Pregnancy and Diabetes
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Pregnancy and Diabetes

December 6, 2019

Pregnancy and Diabetes Planning a holiday? a wedding? How about …pregnancy? Even if you aren’t trying, it’s important to plan ahead with diabetes, and talk to a health care professional. Step One: Always Plan Ahead For women with diabetes who do not plan for pregnancy the risk of serious complications is about 1 in 10. Proper planning brings that risk down to just 1 in 50 Step Two: Use Contraception Don’t risk getting pregnant until you’re safe and ready Step Three: Check your Glucose Try to get your HbA1c level as close to 48mmol/mol (6.5%) by checking your blood glucose Step Four: Start Taking Folic Acid 5mg of folic acid ( which needs to be prescribed) every day BEFORE getting pregnant helps prevent birth defects Step Five: Stay Healthy Try to stay active, eat healthy, maintain a healthy weight …. And if you smoke, quit! These simple steps can help keep you and your baby safe. Already pregnant? Not to worry! Speak to your GP today and start managing your diabetes safely. You can also visit Tommy’s pregnancy planning tool, at

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