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NDEP| Diabetes and Kidney Disease

September 2, 2019

On-screen: Diabetes and Kidney Disease On-screen: Diabetes is the
leading cause of kidney disease. On-screen: Were you aware of that? ANDRE: My doctor did inform me
that diabetes can affect the kidneys. JENNIFER: I was not aware that diabetes
was linked to kidney disease nor has my doctor told me about that. JIM: My doctor talk to me about
kidney disease and diabetes once. KIM: My doctors told me that kidney
disease is one of the number one complications of diabetes. On-screen: What kinds of things have you
been told to do to keep your kidneys healthy? MICHAEL: To prevent further deterioration
of my kidney disease my doctor recommended that I do these things: ANDRE: stop drinking alcohol, MICHAEL: lower my daily salt intake KIM: Managing my blood sugars and my
blood pressure and taking medications called ACE inhibitors to keep my kidneys healthy ANDRE: and to eat properly and exercise. On-screen: How does your doctor or health care
professional check your kidneys to make sure you stay healthy? MICHAEL: My doctor monitored my progress
of my kidney disease and since it was at an early stage and it was pretty stable I
didn’t have to go to any other specialists. JIM: My kidneys are checked
through urine test and also a blood test. KIM: Every six months my doctor
checks my kidney function with lab work. On-screen: What do you want other people with
diabetes to know about diabetes and kidney disease? MICHAEL: For people with diabetes you
don’t have kidney disease, I want them to know this: there is always that risk that they could develop it. They need to be careful and
they need to follow their plan. On-screen: To learn more about
diabetes, visit www.ndep.nih.gov

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