Program Highlights: Hypertension 2017
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Program Highlights: Hypertension 2017

September 7, 2019

(dramatic music) – Hi, I’m Karen Griffin,
Chair of the Program Committee for the 2017 Joint Hypertension
Scientific Sessions. And I’m here today with the Vice-Chair of the Program Committee, Dr. Pablo Ortiz. And a couple things I’d just
like to highlight about this year’s meeting is the fact
that we are now in an alignment with the ASH Society as part
of this Joint Hypertension Scientific Session, and
I think that will bring a very nice clinical component to what has traditionally been more of a
basic science type of meeting. We did not in any way have to
sacrifice or take away from what had been traditional programming for the Council on Hypertension along with the Kidney in Cardiovascular
Disease Meeting, but now we have a whole new
spectrum of clinical track programming that has been largely assisted by the members of the
ASH Program Committee and those that have been
made part of the Executive Leadership Committee of the
Council on Hypertension now. So the two main wants that
they’ve added have been the primary care track,
which is really providing practical advice for primary
care physicians interested in clinical hypertension and
also a clinical practice, clinical science track,
which focuses primarily on advising and giving information on using clinical science in clinical practice. There have been a number of
initiatives also that we’ve added in terms of bringing
on some of the early career investigators into this
meeting to make them find an opportunity for mentoring
that I think Pablo will talk a little bit about. – Yes, so first welcome all
to the Council on Hypertension Scientific Sessions again. Very excited to be here. This is the premier hypertension research meeting in the world that we live. There’s a large number of representation, some basic research, and
clinical research showing what’s the best science
for hypertension research. So I’m very excited about
the program that’s being put together for this year. I want to emphasize there’s
a lot of opportunities for trainees to network
throughout the meetings. There’s a trainee posters
competition that was organized by the Trainee Advisory Committee
that’s happening tomorrow and Friday throughout
the poster presentation. There’s also opportunity for
networking at the trainee mixer that’s happening Friday night. So I want to encourage all
those newcomers and all those that come to the meeting
regularly to attend both the posters and the
trainee mixer to network, meet your old friends and new people and try to discuss all of these ideas about hypertension that are happening. You will see some excellent
representation throughout the day from basic research
to clinical research and there will be ample
opportunity to discuss this with experts at these sessions. – I agree with you, Pablo. I think, by far, this is going to be a premier hypertension meeting. And whether or not you are a
basic scientist or a clinician. If you’re just starting in
your career or you’re already very established in your
career, you’ll definitely find something here to take back to
your practice or to your lab. And it’s going to be a
wonderful opportunity to have exposure to basic science or
clinical medicine regardless of why you’re coming to the meeting. – And yes, to finalize, I
just wanted to encourage all of those that are new
to the meeting to look at the program and find members
of the Leadership Committee. If you have any questions or
you want to participate in the Council on Hypertension,
I would like you to reach out. Any of those members are
available to answer the questions. So please don’t hesitate to do that. Me or Dr. Griffin. So please do that. I would be happy to talk to
you and relay this information. – Yes, we’ll be there
for the whole meeting. (dramatic music)

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