Meena Cartoon Game | Dealing with Diarrhoea | UNICEF | Android | Level 7
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Meena Cartoon Game | Dealing with Diarrhoea | UNICEF | Android | Level 7

September 12, 2019

Meena’s younger sister, Rani. Rani’s diarrhea has been found. So, Meena and her mother are very worried. The diarrhea occurs when the water flows into the body. Diarrhea is a serious scary cause especially for children. To make the thin closet repeatedly All the water required from Suri is out with the toilet Therefore, the diarrhea affected child will have to drink plenty of water. Meena collected a dub. Just water, body water can not burn the deficiency. So dub needs Water pressure is very beneficial. Especially those who have dehydration problems in their body. Due to dehydration, the body may become weak. Dab water contains plenty of calcium and potassium But before getting the drink water, the doctor should consult. Meena collected another dub. Diseases of adults who have kidney problems should not be eaten at all. The Queen’s diarrhea is fast deteriorating. So Meena’s mother told Meena as soon as possible for the Rani To collect dub, orosaline. And of course go to the doctor. Take the ride of Meena Raju. So you can go to the oresaline shops quickly. And as soon as possible to go to the doctor too. Meena had to eat a lot of trouble. Meena is going very fast. Because of the slightest mistake can be caused by something terrible. Diaries can bring death to children. Meena going after the paths of the stone or the tree… Meena could fall into the streets after a slight mistake. So be careful on both sides above the top. The closest friend of Mina and Meena’s family is “Mithu”. Meena going forward… On the way there are grocery stores. But no, Meena should go to the doctor first. Same! The storm started that… What will happen now! Meena also has to go ahead in this storm rain. Avoid all obstacles on the path… Mithu is introducing his friendship… Meena’s so much time of danger He is with Meena in the storm of rain. This is a horrific condition. The situation of the queen is very dangerous. On the other hand, Nature also declared war with Meena. Here, Meena is giving great courage and patience test. All of the people of Mina should be as responsible as Mina. Meena finally found the doctor on the way. But the doctor can be taken in such a way along with the heroine. Meenake was given a prescription. The doctor gave his own canopy to Meena So do not wet Meena in the rain. And the prescription should not be wet. Danger in the hand of the umbrella during the fall. Many windy winds can fly from the hands of the umbrella. So the umbrella will be very tight. It should be taken care of when a stormy wind arrives. Then tap the screen repeatedly. It was windy wind! Meena is going to go back to the grocery store. From there you have to buy oresaline. This storm! Meena and Mithur Pathchala Meena’s father was already in the shop. According to the prescription, I bought minena oresaline. But in such a storm, Meena can not go fast. Only sweetness will be able to deliver medicines timely. But what can Mithu do so to overcome the obstacles? Keep tabs on the screen by repeatedly tapping When does the tree branches come in front of any direction? If the tree’s pulse is above it, it will fly down. If the tree buds are down, then fly over it. Mithu seems to be struggling. So hard work, so much trouble can not be done even in Mithu life Whether the stalks fly in the air or not This is how a bud flew over Mithu. This leaves a leaf in the windstorm. Very careful. Rain, darkness, windy winds, tree stalks All the mithu dinghara. This is another danger, I understand. Mithu does not stop… I understand the storm has come down. All is as clean as it is. But the path is not finished. Little way… Muthu ho Mithu finally succeeded. Mithu could safely reach the orresaline for the queen. Mithun’s contribution is greatly appreciated by the family of Mina. The queen is slowly recovering from the oscillain. Thank you very much for watching this video. Hopefully you will be responsible for dealing with diarrhea. Our channels “subscribe” to our friends. see you again.

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