Pancreatic Cancer – Is related to Diabetes?
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Pancreatic Cancer – Is related to Diabetes?

October 31, 2019

Can pancreatic cancer cause diabetes? If we are diabetics will our diabetes worsen
because of pancreatic cancer? Watch this video about diabetes in pancreatic
cancer! You will find all the answers to these questions
and many more! Part of the pancreas is dedicated to producing
hormones (which are substances that are poured into the blood and exert their effect throughout
the body). Specifically, it produces two hormones, insulin
and glucagon, which are responsible for controlling the metabolism of sugars in the body. The reflection of the state of this metabolism
is the level of glucose in the blood. When the blood glucose is very high, the pancreas
will produce insulin, which makes blood glucose enter into the cells and decrease its blood
concentration. Conversely, if there is too little glucose
in the blood, the pancreas will produce glucagon, which forces the liver to release its glucose
reserve into the blood, increasing its concentration, then normalizing it. That is the normal situation. But when a cancer appears in the pancreas,
the production of these hormones suffers due to two phenomena: First phenomenon: Pancreatic cancer directly destroys part of
the gland responsible for producing insulin and glucagon, since it compresses and crushes
it as it grows. That is why the production of insulin and
glucagon will be progressively lower. Second phenomenon: Pancreatic cancer prevents the pancreatic
enzymes from going to the intestine. Because of this, these enzymes begin to destroy
the pancreas itself. When the damage to the gland is established
by these chemicals that digest proteins, the production of insulin and glucagon is further
diminished because there is less pancreatic tissue to produce them. So, if we were not yet diabetics, we will
be. And if we were already type II diabetics,
the type of diabetes in which the patient still has insulin reserve in the pancreas,
the control of blood glucose levels will worsen, and we will be more likely to have elevated
blood glucose levels.

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