Nightcore – Please Eat (Lyrics)
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Nightcore – Please Eat (Lyrics)

August 21, 2019

If only i could love you enough to give you what you need if only i could be for you the hand that feeds cause i know you can only starve so much til you like how it feels (this is a damn good song) sitting on a throne of bones staring at that cold meal it’s not your body that i love but it’s the shell you’re inside of and you’re killing it, you’re killing the only piece of you i can touch it’s not your body that i need but that’s what sleeps next to me and you’re killing it , you’re killing it you’re killing it please eat ((^-^)/ free hugs) if only i could make you believe you deserve everything every spoon and bite, anything you want to eat (are you crying?) cause i know you can only starve so much before you die there’s parts of you already gone i can never revive it’s not your body that i love but it’s the shell you’re inside of and you’re killing it , you’re killing the only piece of you i can touch it’s not your body that i need but that’s what sleeps next to me and you’re killing it , you’re killing it you’re killing it please eat

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  1. this song has a deep meaning to dont have to read this tho.

    so to me the song is about a couple and one person in the couple is starving themself. so the other person is telling them to eat.

    i onley think that becuse ive been trying to starve myself but people force me to eat. so I've started stress eating to make them happy.

  2. Hey, if anyone is on either side of this story, please talk to someone!

    If you hurt or starve yourself: You’re good enough! Really! And if you cant believe that, tell others how you feel!

    If you feel like everythings your fault and you have to fix it: Dont! You have to take care of yourself to! Ofcourse, you can be there for that person, but please don’t feel guilty!

    This hit me a lot. Tale care of yourself everyone!

  3. I've been having eating issues. Though, most people here are so that's not a surprise.
    I feel I don't deserve food, and I only can after I clean or do something that's worthy of such a reward.

    It's kinda funny, because I'm called 'Ana' too.

  4. I realised that I was underweight..
    Last year..
    I didn't eat so much and exercise everyday..

    But now when I'm normalweight Im thinking that im disgusting..what's wrong with me?

  5. My best friend had written on her arm today: eat nothing today. This has destroyed me so I do not want her to leave me early because she is the one who now every of my problems and she help me alot so I could not handle it if she left me early. I love her as my Best friend! 😭💔

  6. Dont you love it when youre overweight,and eat normally but for one day only you just arent hungry and youre mother says "stop trying to starve yourself,its not the way to get skinnier!" and Im like "wtf mum Im just not hungry for one day,I like how I look." Looks dont matter kids,dont starve yourselves.One thing my mum said right was,it isnt the way.

  7. This describes me…..I try not to eat much… I am not on the road bc I eat something every day :’)

  8. One of my friends sang this at a talent show and she was looking directly at me the whole time since I've been starving myself since I was 6 years old.

  9. I'm currently starving myself. I'm 13 and weigh 45kgs, my goal is 25kgs.
    I've been starving myself off and on for months, so now whenever I do starve myself I don't get as hungry as I usually would

  10. this song is perfect for me because I starve myself for a long time, so long that I dont even know if I'm hungry or not

  11. Me and my friend are both anorexic but we they to make each other eat more, it's hard for the both of us we end up just eatting a cookie and some crackers for lunch.

  12. I’m starving myself for sports. I’ve gotta stay under 48kg. People don’t know that I’m starving though. I ate half breakfast, no lunch, and 1/3rd dinner. But I’m used to it 🙂

  13. People tell me to eat, the voices say I’m full. People say I’m skinny, the voices say I’m fat. People say I’m sick, the voices say I’m healthy. People can’t be trusted, neither can these thoughts. Who do I trust?

  14. I'm starving myself and I've tried to escape the prison I've made myself but I can't it's too hard and I'm not that strong of a person….

  15. I Count My Calories because i feel in control when i do, i eat only 1,000 calories if i eat more i start panicking like i lost control. I scare myself sometimes.

  16. I’ve become anorexic.. and when my friend saw this she wanted to send me it.
    I wouldn’t have changed but it’s cool.

