Natural Health & Hygiene : How to Cure Diarrhea Naturally
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Natural Health & Hygiene : How to Cure Diarrhea Naturally

September 9, 2019

Did you know that parasites can cause diarrhea?
I’m Lauren Roy, for Sugar Hollow Farm, in Phillipston, Mass. Diarrhea can be caused
by viruses, parasites, it’s too much water in your body, when you eat. So, there’s some
things that you can do, to naturally remedy diarrhea. The first thing that you need to
remember, is that it’s your body’s way to getting rid of something, so if you can ride
it out, that’s the best thing to do, just making sure that you have enough water. And,
if you have diarrhea for more than twenty-four hours, you really need to call your physician.
But, a quick fix that might help is gelatin. The best way is to use unflavored gelatin,
because you don’t end up with all of the dyes that can just make the diarrhea worse. And,
just take a little packet of gelatin, mix it up, and then drink it down. It works because,
well, it’s gelatin, and it makes things gel, and it can help slow down the diarrhea, but
what you really need to remember is that your body could be losing electrolytes, so you
don’t want to drink anything sugary, like soda or juice, because that can just irritate
your intestines and make the diarrhea worse. You want to drink something like water and
maybe an energy drink that is all natural and has electrolytes in it. I’m Lauren Roy,
for Sugar Hollow Farm, in Phillipston, Mass.

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  1. I've got pancreatic cancer and suffer from a painful,upset stomach every morning..My oncologist suggested this.
    One freshly squeezed lemon, a small pinch of bicarbonate of soda along with a tiny pinch of sea salt(sea salt essential} to cover the electrolight issue.I find it really helps…and a terrific, caffeine free way to start the day.

  2. Being 23yo Japanese male, I LOVE chocolate! I am 'chocoholic'! Just one thing, I must have built up intolerance threshold to chocolate. Why? I have what I call 'chocolate diarrhoea'. My stools do sometimes look like pourable chocolate sauce – literally! It is of course going through intestinal tract thus not pure (Please DON'T recycle here!) Seriously, my stools smell foul as it is MIX of chocolate and general intestinal content. Such a shame for chocolate lover like myself.

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