Pregnancy Week By Week: 10 Weeks Pregnancy Update|Stomach Flu while pregnant!
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Pregnancy Week By Week: 10 Weeks Pregnancy Update|Stomach Flu while pregnant!

September 1, 2019

[Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys welcome to my channel my name is sweatin boma for you that don’t know me yet and I’m doing weekly pregnancy videos and updates for you guys and I’m gonna talk about my ten weeks of pregnancy update and this was I think the most terrible week of my whole life to be I’m not being dramatic okay I know that people tend to be more dramatic during pregnancy but seriously I’ve never felt so terrible in my entire life and it’s not about my last week we talked about we talked about the allergy issues I was having concerning the dog and probably the carpet that aggravates that but this week I actually my 10 weeks of pregnancy I got sick and it was not just a little thing it was like stick sick and like I said I’ve never had anything like that so if you are pregnant and you get the famous blue stomach flu this video is for you to sympathise it to you I know what you’ve been through and it’s really hard and you go you’re gonna get through that and I’m share with you how has my experience and what things that really helped me and I think I can say helped a little bit so I I hid my ten weeks of pregnancy on a Friday always on Fridays the previous day on Thursday night I noticed my Sammy oh my toddler he vomited after dinner and that was it the whole day he was acting normal he like I’d even think he was sick or not you were just acting no but he vomited well I don’t know I didn’t know what you thinking was he was around 5 p.m. and after that put him to bed and everything normal and I wasn’t sure why the apartment and maybe something he ate that but I never associated what I was gonna what we we did not have later on the next day which was the same day I heaped my 10 weeks of pregnancy was a Friday morning and in the morning I had breakfast because I didn’t know I was sick and then after breakfast it was late morning like 11 ish or something and I started feeling nauseum it was like a severe nausea that I started having and then nagy it just escalated and escalated and escalated and then by the time I was about 12 like lunchtime I I just had this a strong nausea and then it started vomiting when then I started vomiting I didn’t stop and I was lucky that the day that I got sick my husband was home I’m glad I’m glad that he was home and I vomited like so many times like eight to ten times and I basically emptied my stomach everything that I had a food whatever done it that day or the previous day whatever I had in my stomach I came to doubt everything and even the bio and everything I wanted my husband gave me some charcoal because he thought that could he knows that really helps to avoid vomiting and so we mix some charcoal powder charcoal in the water cup and even then when the hold the house I could just woman the water in charcoal and I couldn’t even drink water like I noticed that even if I drank a little bit of water I would vomit it so the only thing I wanted after hominy eight to ten times I wanted to rest and so that day of Friday he was over I had to stay laying down the whole thing it was just bad and back to bed and bathroom and then after vomiting the next are having diarrhea so that was the end it was everything that I had it in my body whatever I didn’t get from vomiting was from diarrhea so I was completely emptied by the end of the day but I was feeling relieved that I did like every time I would probably I would feel better but then it would go back the nausea again and so it was just like a cycle it was really bad and by the end of the day I had a terrible lower back pain and terrible abdominal pain as well and you know that was like I didn’t know what was going on yet so what I did is I called the doctor that wasn’t called in the hospital because the office was already closed by Friday evening and I think my my doctor is only Friday on a 212 and I started to get his thick after 12:00 so he was already closed so I called the hospital and I ask for dr. Caulder call me and he called me back and I explained what was going on and he told me that I probably got the flu like stomach flu and he prescribed me some nausea medicine he said that hopefully this medicine will help you not to vomit and that will keep you hydrated because if you vomit too much our biggest concern is that you’re gonna get dehydrated if you want me to wait too much so I took that medicine twice so I took at 7 p.m. and then at 2:30 a.m. and then I also took some Tylenol because I was having that pain he was like excruciating pain my back thing abdominal pain so I also took some title no and then Saturday morning I just did not have anything like for breakfast I was just not feeling well and I just drank water like Gatorade and his nipples keeping me hydrated that’s what I was mostly water and Gatorade and that’s what I wouldn’t drink and Saturday the day will you continue I I had some nausea medicine in the morning as well so I took two EPs total of nausea and I didn’t form it anymore in the in the evening I felt like more bloated and I lost a lot of weight whatever I whatever I gained the pregnancy I lost it because I was pre pregnancy I was 105 pounds before getting pregnant I went to the scale that in the bathroom and I was 105 again so I just lost everything that I had gained during that pregnancy of 10 weeks so at dinner I had some chamomile tea to calm down my abdominal painting and calm down like internally they stole my cart you know and the only thing I had was rice like white rice – because you know that white rice is something that comes to plates and because I was having diarrhea issues so I took and I ate white rice to avoid continually having diarrhea and I just stayed the bad the whole day Oh Saturday Friday and Saturday stayed all day on that it was just terrible and by Saturday night then it started having