Real Doctor Reacts to HOUSE M.D. #3 | “All In” | Medical Drama Review
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Real Doctor Reacts to HOUSE M.D. #3 | “All In” | Medical Drama Review

October 16, 2019

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  1. Hey Dr Mike, nothing to do with this particular video but I was watching this and thought about something that happens quite often: runny nose while exercising, especially running. It would be interesting to have some views on that, exercise-induced rhinitis I think it's called, maybe a video idea 😉

  2. they arent residents dshfgjhds. theyre part of the diagnostics department so they do most of the tests bc house doesnt trust the other doctors.

  3. For the last time stop calling Dr. Chase and Foreman Residents in every episode. Chase is a Surgeon and cardiologist and Foreman is Neurosurgeon , they are not residents. Do some experiment before critisizing everything.

  4. I actually understand the lack of chest compressions, house uses the actual actors and ya cant just beat on a childs chest for the sake of tv.

  5. I absolutely love how irate you get over poorly practiced medicine, it shows how much you care. I wish more doctors were like you – and less wanted to be like House 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️👍🏻

  6. This is only for self promoting purposes , comparing real life to series OMG cmn , it makes me feel sick already… Why dont you comment GOT how about that and compare it to life in New York or wtv. I gave you a hint for more self promotion 😡

  7. Yeah, but if it were done via "reg protocol," etc. then there'd be no show to watch. Keep in mind that no matter how immersed our technology allows us to become within the dramas of imaginary people, situations, and events, the main purpose of the entertainment industry is to ENTERTAIN. I still love hearing a real docs take on the studio dramas though.

  8. Hahaha, Doctor Mike screaming at Dr House while I'm screaming at Doctor Mike for coughing right out or in his hands. That's what the bend of the arm is for!

  9. You should definitely check out "No Reason" Season 2 Episode 24. Very interesting from a drama POV and you'll get a kick out of the medicine side of it.

  10. Why do I get the impression that 9:13 is the moment Dr. Mike remembered doing chest compressions in a similar situation?

  11. Love how Dr Mike assumes that House has the same experience level as him, and that he isn't head of a department specializing in the odd or the rare medical case.

  12. i think i should just write a book instead of telling people all the weirdness that has happened in my life. but since i've been so physically sick and stuck on a sickloop lately i've become a bore. i like seeing these breakdowns

  13. 6/7 years old … playgrounds: lead paint, cat feces from sand etc. (deadly for immune deficient patients sometimes), food or airborne allergy?

  14. you're annoyed for the same reason i get annoyed. i've never heard of your 'regular doctor' as called anything but a GP. other people call GPs something else. i forget what but my general practitioner is my GP. how is that so difficult?

  15. Yup… There was a case my brother was exposed to, the woman he was with had a kid who was given a colon thing.. but they punched several holes into the colon,.. the x-ray tech saw the damage and called to check to see if the kid was in surgery.. They had sent the kid home…

  16. Is it only me or he looks incredibly hot when he gets upset? I mean he's always hot but I rarely see him upset he's usually so happy 😉

  17. i am disappointed how disappoint Doctor Mike are disappointed on House M.D cause i just started watching house m.d 2 days ago already at 157 videos and now im a fan of House M.D and feel kinda hurt when Dr.Mike dislike House M.D make's me sad cause i don't like the truth and i'm not a Doctor.
    Also pleaseeee react to a better House M.D don't choose that would make you disappointed cause i don't want you to be disappointed. :(❤

  18. Interesting poker story, reminds me of a quote from the great philosopher Picard…

    "Data, it's possible to commit no mistakes and still lose, that is not a weakness, that is life"

    …and yes, I am a monstrously huge geek…

  19. 3:24 dude… he's supposed to be like Sherlock Holmes. He sees patterns where nobody else does. It's not supposed to be realistic, it's supposed to be extraordinary

  20. Every time someone goes into code blue on a show. I start screaming “ chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions” 😂

  21. I hope you see this suggestion, One of the doctors who advised on House MD, is a Doctor Who deals with a lot of mystery diagnosis, she did a project called Diagnosis on Netflix. I would love to see your take on it!

  22. Can you please review the episode finale of season 4,"Wilson's heart"? It's sooo complicated and intriguing! And I really wanna know if you can actually wake someone who is allegedly DEAD on bypass,and have a conversation with them!..I think that's mind blowing!🤯 I searched but Google is not very helpful with this…

  23. I have some suggestions for episodes:
    S1E4 Maternity (I would be interested to hear your take on the ethical dilemma in this episode)
    S2E8 The Mistake
    S2E9 Deception

  24. In a random conversation with a friend ab medical stuff, protocol, I now respond “chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions” lol 😂

  25. And by the way, why stress out so much about House's ego? It's House. House is House is ego, that's basically the whole point 🙂 🙂

  26. I head that there a name to the way house works and acts on cases supposedly it's a real thing and some people functioning that way it's honestly pretty interesting

  27. I would like to point out that Cameron Chase and Foreman are not in residency, they are fully fledged doctors with specialist qualifications (Foreman has neurology, I forget the other two), they make great pains, especially in the earlier episodes and pilot to point out that he has a team of overqualified specialists and his low case acceptance rate was leaving them useless. Another doctor in Beverly hills tries to hire Foreman away as an equal partner in one episode.

  28. Ok…There are 2 kinds of nystagmus, which one indicates what? I did find the guts to ask my neurosurgeon ages ago, but I've forgotten his answer.

  29. Doctors Cameron, Chase & Foreman were not residents – they were accomplished doctors on their own before they joined house's team – and House only picks the Creme de la Creme on his team – at least in the early seasons when his department was allocated the budget

    this is how I remember it

  30. According to Cardiothoracic ACLS, chest compressions are not the first action to perform, provided it's a cardiac insult that resulted in that rhythm.

  31. I am a former RN. Loving this channel!!😂👍🏼 House is so silly, but you gotta love his 'EPIPHANY FACE'.🤔😂

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