Megan Maughan – “5 Reasons to Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder”
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Megan Maughan – “5 Reasons to Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder”

August 21, 2019

A response to an online article called “5
Reasons to Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder” One. Her obsession over her body will improve
her overall looks. She will never leave the house without makeup,
will always take the time to cover the purple and blue ringing her eyes,
to brush her greying hair that falls out when you touch it.
Her hands are soft with lotion she uses to smooth the teeth marks on her knuckles
Her nails are always well manicured so they don’t scratch her throat. Two. She costs less money. When you take her out to dinner with your
friends, you will have to buy her nothing more than
a salad. As she slices her lettuce leaves into thirds,
your friends will stare, trying not to ask you what the fuck is wrong
with her. Eventually, you’ll be so embarrassed that
you won’t take her out to dinners anymore. Three. She’s fragile and vulnerable. Her skin will bruise when you hug her too
tightly, her shoulder bones digging into your arms.
On the days when she tells you, “I’m sorry, there’s nothing left of me,”
you will have to hide all of the knives and box cutters in your apartment will find yourself wondering
if she can hurt herself with a fork. You look at her and wonder if her bones are
hollow like a baby bird’s. Did you know that mother birds throw up food
into the mouths of their children To make sure they eat.
Have you ever asked her who she is trying to feed by emptying herself? Four. She probably has money of her own. She will hate herself for how her disorder
hurts you, but it’s too hard to talk about it, so her
apologies are disguised as gifts. Picking up the bill: I’m sorry I threw up
your mother’s Thanksgiving dinner. Basketball tickets: I’m sorry that most weekends
I am too tired to get out of bed. A new watch: I’m sorry you have to spend your
time watching me die. Five. She’s better in bed. When you lie next to her, you can trail your
fingers down her spine, feel each vertebrae pushing out of her skin,
all the way down her back in a perfect line, the last bridge she has left to burn.
Flip her over. You can run your hands over the hills of her
ribs, dip your fingertips into the deep valleys
between each bone, those deserts of famished flesh. She will be great in bed, telling you to push
harder, harder, push her so far into the mattress that she
disappears completely. She will say your name over and over and over
until she forgets her own. Date a girl with an eating disorder. Watch
her transform from a girl, to a body, to a skeleton with skin, to a skeleton
in a box. Remember how this was supposed to be easy, how dating
a girl with an eating disorder wasn’t supposed to be this way. But this is what is really is. And you fucking
asked for it.

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  2. Knowing that this article and the site that it comes from are very real just proves how little depth, empathy and life experience that these man-children really have. Until you truly love someone and watch them suffer with something so damaging as an eating disorder or any form of mental illness, don't you dare try to tell me otherwise.

  3. That article is fucking bullshit, for someone who recovered from anorexia, I can possibly not relate to any of this, I never even had a boyfriend, I wouldn't even leave the house, nobody loves an anorexic girl, I was stupid to think that my "thinness" could possibly make me a happy, popular and WANTED person guess what, I didn't even have FRIENDS especially a boyfriend.

    Guys/ girls will love you for who you are, for your humor, your mindset, your style, your SMILE.
    PS. All of us recovered folks would be grateful if people would stop writing those stupid articles, when they don't even know whats it like to suffer from an ED, thank you.

  4. The sound quality is very messed up but I just put on subtitles & enjoyed. This is a very deep & well written poem! It hits hard because I have an eating disorder myself, she portrayed it very well.

  5. I can watch videos about women, being black, being black and a women and relate but this was me. Past and present this got me

  6. Can we please talk about this line of this fucking article : "While obesity is, in most cases, also an “eating disorder,” this list doesn’t apply to emotional eaters, food addicts, and fatties with no self control." like wtf man go fuck yourself please

  7. There has to be something severely wrong with me, but I crave everything bad she describes about eating disorders. Everything that she describes that makes you weaker and weaker just makes me want to get sick even more.

  8. I took the liberty of translating the poem to Spanish:

    Cinco razones por las que salir con una chica con un trastorno de la conducta alimentaria.

    Uno: su obsesión con su cuerpo mejorará su apariencia física general.
    Nunca saldrá de casa sin maquillarse.
    Se tomará el tiempo de cubrir el morado y el azul que rodean sus ojos,
    de cepillarse el pelo grisáceo que se cae cuando lo tocas.
    Sus manos son suaves son suaves por la loción que usa para suavizar las marcas que se hace con los dientes en los nudillos.
    Siempre se hace la manicura para que sus uñas no le arañen el cuello.

