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MAKEUP HAUL under $20 | Vlog

September 8, 2019

whoa good morning jumping up on me
jumpin up on me so it is the morning and why didn’t I sleep you ask why because
my heart was going nuts last night the millah night I’ve been experimenting
with a new medication and that did not sit well with me look at him look you’re
such a cute little guy yeah you’re just sitting there when I talk does a little
scary but give me up pretty much the entire
night I kept falling asleep and dreaming about my heart so then I would wake up
again and I was like oh good they will cut my weight guys on a tripod alright
so I’m gonna make myself some water with lemon here we have it check it out be
brave ha ha ha ha ha we’re gonna add some water to that it’s like a tutorial
on how to make water with lemon these vlogs as you guys know are gonna be
totally discombobulated they’re gonna be a lot of different days woman’s baby
combined into one because that’s actually how my brain works best this
machine by the way that my parents make is the devil and it probably is the
devil let’s do two minutes two minutes at the devil but I don’t listen to my
parents and then I get in all sorts of trouble you’re gonna cut it up I mean
put it in our water Wow if I could have coffee I would have
coffee and by the way be a much nicer person today have a long day of work
ahead I’m also preparing for a performance that I’m gonna do unfold a
video actually I’m filming a video editing a video but I’m gonna be
releasing soon so this is a song when I wrote actually many many years ago
before I was diagnosed there’s the one and I decided to do this totally
different video for it it’s called before we say goodbye and
I’m gonna be really so by the time you see this actually I
think it’s gonna be released on iTunes and everywhere else so as a reminder all
the funds that come from my music and my merch and everything go to the smile
tour what you can check me more about which you can check out about which you
can check out about on my website ok Dave Lewis comes out and he sees that
I’m filming that he runs away oh god it’s like Where’s Waldo
it’s a Waldo that never wants to be found let’s see so anyway last night a
little bit of a rough night and also what is this why what are you doing here
another task of today is to go to wow it’s like having a life of its own we
have to go to a healthy spot to have Raz groom I am the razzes groomer but today
he’s gonna be groomed by an actual professional because he is very itchy in
his posterior area and although it seems he does not have fleas we want to kind
of pinpoint why he’s so itchy and he was eating the door eating come in boy stuck
in my oxygen do you see this you see this right here this is the story of our
life together I’m prepping for our performance which is exciting and fun
because those are always good yes that you wouldn’t come with me on my
performance maybe you can I try to take this look at everywhere oh yes right now
I’m eating whatever I saw in the fridge which is broccoli watermelon and lime I won’t do it well
CP asked the other day and got a whole bunch of inexpensive makeup that is
basically my favorite places shops see because of duane reade
great displays on our mr shop lose how you film and put your makeup on and
really all of entails is hiding the evidence because I have a severe lip
biting and picking problem I hide the evidence so anyway I block really
inexpensive things I go in and I just like I don’t like okay for 20 bucks I’m
gonna buy everything I possibly can and then I basically have all the makeup I
need for a really long time this is really uninteresting for people who
don’t care about makeup which is actually me itself oh I guess that much
time talking to you about this but I bought this eyebrow pencil which is
life-changing it is a brown stylish designer brunette I don’t know what
L’Oreal thing you do for like seven bucks but this hat which I live in
because I really liked the least trendy person on the earth and I wear these
because I don’t get Sun and I bought this hair leave-in conditioner right
here it’s actually really good and this lipstick did I say that
yeah for like five bucks and hair dye so I dyed my hair for like seven bucks but
that’s more than twenty dollars but the idea the idea people the idea I’m about
to switch from my big huge ugly house cami on to my skinnier cannula and I was
naturally gonna just take type a so because I’m leaving the house unless I’m
used to but it’s only been two hours and typically I would take it if I needed to
leave the house so my mission come on cannula oh my gosh hold on one second a
real how am I dressed also like what am I wearing
I put the little guy on so I just wanted to say typically I would take two hazel
right now but I’m gonna try not to take it
stop crying red why are you crying Stanley’s not bulging and usually well
is he no not really when Stanley bulges that’s when I feel
the need to take him I’m not gonna take him I’m just gonna bring the Thai basil
so let’s see how we do my new theory is that Razzles allergic
to poetry because his itching is a little better today right little guy and
we didn’t give you your duck dinner outside no yesterday cuz Roz was going
nuts because it was so itchy so I decided to take some coconut oil and
lather a ton of coconut oil around his booty part and massage the entire area
that he was itchy and he’s doing better today and he was doing better last night
I don’t know if I just got lucky by it first okay so we’re still going to help
you spot we’re still gonna go do blue main coconut oil stick with me you’re going in for a mud bath treatment
look he’s learning for like a major treatment
right now fastest ready I’m so excited I think I have my baby from college except
good time it’s no sense you know my baby from preschool daycare yeah not college boy where’s home rez where’s home res
that’s that home close but no neither one of us want to be on camera right now
but dave is doing something really good could be anyone two people right now how
do they really know this is us haha okay something crazy is about to happen Dave
is about to go on the run he’s about to take out the toys this little guy has no
idea what’s coming Brett are you ready here they come one
toy bedtime that was like really exactly magnet there’s one toy a number two
don’t worry I’ll speed this up because this will be boring what’s about to happen right now is
we’re about to shoot a video the little setup here this is no one all right here
it’s quite late I just got inspired quite leave me anything to do this whoa
we’re gonna do this I put this wig on because I don’t want to have to do my
hair and wings are the most amazing invention
aside from chocolate the video that Lola put up it’s getting some like really
getting some comments that are actually hysterical people are taking a really
seriously and they’re like calm down you know it’s just a video it’s not that
serious like my guy anyway it makes me laugh
it’s makes me laugh so this is the bus that happened right now I’ve actually
cleaned up my face I’ve made my bed you’re welcome I did that for you and
also Dave’s gonna film me cuz he’s really nice and I was supposed to cut
his hair today and I ditched him like that I’m ready you ready
I totally ditched him he always does all these nice things for me and the only
thing he wants and exchange as a haircut and I’m like sure I’ll give you a
haircut any time does it that and then I completely ditched him that’s a problem
other side note since we’re talking about Dave and his kindness he cooked me
this which is the combination of like every vegetable on earth we can’t tell
if it’s called a soup or a salad so we call it super salad but he calls it
super salad get out of there little guy get out
right out out out out I would just realize my nails look really bad I play
guitar and I play piano and I don’t ever take care of my nails so they just look
horrible at all times this is what’s happening I know I’m doing my nails
and my favorite color is Essie I don’t know what does it mint candy apple so
that’s the color that I really like putting it on right now in like a really
quick and terrible way to basically hide the evidence that I don’t take care of
my nails I figured I bore you with this moment because why not I’m bending down
on this very strange and awkward position because I don’t have a tribe
about them and I’m too lazy to go get one oh so I wear these wigs and people
are like oh it’s not because of pulmonary hypertension and I’m like no
it’s not at all it’s because of me the other thing is my legs
I have marks all over my legs because do you see that do you see these marked
those are from rats like he scrapes me and scratches me everywhere and then the
other day I was in the elevator people were looking at my legs and they kind of
look down on I always think they’re looking and they’re like oh that’s
probably good because she’s got some you know illness of some kind so her legs
you know I have like no it has nothing to do with that it’s my dog it’s you you
the Beast okay let’s do it

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  1. I hate mornings. Sorry to hear about issues with meds 🙁 . as for coconut oil it helps ears too. Aloe is best for severe skin issues

    You should get razs nails trimmed too

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