health. At the end of the
day, diabetes isn’t going anywhere.It’s for real. It doesn’t take any prisoners either. And if you’re
anything like me and you don’t want to lose limbs and different things, take the time,
go through the summit, watch, listen, absorb, and then
raise your hand and ask for help. There are people
in this industry that can help you. These gentlemen can help you. You have an opportunity with
this group to reverse diabetes. Type 2 can go away. It’s not going to ruin your life. You can rule

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  1. I'm 43, vegan, and have no diet-based illness. A family member of mine Is an avid basket baller and is far more active than I am. Yet, he's Type 2 diabetic. He's taking insulin almost daily. Sadly, diabetes appears to run in my family. I have a feeling that we have genes that just don't express the right amount of proteins to breakdown fats quickly enough (like most humans). Sadly, since this family member is being told that sugar is the problem. He hasn't really stopped activities that are leading to the problem, he's only avoiding the symptoms. When I hear folks saying that keto diets helped them with diabeties, I just face palm as I know that they aren't accounting for other variables which may have helped. Most people on ketogenic diets for instance tend to intake less sugar, exercise, and eat "better" meat options. Well duh? Of course you'll lose weight and reduce insulin needs. But a plant-based diet is the only diet that I am aware of that can permanently[sic] reverse Type 2 diabetes. Off soap box. Thanks for sharing team!

  2. It's true people! I had very similar results as Bob by eating a plant based, starch based diet that is recommended by Dr. John McDougall and Dr. Neal Barnard. I found out about these guys through a fellow guitar player who was on the Dr. McDougall diet. Search "Potato Strong" on Facebook to see my friend Will's amazing results! I bought and read both Doctors books and in just 60 days I dropped my Ha1c from 9.9 to 7.9, my cholesterol went from 230 to 173, my blood pressure dropped from 165/95 to 125/75 and I lost 32 lbs. without going hungry! All this in just 60 days with no medications whatsoever! Beware of the Paleo diet please! The plant based, starch based diet is the safest most natural way to ending food causing ailments. 🌽🥔🍅🥒🥗

  3. Help!!!!!!!! I am a type 2, almost died twice last year, in ICU twice!!!!! I saw all this info of DR neal Barnard, started following it, I have gained 40 lbs!!!! Iknew I was going to gain weight back after I got out of the hospital, Im on insulin before meals and Landtis at bedtime, weight gain I knew was coming!!!!!!! I have NO energy at all, my feet and hands are numb all the time and the pain is unbelieveable!!!!!!! I was so excited to find Dr Barnards book, BUT I stopped following it, I dont have many clothes that fit anymore, because of the weight gain!!!!!! I am sooooo depressed, I want to end it all, BUT I cant cause I have two young men (my sons) who are messed up now from me almost dying last year, could not handle that!!!!!! Please throw me a F##KING BONE!!!!!! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!!!!!! Were do I turn???????????? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! IM DYING HERE!!!!!!!!SLOWLY!!!!!!

  4. Thank you soooo much, I bought Dr Neal Barnard's book Reversing Diabetes months ago, so I followed for a whole 3 days, I saw no results and I quit, 3 days HA!!!!!! (can you imagine, 3 days)!!!! So after alot of crying, and feeling sorry for myself, I have tried again!!!! I have been following his book since Oct 1 2017, I have not lost any weight at all, BUT my Lantis use has dropped from 50 units to 40, now to 38 at bedtime. My insulin use before meals has also dropped 2 to 3 units, depending on what I have eaten, my A1c has dropped from 9 go 7.9. I have NOT been exercising except walking around my living room-kitchen, for 20 mins a day. I still feel sooooo tired and run down, BUT I now feel there is light at the end of this dark tunnel for me. My feet and hands still feel numb all the time, and when I go to bed, the pain in my feet is unbareable. My sons want me to join them at the gym, and me and my dog both need to lose wieght, I have not walked or any exercise in year and a half. I weight 200lbs at 5ft 4 in, I now get it walking and exercise is KEY!!!! I just want to THANK YOU for reaching out to me, it feels soooo good to know someone cared enough to pull me up out of my black hole!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! Im on the start of a long journey, one I am enjoying, the food is great!!!!