    Dos: te gastas menos dinero con ella.
    Cuando la saques a cenar con tus amigos,
    no tendrás que comprarle más que una ensalada.
    Cuando divida las hojas de lechuga en tres partes,
    tus amigos se la quedarán mirando,
    tratando de preguntarle qué cojones le pasa.
    Con el tiempo, te dará tanta vergüenza que ya no la sacarás a cenar fuera.

    Tres: es frágil y vulnerable.
    Su piel se llenará de moretones cuando la abraces demasiado fuerte,
    los huesos de sus hombros hundiéndose en tus brazos…
    En los días en los que te diga "Lo siento, no queda nada de mí",
    tendrás que esconder todos los cuchillos y cúteres, te descubrirás pensando
    si puede lesionarse con un tenedor.
    La miras y te preguntas si sus huesos están huecos como los de un pajarito.
    ¿Sabias que las mamás pájaro vomitan en las bocas de sus crías
    para asegurarse de que coman?
    Alguna vez te has preguntado a quién intenta alimentar vaciándose?

    Cuatro: probablemente tiene dinero.
    Se odiará a sí misma porque su trastorno te hace daño,
    pero es demasiado difícil hablar de ello así que disfraza sus disculpas de regalos.
    Pagar por los dos en un restaurante: siento haber vomitado la cena de Acción de Gracias que preparó tu madre.
    Entradas para un partido de béisbol: lamento estar demasiado cansada la mayoría de los fines de semana como para salir de la cama.
    Un reloj nuevo: siento que tengas que malgastar tu tiempo viendo cómo me muero.

    Cinco: es mejor en la cama.
    Cuando te tumbas a su lado, puedes pasar los dedos por su columna,
    sentir cada vértebra empujando su piel hacia fuera,
    por toda su columna hacia abajo en una línea recta perfecta, el único puente que aún no ha quemado.
    Dale la vuelta.
    Puedes acariciar las colinas de sus costillas,
    meter tus dedos en los profundos valles entre cada hueso,
    esos desiertos de carne hambrienta.

    Será maravillosa en la cama,
    diciéndote que empujes más fuerte, más fuerte,
    sumergiéndola de tal manera en el colchón que desaparezca completamente.
    Dirá tu nombre una y otra vez hasta olvidar el suyo.

    Sal con una chica con un trastorno alimentario,
    mírala transformarse de una chica a un cuerpo, a un esqueleto con piel a un esqueleto en una caja. Recuerda que esto se suponía que sería fácil, que salir con una chica con un trastorno alimentario no iba a ser así.

    Pero esto es lo que realmente es, y es lo que pediste, joder.

  9. I prommiss i , eould make sure she eats s big load of sweet healtby freash seeds 5 times a day, would be a protine shake or coconut milk drink, so u will keep it inside u once u taist first drop on ur tounge. Plus i produce extremely huge amount of it, so thats a good thing.

  10. My friends have eating disorders as do I.. I'm always worried about them eating that I don't take the time to eat myself.

  11. The thing is, the real life article Is obviously absolutely disgusting, but the comments on the article are some of the worst things I've ever read. The one that really got me was "As long as she doesn’t have a history of cutting herself, an eating-disorder chick doesn’t sound half bad. Great post." Like wtaf? Really makes me doubt humanity.

  12. I looked up the article this is based on… the only thing worse than is the comments on the article. it's horrid.

  13. "You'll look at her and wonder if her bones are hollow like a baby bird's. Did you know mother birds throw up food into the mouth of their children to make sure that they eat? Did you ever ask her who she's trying to feed by emptying herself?"

  14. Fucking hell i cried so much at the "will find yourself wondering if she can hurt herself with a fork." because it's so true.
    Every respose it's so true, i remember the hands on her hair pulling out hair, her nails falling out, feeling every bone on my hands.
    She did break up with me three years ago, i don't have the courage to talk to her anymore because one big part of me blames myself for not beign mature enough to help her.
    I still ask myself if we would had work out if she didn't love her ED more than me.
    I still ask myself if i could had done something more.

  15. I myself have an eating disorder, it’s not as bad as described by most but, I’ve gone weeks without food just because I couldn’t motivate myself to eat. I used to feel sick when I ate, I still do yet, I force myself to eat to please others because apparently my suffering pleases them. Don’t date a girl with an eating disorder, save her

  16. Thing is that not all eating disorder lead to loss of weight. There's also BED (Binge Eating Disorder). So no you wont be running your fingets down her bisible spine and ribcage.

  17. Having read the article this was based on and being familiar with the site it was on, the worst part of this is knowing that the man who wrote it and the men who read it honestly would not care that the girl they're dating is killing herself to stay thin, only that she continues to fuck him and never questions him.

  18. I just read the article and i am beyond disgusted. Especially being someone who has an eating disorder, seeing other girls and myself objectified like that is so unsettling and revolting. The poem was seriously great though.

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