    Read if you want:

    Anorexia is hell.. the constant feeling of hunger paining you. Jabbing in your stomach. That you gotta ignore. 13. I’m 13. And I’ve learned the ways of the best cuts. The best ways to attempt suicide. And I’ve learned how to fake smiles laughs. I’ve learned how to ignore this hunger.

    When I do eat to survive like a tiny piece of bread. I write down the calories. And then force it out. (Forcefully throw it up)
    Thirteen. Let’s remember that. And I’ve learned all this.
    Isn’t that sad?
    I can’t tell how many times I told my parent. And know what he said?
    “Don’t lie about this.”
    . . . So I continued. Unloved. Starved. Cutting. Bleeding to death. Everything.
    They’ll never ever notice

  17. Still suffering from anorexia, I just don’t know what to do, my mind is blank so the only possible solution is to keep crying myself to sleep like I always do, praying that one day I would get to enjoy myself without worrying about a damn number on the scale 😪

  18. This sounds like the thing my friends would say to me apart from the sleeps next to me part. They have to beg me to eat in school. My very positive friend in worried sick, I keep quiet about it coz I hate ppl worrying about me.

  19. I rezently stopped eating because I'm to Desperate to eat and now I can't get into it anymore. I know that my body wants to eat but I just can't bring myself to it.

    Sorry for my bad English

  20. “Skip dinner wake up thinner” that’s what ana said soon she started to say if u could skip dinner then maybe you don’t need breakfast and lunch either

  21. I was unaware when I became anorexic. All of the sudden I was feeling very fatigued and my body felt like it was eating itself from the inside out. I didn't realize it was anything serious because I genuinely wasn't hungry. But I weighed myself and I had lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time. I'm trying to help myself but everytime I eat I feel nauseous. I'm sleeping all the time and and everytime I move it hurts.
    I'm sorry, Dad 😣😥 I'm trying to get help.

  22. When I was 5 I was asking for more food
    When I was 7 I started to exercise more
    When I was 9 I was called a whale
    When I was 10 I ate healthy
    When I was 12 I stopped eating

    Can I go back to when I was 5?

  23. I couldn’t not eat even if I wanted to because my brother (despite being the reason I have 0 self confidence) is too nosy and my mom is too. Sometimes I wish they weren’t though. I’d be a lot less ugly. But yes at the same time I know that they care and I should be grateful but they don’t actually care much aside from keeping a alive. Like I broke my arm once and it took a whole week of begging my mom to take me to the hospital before she caved. I just wish that they would let me do what I want to do.

  24. The vaping commercial came on saying imagine eating a spoonful of toenails XD I’m so sorry 😂😂😂

  25. When I listened to this song today it made want to eat but when I went to go eat I couldn't I ate a handful at least that is progress I guess I normally only eat dinner and most of the time never have lunch or breakfast

  26. my funny squeaky blanket is singing this to my lol as i am tickling my eyeball with the flap of my towel

  27. This hit me so hard should I stop…
    I don't want to

    Won't do it
    And I'm still eating
    Tons of people die

    Today I ate
    One day?

    read the capital letters

  28. I personally haven't gone through this struggle myself, or had someone I love go through it, but I cried when I watched this for the first time. Please, if any of you are going through this, you can make it out. Dont starve yourself. It won't help, and you don't deserve to starve. You can recover and be happy again. I promise you.

  29. Nobody loves you.
    Nobody thinks you're a cutie.
    Nobody thinks you're skinny .
    Nobody wants you to live.
    Nobody will help you.
    Nobody wants to be your friend.
    Nobody wants you to be happy.

    And you know what?
    Let me introduce myself.
    My name is Nobody .

  30. Nobody notices when I only eat a small dinner… no snacks, breakfast, or lunch.
    Nobody hears when I cry in my room at night…. because I'm doing it in silence.
    Nobody sees the scars on my body…. I cut with safety scissors for a reason.
    Nobody sees the tears behind my mask… I've gotten so used to having this mask that I have it on when I'm alone.
    Nobody cares when I say I'm depressed… they laugh it off.
    Nobody cares when I say I've been starving myself… they think it's another joke.
    Nobody cares when I say I've been cutting…. they think I'm hilarious.
    Nobody cares when I say I might kill myself soon….. I'm now somehow the funniest person they've ever met.