  5. I'm 55 & last March was told following a blood test that I was diabetic. I was somewhat surprised as I was relatively fit if a bit over weight almost 18 St. for a large 6' frame. Other than that my lifestyle was exemplary as far a vices were concerned – a non smoker, very rare drinker who ate the good "stuff" if a bit too much of it. I was relatively fit having bouts of occasional jogging up to 6 miles 2 -3 times a week. Strange thing is that I had absolutely no symptoms – No thirst in particular & even a urine test detected no sign of the condition. The other good news on that day was that I had high blood pressure, liver function & cholesterol.

    OK – 7 months later & I have reversed the diabetes, my liver specialist, whom I was referred to, gave me a clean bill of liver health last week & my cholesterol is back within normal limits. I'm on half the BP medication with a view to coming off it completely in a month or so!

    How was it done? – Basically & pardon the Norse but with fecking hard work! I cut out practically all carbs, in particular white bread (makes the sign of a vampire cross!) & white rice (makes the Asian equivalent there of.) I have practically nada sugar in my diet & take the WHOLE thing VERY seriously with maybe no more than 3 digressions in the 7 months such as a bit of cake or one serving of my personal nemesis – Ice cream! I have porridge most morning made with water & a very little dried fruit. Other than that my diet is practically protein based with some healthy veg & limited fruit. but here's the BIG one – YOU HAVE TO EXERCISE!!!!! I'm now up to 8 miles 3 x a week jogging & set a new record of 9 -1/2 miles today. All this also meant that I have lost 4 St. with fat being THE biggest reason you will find yourself in this pickle & your one sure fire route out if you can lose it!

    Bottom line is try to keep off ALL medication, To my mind there is yet to be a tablet or potion invented that will not bite you on the arse either today or later down the road as for every action there IS an equal & opposite reaction. Metformin & Stains are dire for you as neither of them address the underlying condition & just look at treating the symptoms. With Metformin you will just end up taking more & more of the stuff until you then have to start injecting insulin. AS the guy said ALWAYS take your quacks advise but like him, being a contrarian & open thinker has kept me healthy & richer!

  6. Nice Video! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you thought about – Patlarny Sugar Outcome Principle (search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for reversing diabetes minus the normal expense. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend Sam after many years got amazing success with it.

  7. Don't believe all of the lies that are being told in the comments. AND…
    Above all don't believe the lies that you own doctor is telling you, WHY…
    Your doctor is determined to keep you as a patient. If you are cured, business goes down and your doctor will no longer be able to go golfing and boating and take the long exotic vacations anymore.
    Your doctors determination to keep you on the Metformin, and the many other new drugs that have come on the market to help maintain blood sugar levels are just that………….maintenance.
    A total diet change, NOT A DIET as some propose in these comments and as your doctor, I'm sure has proposed to you.
    Diabetes is some thing that occurred over many years, not weeks. Diabetes, will also not be cured in weeks but over many months and years. Dropping your Ha1c levels from 9.9 to 7.9 in 60 days is a great breakthrough but not a cure.
    Dropping your Ha1c levels from 9.9 to 5.5 over two years and cutting out Metformin is a as close as I am able to see as a cure.
    Change of diet and exercise is what did the job for me.
    Stay tuned for more….

