One in three people have high blood pressure but may not know it
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One in three people have high blood pressure but may not know it

September 2, 2019

Last year was the first time that we
initiated this so-called May measurement month which is a global initiative where
we offer free blood pressure readings across the globe and we’ve just
published a study which indicates that within the 1.2 million people we had
screened around the third 34.9% of those patients have an elevated blood pressure
a third of the adult population that is a huge number and a large proportion of
those patients are completely unaware that it is elevated we have an
initiative the so called made measurement month where we’re really
trying to increase awareness of elevated blood pressure by offering people free
blood pressure measurements across the major hospitals here in Perth and in
fact across Australia and several other sites. I thought well you know men at my age think you know we’re professionals we’re living a reasonably
healthy lifestyle not eating too much junk food I didn’t want to believe that
it was a problem that’s now that have looking back it I’m glad I’ve done
something about it because you tend to forget about these things and just keep
living in a bit of a your own dream sort of a thing and pretend that the problem
is not there it’s good that it’s been trapped in its being
around 10 million deaths globally occur every year and they are directly
attributable to elevated blood pressure so that just gives you an indication
about the size of the problem high blood pressures the major risk factor for
strokes for heart attacks for kidney failure and the big problem is that a
lot of people have it and don’t know about it hence trying to increase the
awareness making sure that people get their blood pressure measured and once
we know that it is elevated we can do something about it.

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