Prevention & control of diarrhea
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Prevention & control of diarrhea

September 1, 2019

Prevention and control of diarrhea Saraskel village, Patna block, Keonjhar. Please bring vegetables and some grocery items. Give me the bag. I will go to market now. Please take Shiva with you as well so that I will be able to complete the household chores. Okay. Let’s go. Call your mother! Please come. Please bring the mat. Shiva is complaining of a stomach – ache. Is your stomach aching? How are you feeling? He has a stomach – ache. He needs to defecate. Okay. Let him take to the compound. I think he is not able to bear it. Can you take him to defecate again? Okay. Please come. What should we do now? He is passing stool again and again. Let me go and call the health worker. Please take care of the child. I will bring him as soon as possible. Sir, please listen to me for a while. I was coming to meet you. Why? What happened? My child is passing loose stool again and again. Can you please come and see him. Okay. I can come with you. I was coming towards your house only. Please come. How many times has he passed stool? Four times, and he is complaining of stomach – ache. What did he eat in the morning? He ate fried potato and some salty snacks at home. Did he eat something outside? We went to market today in the morning. And we ate vada. You must have drank water also? Yes Sir. Because of that now he has diarrhea and he is passing stool again and again. Have you given any medicine? No. Please tell me, what I should give him. In the case of diarrhea, the body gets dehydrated because it is passing stools again and again. And the child becomes weak. Sir, please tell us what we should do now? The child needs to drink ORS now. What is that and how do I give it to the child? This packet is to be mixed with one liter of safe drinking water. It’s good to boil water, cool, strain and use for preparing the ORS mixture. The mixture has to be consumed the same day, any left – over mixture should be thrown away. How should ORS be prepared? Prepare ORS using safe drinking water after washing hands with soap Which water do you drink? Do you boil it or drink it plain? We are drinking water directly without any treatment and this is the practice since our birth. This is the major problem. Because of this you are getting diarrhea. You should always drink water after boiling. Besides that, you need to follow additional good practices. Which are those? You should always wash your hands with soap before you eat, before you feed the child and before preparing food. You should never eat food left over from the previous day and you should always cover food. And should always keep the kitchen clean. Always use slippers when using toilet for defecation and avoid defecating in the open. You should always keep your compound clean. If you are keeping animals at home, then always safely dispose of animal feces by dumping them in a pit a little away from the house. If you follow all these, then you can prevent diarrhea. How can diarrhea be prevented? 1. Wash hands with soap before preparing foods, eating or feeding young children 2. Eat only safely prepared foods that are prepared in a clean environment (kitchen or market), are freshly cooked, and are covered and protected from flies and dirt) 3. Drink only safe water that has been boiled, filtered or treated with chlorine. 4. Keep the compound clean. You also give this Zinc syrup at the dosage of 10 ml per day along with ORS mixture. You should give ORS mixture frequently throughout the day. Sir, if despite of all these steps, the child doesn’t get better then what should we do? In that case, please give him Oflaxacin syrup which is available for free in health sub – centers. You should give a dosage of 5 ml (in the cap) twice a day after food. Remember one thing, once the child becomes normal, you should give extra food so that he recovers the weight he lost due to diarrhea. Are you feeding him now? Yes. So, you should continue feeding him more frequently. If someone has a child less than 6 months old, breastfeeding should be continued and the frequency of feeding should increase. Mother’s milk prevents the child from becoming dehydrated. It also gives nutrition to the child in order to recover quickly. You keep all these syrups. If the child doesn’t recover after giving ORS and all of these syrups, then take the child immediately to the nearest health center. Please inform me once the child gets better. Let me go now. Namaskar! Bijay Ranjan Jena, Health Worker Trilochana Paida Sebati Paida Shiva Paida Thank you.

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