Pregnancy UPDATE ni Mommy Ruth | GESTATIONAL DIABETES + What I eat in a day?
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Pregnancy UPDATE ni Mommy Ruth | GESTATIONAL DIABETES + What I eat in a day?

October 31, 2019

Good morning guys so today I’m gonna show you what I eat with Gestational Diabetes but before we eat. we need to check our sugar levels For breakfast we have sunny side up and 2 pieces of toasted bread and for my drink i’m gonna make lemonade with Organic blue agave this is what I use as a sugar I’m not yet that full but the good thing is I will eat after 2 hours and for lunch we are having fried fried and meat with vegetables and then Banana it’s almost 2 hours I just checked my sugar levels it’s 98 now we are going to prepare our snacks this is my snack, I am gonna do a smoothie for my self it has frozen strawberry with banana milk and water so that’s what we are gonna do 3 pieces of Strawberry 1 piece of banana cheers So guys it’s dinner time I am going to make sweet potato fries But I will bake it All you need is Sweet potato cut it just like a french fries and then I forgot to film it But I will show you guys so look guys, I’ve cut it just like a fries I added some oil and then Salt and pepper Paprika Powder Put it on the tray I will put some baking pepper I’m gonna put this in the oven For 20 mins Look, I pre-heated the oven It’s in 220 degrees celcius Adjust the timer for 20mins And I use this Pan holder I bought this in Ikea I will put this on top this is the result of baked sweet potato fries It looks good right? Right now, John is making our main course dinner which is burger the chef the chef OMG, it looks so good baby How did you cooked the bun did you fry it? It looks so delicious so this is the final dinner Let’s add some fries So this is it, No rice tonight Sweet potato fries and Amazing burger So that’s it guys, that’s what I eat in a day Pregnant with gestational diabetes I hope you guys enjoy this video if you did, Give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for good vibes and as always, I will see you guys on the next video bye!

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  1. Yung una kong result sa FBS sis 124 yung sugar ko. Tapos repeat dahil mataas. Pinag diet ako tapos pinag OGTT ako 117 yung unang result 2 yung bagsak ko. Ayun pinag insulin nako delikado daw kase para kay baby. Ngayon 7 months preggy nako nag start ako nung feb. once a month nag papa RBS and urinalysis ako 95 na yung sugar ko. 🙂

  2. momshie ruth kailan mo nalamang may gd ka?? nawala ba sya after pregnancy?? I am currently 33weeks preggy and na diagnosed ako na may gd ako

  3. Ako po may gdm din ako nalaman ko nung 6months akong buntis. Bali yung OB ko ni refer ako sa Doctor of Internal Medicine-Diabetes. Nag Ogtt din po ako. Monthly po ako may FBS(fasting blood sugar) and RBS(random blood sugar). Ang ipinag bawal lang sa akin is ice cream,coffee,softdrinks and cakes. Sa rice naman 1 cup in a meal lang po. For snacks as per my doc yakult or yogurt po pwede then saging na saba 1-2 pcs and more water

  4. Hi momshies! Kapag buntis ka talaga, kelangan doble ingat. Tulad na lang ng pagkakaroon ko ng gestational diabetes, ngayon kelangang iwasan ang mga pagkain at sumunod sa sinabi ni doc. Kayo momshies, na-experience niyo rin ba na magkaroon ng gestational diabetes ng buntis kayo? 😊❤

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