REJUVENATION METHOD THAT HELPS! Vitaly Ostrovsky. Headache, High blood pressure, Insomnia. Movie #1.
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REJUVENATION METHOD THAT HELPS! Vitaly Ostrovsky. Headache, High blood pressure, Insomnia. Movie #1.

September 8, 2019

Hello, dear friends! Now we’ll talk about how to get rid of headache. I will speak slowly so that you can comprehend my words. The first thing you need to start with is to take this kind of bolster or twist 3 towels and do something like this, until you get the original. We need the original. You may sew it yourself. Put the bolster under your neck, lay on your back. Now you make movements like this for one or two minutes. What is it for?! This will relax your cervical spine. There are two arteries that are clamped with disks and blood doesn’t flow well. It gets into your head a lot, but comes out a little. This is just one cause. There are many of them. But we must remove this cause, and we will do it metronomically, slowly, gradually.
You will have to do this exercise 2 times a day. You can do it 3 times a day, starting with one minute. And it’s especially useful before bedtime. Now, it is very useful to hang on the horizontal bar for fifteen, twenty or thirty seconds before going to bed. What is it needed for? In order to stretch the spine. There is a cerebrospinal fluid that passes badly, because there are thorns, and salt, and staphylococcus, streptococcus. When stretching, blood circulation normalizes, you’ll sleep better at night. At the time of recovery from your disease, your diet should include 80 percent of raw food. For example, in the evening you will eat a vegetable salad like this: tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, a little apple cider vinegar, onions. A little bit of sea salt. If you have high blood pressure, you can replace salt with spices for two or three days. Now, to the food, when you eat your food, you will add 1 Garlic, take 1 capsule with food three times a day for blood to be more fluid, to dilute blood, we kill intestinal worms. Coarse bran bread. Rye bread, one hundred percent bran. Ok, and we need a vegetable salad in the evening. If we eat meat in the evening, fatty, fried meat – our blood will be thick and we will have headaches. After sunset our food is not digested. Only that food is digested well that contains the sun itself – it’s living vegetables. Eat fruits until 4 PM. Because fruits provide a lot of carbohydrates and sugar in the blood and then a person can not fall asleep if he ate fruits in the evening. Fruits give a lot of energy and fruits should be eaten with vegetables together. Let’s suppose, if you eat a banana – a banana should be eaten with a radish, it’s radish, it’s turnips. In synergy, together they will give a lot of energy, and your blood sugar will be stable. If you eat banana separately, the sugar will be high. But this is not our case, we do not need this. In this regard, there should be a dietary complex. A complex implies completely different thinking, a modern thinking and approach to diet. As the ancient Romans said: Let the food be your medicine, and the medicine will be your food. This is ginger. I’ve grinded ginger in a blender and got a paste. Take 1 teaspoonful of this paste with food 3 times a day. It purifies the blood, modulates the immune system, cleanses lungs and bronchi. In two weeks, the pus will come out. This is a very strong tool to fight and prevent cancer. At lunch you can eat buckwheat, buckwheat rolls: seaweed, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, a little salt, mustard. It’s protein-rich. Proteins of plant origin improve our body. Proteins of animal origin kill it. There can be 5% of protein in food of animal origin.
5% is safe, 10% is deadly. Buckwheat gives us very good amino acids and proteins. This is flaxseed. Here is a lot of Omega-3 acid and alfalinolenic acid, giving birth to blood. It must be activated: pour it with water, hold for three to four or five hours, so to wake up the biologically active substances, then you may dry it. And eat 1 spoonful of it with natural bread, two spoons are good too. This is the basis. Take wheat bread or brown bread from the store, do not eat bread that is not 100% bran.
It will glue your intestines, causing permanent headaches
and germ proliferation. To cure headaches you need to calm down, do not get stressed. If you argue with someone, having relationship issues at work,
then at this moment you get stressed. Our kidneys… yet I’ll tell you all this in other video,
there will be the series of my videos called “Revival and rejuvenation of the body with Vitaliy Ostrovskiy.” See you next time!

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