  8. It seems when I go to my doctors office all I hear him taking about to other patients is about diabetes and the medications for it. I told myself as a type 2 is the whole world diabetic now? I'm tired of the meds, the side effects and how I feel about this serious epidemic that is as common as the cold now. It seems like everything from the food, water, the air breath is killing us now. I did some research on history of sugar and I was shocked not see that early people had no use for it and it was not a native plant to where it is now grown and harvested for consumption. IMO I believe this is the biggest killer to mankind in a sweet to speak. By saying this there must be a trigger for the diabetes to happen, since all foods have sugars as in carbs and added sugars found in foods. Most of the foods today are unhealthy designed for a fast paced lifestyle we all live in, thats why fast foods and pakaged foods aren't healthy and loaded with chemicals too that you cant pronounce. There was a time when 1 person worked and provided while the other cared for the home and kids and foods were prepared daily and people were not over weight as today. This seems to be a good example of depopulation if you ask's like saying it taste too good to be true but can it be good for you? Sugar consumption is the culprit it's unnatural and it the drug that has us all hooked since we were kids aka the candy man can! The body just gets hooked and the brain says give me more sugar, like a good drug Hewey Luis. Yes I'm believing diabetes can be cured and eliminated if we choose but the people chosen to protect our health and public safety don't care since they are bought off with money and that's the bottom line when it come to your health and well being, we are just mules for them and its pure evil. Being a diabetic and now trying to reverse it is not a far fetched idea but my doctor always gives me that look when I say diabetes is reversable and I want off my meds its like he's in on it and doesn't want me to know. I've started some life changes food and exercise and cut out the sugar as much as possible were it will be zero soon and I've started walking 3 miles a day, I'm now 14 pounds lighter and feeling better already. Before all this happened to me I lived a poor lifestyle worked long hours, ate carb rich foods, fast foods, and smoked for a long time and I'm almost 2yrs smoke free! I believe in slow and steady changes as it will allow your body to react to the changes with food and exercise, we don't want the weight to come back and lose the benefits of our hard work to recovery. Food choices, diet and exercise is the key for successful recovery and find a method that works for you and remember to cut out the carbs and sugars.. God bless.

  9. Dr's will tell you T2D is a lifetime disease. Its not ! Big Pharma companies make millions of dollars a year off diagnosing people with T2D. Big Pharma want people to be T2D. TAKING INSULIN IS THE WORST THING A T2D CAN DO. Intermittent fasting all the way people. Congratulations to everybody who have reversed their T2D. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

  10. If there's one thing to learn by watching all these YouTube vids on that there is NO one plan that works for everybody. Some do well on low carb. Some on low carb high fat. Some on vegan. Some on high starch. And on and on. So..just do the best you can. Try different things and see what works for YOU..not the guy on the video. But with all these conflicting messages..I can understand why some people just say FUCK IT and eat whatever the hell they want. Millions of people telling you what to do and each one is different? Fuck it!

  11. After my DIABETES TYPE 2 diagnosis, I had typical symptoms of thirst, lethargy, severe tiredness, urinary frequency, hearing loss and ringing in the ears, vision problems, dehydration and weight gain. I was placed on metformin twice daily for several months, the symptoms only seemed to worsened. I began to do a lot of research and learnt about a DIABETES HERBAL TREATMENT from Rich Herbs Foundation and their success rate with the Diabetes treatment, i immediately started on the treatment, i started experience decline in major symptoms, the severe thirst, dry mouth, tiredness, urinary problems, dehydration and fatigue. My doctor took me off the metformin and other medications i was placed after the diabetes herbal treatment. Visit rich herbs foundation w w w. richherbsfoundation. c o m. I did another blood test after the treatment, i am diabetes free. I have also lost over 35 pounds since treatment.

  12. Mastering Diabetes, when one is diagnosed, would it be fair to say, that its a good idea to stay clear of natural fats like avocado and peanut butters?

  13. Appreciate Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried – Patlarny Sugar Outcome Principle (google it)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for reversing diabetes minus the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend Sam after a lifetime of fighting got great success with it.

  14. Once you learn to eat low carb and can eat fats-your A1c will go down and glucose under 145 means no more meds-2 yrs. later now and I am not medically called diabetic anymore!!

  15. I was 350lb now I’m 230lb I’m no longer on meds for diabetes.. now I’m eating 1 meal a day and just water with 1 cheat day a week I’ve got 100% more energy and think better my eyes are better I don’t need such strong lens. Losing fat works

  16. I must tell you about a person who helped me alot me with Diabetes 2! He is the only person, who can tell you a 1, 2 step way how to cure it. Just click DIABETES. XCOURSE. XYZ and watch his amazing story!

  17. You have not beaten diabetes when you have lowered you ac1, you need to lower your 2 hour blood glucose to below 7,8 (x18 if in america) to be normametabolic. Good luck.

  18. Not once has a doctor told me to lose weight. Now that I am, I have been able to discontinue one medication after another (doctor approved, at least). My daily blood sugar have dropped from 2576 in July down to 150 in September. Just by changing my foods.

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