  31. My friend doesn't really eat I have to make sure she eats at least at school when I see her and she she use to hurt herself but she is past that hopefully and it makes me when she at least eats a little because she has a lot going on in her house and I try to be there for her because I went through it too before at a younger age

  32. People never notice the true pain that is going on when they look at me. I've been cutting for two years and have suffered through anorexia, still it feels uncomfortable to eat and when people tell me I'm skinny, and to "just eat more" it triggers tears. I apologize for talking about myself because deep down I know that nobody cares and that I'm worthless and ugly. I'm sorry.

  33. I was a happy girl, but it changed when i became 10, i started loving magazines and i always wanted to look like those pretty girls, from a young age i wanted to be ' skinny ' and ' pretty ' when i was 11 i had people telling me that i need to lose weight, my parents told me i was fine, but i always just had that thing where i hated my body, infront of others i pretended that i loved myself, but when no one was looking, i would cry myself to sleep asking myself why i'm so fat, everywhere i looked i saw ' skinny people ' I always compared myself to others, telling myself i'm not good enough, i was always a happy girl, but when those thoughs came.. i ruined myself, i ate only 800 calories a day, but i still though i wasn't skinny, i was 1'64 and 44kg at one point, my mother told me to eat and since we had enough problems at home and i didn't want to make her sad, i ate, i basically went on a yo-yo diet, not only that, i had my brother tell me that i'm fat whenever i ate, he said things like ' You're eating again? Fatty ' He said it for fun, but i didn't think it was fun, i collected every compliment, and they got stuck with me, i still have some problems, but i learned to love myself more <3

  34. My parents and I have a very close relationship(they divorcedwhen I was 3) and I was eating very much junk food and just food in general. And my dad(as a joke) told me everytime I eat something " it's time for you to take over the fat" and "wow I'm not the only fat one anymore" this really hurt my feelings and I just stopped eating. None of them know yet

  35. Me: I’m hungry
    Ana: no your not
    Me: I’m dying
    Ana: hey at least your skinny
    Me: *no longer has strength to think

  36. The thing is, naturally I'm just not a hungry person. I don't eat breakfast and sometime dinner. It's not because I think I'm fat, I'm just not hungry . That's really all there is to it.

  37. me starts to cry cause I realize that I don't eat enough

    I eat one snack a day and that's it
    But I am so fat

  38. I’ve just told my friend that Im anorexic, she was almost crying so she said. I’ve been feeling this way for a few months, and she said she will keep a close eye on the amount I’m eating when we get back into school. She is supporting me so much, I love that she cares so much about me. Thank you Isabelle!!

  39. Why not tell anyone? They will only ask questions
    Why do you do it? Coz I don’t feel like I’m good enough
    You have such a good life! Others have it worse. Fuck you you don’t know jack shit about my life behind closed doors.
    Why don’t you just eat? STOP ASKING DAMN QUESTIONS ABOUT ME







    ( I do not eat time to time but I do eat something that is small ones a day )

  41. Dude I need to stop eating my disorder is I eat an unreasonable amount then I stop eating then I throw up for hours oops non intentional life story

  42. I don't have any eating disorders it's true, but I have friends who do, they think so much that thin = pretty, and it's not true. You're good enough as you are, you don't need to kill your body the way you are, it'll take time, but slowly work yourself back up to something healthy, if you truly feel you need to lose weight, just cut back a little, eat healthier and get some exercise. But, most of you out here, really and truly don't need it. Please don't do this to yourself

  43. Well… Im starving myself. I mean not starving but i throw up my food. And when school starts (i live in Europe it starts at september 1). I wont talk i dont want anyone to see my ugly teeth

  44. I just ate two chocolate bars (well kitcat mini), chips and drank water, soda and milk

    why do i feel so hungry?

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