Mission: Reverse Diabetes (trailer)
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Mission: Reverse Diabetes (trailer)

October 30, 2019

Even while being a world-class athlete
and in his mind doing everything right, he got results that showed
that he was pre-diabetic. What happens when you are first diagnosed,
it’s like shocking. Like, “How could I have this?” All this good stuff
that was supposedly healthy… it was pretty clear to me that I had exceeded
my personal carbohydrate tolerance level. It’s a social injustice
what’s happening to people with diabetes. Changing your lifestyle is not easy. I’m sure many people can relate to that, and having a coach behind you
to help you make those changes I think makes
all the difference in the world. People are surprised by our mission which is
to reverse diabetes in 100 million people. I really started Virta to help millions
of people living with type 2 diabetes, get access to better care
and then reverse their type 2 diabetes. I still tear up when I watch
our testimonial videos, I still envy our health coaches and the sort
of direct patient interaction that they have, because some of us working on the software
can be a little bit more removed from it. To help this many people,
working with a leader that you trust and a leader that has a very clear vision
based on personal experience, I felt it was a great decision to join. He is a person who is willing
to think outside the box. He is honest, he is forthcoming,
he is very thoughtful and very strategic. He is on a mission
and he’s definitely like that right now.

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