diarrhea in abdominal pain so then Saturday night I had a terrible Friday inside of the end up at the end of the day he started having the diarrhea and abdominal pain so I guess he got it whatever I had he got it and then on Sunday I woke up a little bit better much better than Friday and Saturday and so I mostly whatever I took come with tea or water and all the fluids everything that I was taking for liquids I made it and gave to chill Dana we also took something that really helps which is water lemon a little bit of salt sugar and we took that hot it’s not warm water with lemon salt and sugar and it’s supposed to really help you avoiding vomiting in the so we took that as well and basically the Samuel he he did vomit again on Sunday and but he mostly he had the same thing as me we ate white rice potatoes carrots just things that really constipated to try to keep food and try to avoid the diarrhea and the inside of Sunday then it was really bad but he wasn’t as he he didn’t get to the point of being as bad as me he his stomach flu was less severe than mine and I’m imagining mine was so severe because I’m pregnant and my immune system is giving priority to the baby and probably less priority so I am more immuno compromised I’m guessing so he hit me really really hard on Monday I started feeling much better in the morning to have some discomfort in this gesture and I try to eat a burrito like I try to eat normally because I thought that I asked how much better so I’m gonna try to eat it just didn’t work I I just felt really better after eating it so out I think my body was really not prepared yet for me to have a full meal and same way at the same time he had some diarrhea so everybody started having issues like my husband Samuel and I and by the end of Monday I started having some heartburn to complete the whole scenario I had a terrible heartburn so my heartburn was so terrible that at 10 p.m. that couldn’t like I couldn’t sleep anymore I was getting overwhelmed I was already tired sick from the whole weekend and then had gone warmer to get some heartburn tablets for me and I tried sitting up I tried sipping water I tried chamomile tea I tried abdominal massage and nothing really solved the only thing that really sold was those and as the tums and that’s the only thing that really helped me and I could sleep then Tuesday I fell I fell okay no issues so far had the Highborne again took the pills the tablet again and I’m not sure if this it’s pregnancy related or not like at this boys trimester I never had that during the other pregnancy I know I had a third trimester which is common but not in the first trimester so that was a little odd for me but it was really it was really difficult because I got all those symptoms at the same time and then I just couldn’t have him feeling a little bit better every day Wednesday I felt a little better try to eat some pasta with tomato sauce and made me have a terrible heartburn so I had to stop eating it on Thursday I try to do something else like brown rice and beans I try to do it how hard fight as a Brazilian nation the baby barely ate so I could see that baby was also not a hundred percent well just basically Thursday I think was the first day I tried with Murray and I didn’t have lots of issues like I I was able to have breakfast and basically that’s it my whole 10 weeks of pregnancy was just getting recovered from this stomach flu as I told you like I just never felt this way before I was there I wasn’t bad for two days the whole day they knew how to take care of Samuel for me the days that he wasn’t that he was okay and then on Sunday when he got worse I was no more taking care of Samuel I take care of him though I wasn’t completely recovered from Sunday to Thursday I would feel every day a little bit tiny bit better but I still was limited to what could I eat or what well what things that that would make me feel – Oh things I would make it nice to have some discomfort like a abdominal discomfort but I’m glad to tell you that it’s over it’s over and really the only thing that really helped me was the first thing is rest like you really need to rest because in your body needs to concentrate I get it that getting that flu the stomach flu out of your of your system so if you if you rest it’s really good for your body to be able to concentrate on that instead of you doing aren’t activities your body will have to spend energy on other things that you’re doing so rest for me was very important the first two days at least and the other thing that’s as important as rest is keeping hydrated being hydrated it’s very important especially if you pregnant you can have lots of issues if you’re not hydrated and it can be very dangerous and I I can understand if you can’t keep you down the first day that’s what happened to me you try little sips of water in the beginning and progressively if you have no issues with vomiting and if you are able to take a nausea medicine and that keeps you keeps you your water downward any other fluids for me water was essential Gatorade wasn’t essential and that’s pretty much what the only thing I would drink for the first two days eating was really really difficult and it really depends on each person but I was feeling bad the whole Friday and whole Saturday and only at dinner and Saturday I had just white rice so that was very very little better food and Sunday I just had a little bit of food but it as I told you it’s just little little I’ll just start eating very little and that’s that was it guys there was my update I know it’s a sad update but I’m glad to tell much better now after it’s gone and I’ll see you guys next time for a next pregnancy update and stay there soon thank you so much for watching bye bye [Music] you you

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  1. Great Video and congratulations I love watching these! We are expecting our first baby (boy) late October and are super excited💙 Make sure to head over and check out our channel!:)

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