Newborn Critical Congenital Heart Disease  – Pulse Oximetery Testing
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Newborn Critical Congenital Heart Disease – Pulse Oximetery Testing

December 3, 2019

I was twenty nine years old and we found
out that we were having our first child. She arrived beautiful as can be full
head of black hair and were both just crying with tears of
joy meeting her for the first time. We brought her home thinking everything was okay. She gained enough weight to where she was growing out of one set of… size clothes. So she was healthy; we thought she was healthy. i went to target one day, we came home and i was holding her in her room and she made this sound that didn’t sound right to me when i looked at her she felt limp in
my arms and that’s when i knew things aren’t ok. I saw labored breathing and I immediately started CPR and called 911. The ambulance arrived and they just grabbed her and just ran to the ambulance. I
just remember the number four so let’s start ruling it out. Do all the
tests you can rule out seizure disorder do all the tests for the metabolic disorders what what did i do wrong? How do I not
know that my child was so sick? That same night around eleven o’clock
the doctor said we need to sit down and talk she has a heart defect. And nobody talked me about screening, nobody gave me the option, nobody told me was that most common defect otherwise i would have taken that risk to take her
home without her being tested. She stopped breathing for long enough to cause significant brain damage. She was struggling even though she was intubated and they
were breathing for her. They kept running tests and i just remember hearing… sitting
beside her wanting to hold her and hearing the machines go off. Because you know something was wrong, something
what was wrong to alert the machines to alert the nurses and doctors. and we went to that all, all night long. We held her when she took her last breath. And I remember kissing her on her jet black hair. We left the hospital what the car seat, and it was empty. I’m a neonatologistat University of Texas
Health Science Center at San Antonio I’m here to tell you about a new newborn
screen that is done on apparently healthy babies. It involves at the use
of pulse oximetry. If we find out a low reading on the pulse oximiter then the baby is refered to get
diagnosis. uh… with diagnosis we may be able to
pick up a group of conditions called critical congenital heart diseases. You’ve heard V. Kennedy’s
heartbreaking story about her daughter Taryn who died of an unidentified total
anonymous pulmonary venus return TAPBR. A critical congenital heart disease that
could have been found through screening. Although the information about the screening was not
available at the time of Taryn’s birth. Screening should be done after twenty
four hours of a newborn’s life. Because if this screening we recently
found and apparently healthy newborn before discharge with the same
life-threatening condition. Mrs. Varale’s baby Abe was able to have
corrective surgery before discharge from hospital and he’s doing fine now. I would say to all moms out there before bringing your baby home after they’ve been born for twenty four hours ask the hospital ask your pediatrician I want pulse ox on my baby and I want you to follow the rules set by
the American Academy of Pediatrics along with the American Heart Association.

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  1. Thank you so much for bravery for telling your story in such a moving, open and honest way Vi. This is the most compelling video I've seen highlighting the need for screening.

  2. PLEASE FIX THE SUBTITLES!!!!!  This is a moving and important video and the subtitles are at times INCREDIBLY inappropriate.

  3. My heart is with you. My baby was diagnose with chd w/ absent of pulmonary valve, her life last for only 3.5 months. So much pain living in everyday knowing your bby is no longer with you. Prayer, that is the best key to help your self and your baby to have peace. hug to you and your family. Our little angels are playing in heaven.

  4. ive been through the same situation but mine only gave us to so much to spend with my baby oh if only i could relive those very beautiful moments id be so happy i know im not the only one who had the same situation heart dieases isnt ok but i know my little angel is guiding me through day by day

  5. Kudos for the video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried – Patlarny Bloods Victory Principle (do a google search)? It is an awesome one off product for preventing toxic blood and heart desease without the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my close friend Aubrey finally got excellent success with it.

  6. i have lost my babie this march 3, 2017.. we have the same story from the very start after giving birth with my baby i thought she was normal.. i feel so sory that i didnt now frim the start that she was suffering from a CHD.. thanks for this videos, and thanks for your comments.. knowing that i am not the only one mother who was suffering in loosing their child from that CHD.. you made me feel slighlty strong, and yes our baby is now an angel.. their are all playing in besides our creator knowing that shes in good hand all of our angels i felt so happy .. although the emptiness and pained still here in my heart.. godbless our babies..

  7. and also i have my ELISHA FAITH for only 1month and 1 week after giving birth with her in the 24th day of january 2017.. in that very short time with my little angle, i thank god for giving me a chance to become a mother of elisha faith, in a very short time i feel so blessed to have her as my baby.. she made me as a whole person a happy momy, for having an experienced to have a beautiful and very good little princess.. she will be forever my little princess, mama papa and kuya love you her so much.. i missed you my angel…

  8. Hi my niece son has a congenial heart disease since birth. At first her mother and father don't know that he has CHD likewise your baby suffered he experience it also. He confined at ICU almost 1 week but thanks God he can survive until now after hospitalization. He is 7months now still taking his medicines. But Her parents decided it stop the medicine because we believe God will process his healing. And we cannot also afford the maintenance of the baby. And I sincerely ask your prayer for the complete healing to Nath Gaveriel Magsigay Fabro. I believe, we do believe prayer is powerful than medicines because God is the best Doctor of all.

  9. im a mother of 10mos. old baby boy with CHD,.the doctor said no medicine can heal my baby except surgery😢😢😢…….i know God is with us and he is the best healer

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