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Pooping in a bag: the flying toilets in Zambia | VPRO Metropolis

September 19, 2019

Hi Metropolis! I’m Ngosa Chungu
and welcome to Zambia. For you in the Netherlands
and for many people here in the capital Lusaka… this plastic bag is used for groceries. But in the township of Kanyama
it is used for something else entirely. I must warn you,
especially those of you who are sensitive… that it is not going to be pretty. As you can see, people defecate in plastic bags
and throw them here. I have been suffering to clean this place up.
But they keep dumping the bags here. They do not use the toilets that were built close by
because they do not want to pay a fee. We clean this place everyday. Then the people that live over there
throw their rubbish on the spot we just cleaned. The lack of working toilets leave some
residents but no other choice… then to relieve themselves in plastic bags. Once filled and tied, these bags
are left on the streets or… as the name of this phenomenon
‘flying toilet’ implies… just tossed as far as possible. They block the water drainage system
and when they burst open… they cause diseases like cholera and diarrhea. Plastic is a real problem in Kanyama
and the surrounding community. and flying toilets only compound the issue. That has not stopped this community leader.
He is not too holy to get his hands dirty. Meet pastor Elijah. Say with me: My God…
– “My God!” I will learn today…
– “I will learn today!” to be a clean person…
– “to be a clean person!” and not just my body!
– “Not just my body!” If you walk around in a compound
such as Kanyama or Misisi… you will see that some of the houses
do not have enough pit latrines. But if somebody eats, you know… you need to dispose it at the end of the day. Now. Where are you going to dispose? That’s why they use beer cans, plastic bags…
They throw them on the roof. As long as that person feel relieved
at the end of the day. They do not know the dangers
of just throwing everything away. They do not know about the dangers
of human feces. Say: You, my brain.
“You, my brain!” Learn to be clean.
“Learn to be clean!” Your God is a clean God.
“Your God is a clean God!” God told Moses that when you set up your camp,
place your toilets to the west. To where the wind is blowing. Don’t build your toilet up upwind.
Build it downwind! Because otherwise the wind is carrying diseases. The carelesness of the disposal
of plastics and bottles… Young kids and babies are easily
getting diseases. We thought, at the church, we had to start
educating the people about this thing. Because not everything can be prayed for.
Sometimes you just need your common sense. The more you engage them
on a consistent basis… the easier the message is going to be spread. And even the environment is going to be free
from certain diseases. Like cholera and diarrhea. We have the power of reasoning. The government will not do everything for us,
we should think about it ourselves. God will not do everything for us,
we should think about it ourselves. Say amen if you agree with me.
– Amen! Say amen if it touched you.
– Amen! I expected the unexpected, but holy shit! This has been an eye-opening experience. Thank you Metropolis viewers for watching. Please do not forget to leave comments below.
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  1. Is someone have pooping fetish or somthing like that at VPRO metropolis ? XD

    Pooping in a bag in kenya, pooping in the beach in india and now this…

    Im not gonna lie, I kind of like these videos..

  2. I live in America and I saw this with Haitians living in my neighbourhood. They would fill huge black garbage bags full of shit because they didn't want to pay the water bill and couldn't flush toilet .

  3. In Mexico in the rural areas the people maque dip holes then they put the toilet in the top you jut have to use your brain to come to a good solution 😉

  4. So indians shit in the streets, and africans shit in plastic bags.

    Is it so hard to just find a spot, dig a deep hole, and then just shit in that instead?

    The hole doesn't have to even be deep… Jesus…. White people figured this out millennia ago, and it wasn't just White people exclusively.
    Then you hire somebody to go around and clear out the sewage on a regular basis and then he can sell that to farmers as fertiliser or he could exchange it for food.

    Civilisation isn't hard you know…it just sort of happens as long as you are intelligent enough to think of the future just the tiniest amo……………… Oh wait nevermind.

  5. there should be toilet in every house. toilet is the most important part of the house. in our house it is the cleanest part of the house. it is disgusting to poop in a pladtic and throw it anywhere. it is no proper to clean their place with lots of poop.

  6. Could make alot of compost out of that shit, alot of nitrogen there, can't believe they charge for toilets … not helping at all…

  7. They probably prefer to spend their money on drugs and alcohol than pay to use a toilet, welcome to Wakanda 💀😂💀😂💀😂💀

  8. Pastor: Everything doesn't need to be prayed for. Sometimes you just need common sense… Smartest pastor I've ever heard…

  9. They're doing akiller awesome job of keeping "WAKANDA" hidden from the dumb western whites with this genius plan to make EVERY LAST BLACK NATION ON EARTH LOOK LIKE A SHIT-HOLE NATION TO hide all those genius black nuclear engineers, physicists, & neurosurgeons in the wakandan paradise!!!!

  10. i dont care what the third world dwellers shit in, or at, just keep them out of europe before europe is turned into a third world nation!. these people are so backwards they cant even figure out how to shit in a hole, whipe with leaves, and coverup the hole….stop sending aid and money!!, they will only make more kids and the problems keep multiplying!.

  11. So you tell me that they cant dig a 3m square meter hole to the ground to have their own toilet?or they are too unevolved homosapiens which they like to have fun like throwing and flying their shit one another ,then why not make it a celebration shit day then ?

  12. Do they have money to pay though😲☹who's🤬 dumb idea is that🤡? Children will be falling ill,🤢 the air is not clean😡. Mobilise and come up with a new idea and not paying to take a crap. They don't do that in China.

  13. I can easily say this is one of the reasons we need tighter border security and Europe and America. This is proof, great proof, that some cultures are not equal to other cultures.

  14. Let them in America they said. Open the borders they said. How is it racist to not want these people in a certain country? I view that opinion as a naturally occurring instinct to keep a healthy and safe lifestyle and culture alive and not destroyed by Third World disease and crime.

  15. Such an embarrassing country. If I was a government official in this company I would do everything to keep this video from going on YouTube LOL

  16. This is definitely not a white problem. Yet if we say it's a black or Indian problem it's racist?.?. Truth hurts but doesn't mean the truth is racist

  17. Klu setiap orang kaya rela mengeluarkan uangnya untuk membuatkan mereka toilet, 1 orng kaya membuat 10 toilet untuk 10 keluarga. Hhhmm…..

  18. So why don't they just build pit-toilets/outhouses. This is so much cleaner and more sanitary than shitting in bags and causing all sorts of diseases.

  19. In the DR in the villages. They dug a deep deep well up in the mountains. Why not dig something there and put the rubbish there?

  20. Wow!!! Wakanda is really innovative, they've even invented flying toilets!!!
    Amazon are way behind these guys, they don't even do drone delivery yet.
    So if you need a toilet in Wakanda you just dial 1-800-GottaPoop and a toilet flies down for you.
    Simply fascinating! Much better than our dirty western static toilets!

    Hopefully they feature these in the next Black Panther movie.

  21. This adds a whole new meaning to 'when shit hits the fan'! I swear, Indian people are the dirtiest scum bags in the world. At least you all could dig a very large hole and bury it when it reaches the top! What a bunch of stinking idiots!

  22. Its not plastic that is problem. It’s the inability of blacks as a race to get their shit together. Literally.

  23. Why don't people dig a "Cat Hole? " (A latrine) Shit in the hole and cover it back up with dirt and then mark that spot so nobody digs a hole in that same spot.

  24. Fuc K the plastic…. and shit in a toilet and get a water treatment system stop fucking around fix your own shit

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