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Massage Techniques : Diabetes & Massage

September 16, 2019

Have you ever wondered how you can incorporate
massage into a diabetic lifestyle? I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae and I’m here to give you
a few tips. Now diabetes is a disease that affects the carbohydrate metabolism in your
body. And this is a result of not having enough insulin in your body. An insulin is the hormone
that converts the food you eat into energy for yourself. And this means that within the
food you eat, there are sugar. And if there is not enough insulin to carry it to yourself,
yourself starves. There are many long term complications associated with diabetes, such
as damage to the cells in your eyes, your heart, your kidneys, your blood vessels and
your nervous system as well as the connective tissue that surround your muscles. Now massage
can be a wonderful therapy for diabetics because it cannot only bring you emotional comfort,
but physical comfort as well. Now massage is wonderful because it helps you relax and
with a disease like diabetes that requires constant monitoring, relaxation can be a real
gift. It can help calm and soothe your nervous system and it’s just a wonderful thing for
diabetics to experience. It can also help bring physical comfort as well because that
connective tissue that becomes hard, you can retain some elasticity and retain some mobility
and it’s just a wonderful physical feeling. Now I would recommend one thing is to please
consult your doctor first. And when you get to your massage therapist’s office, check
your blood sugar before and after because during your massage your blood sugar will
drop; but you want to make sure before you leave, your blood sugar’s at a safe, stabilize
level. I’m Sundae with

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