Lowering Your High Blood Pressure
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Lowering Your High Blood Pressure

September 11, 2019

you had mentioned high blood pressure and it’s amazing if it affects one out of three American adults and it can lead to a host of serious consequences which obviously the ladies we’re talking about like heart disease the good news is that for many people making lifestyle changes can really help and have a huge impact on getting those blood pressure numbers down so Shanti’s let’s talk about those lifestyle changes like exercise right so exercise when we think about that well the first thing is physical activity right and just moving our body exercises that more structured form of physical activity and is essential for our health when we think about total wellness it’s yes eating healthy moving your body sleeping getting adequate sleep and trying to reduce that stress as well that’s right and we have a graphic that I’d like to show our viewers this is from the American Heart Association and these are kind of just a pointers that kind of help us understand this whole thing so yes ladies why don’t we take this definitely so in terms of the general recommendation we see that big number all the way to the right at the top 150 minutes so that’s the recommendation of how much physical activity we should be engaging in at in a week and in addition to that we should be doing at least two days of moderate strength building but when we talk about heart disease high blood pressure and low in cholesterol we really want to push that number to 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity three to four days a week all right and that really does make a difference doesn’t it absolutely and through the just creating habits that’s it well you mentioned lifestyle change that’s we want to really focus on because if not it’s too hard and we’re not gonna be able to maintain it and small steps so really when we think about this exercise forty minutes three to four times a week well how am I gonna fit that in my schedule with 10 minutes at a time if you take 10 minutes at a time and let’s say you have a goal if you wanted to 40 minutes in one day break it up do 20 minutes in the morning 20 minutes in the afternoon and that really makes a big difference I was looking here how Baptist really promotes walking groups and they have a website to do so which is BaptistHealth.net/wellness and those are ways to maybe form friendships and form groups to go walking together yes so part of exercise and eating healthy is having that support system to be able to do that and so when we think about building those habits if you’re just starting out and you’re looking for a group you can check out our website as you mentioned Baptist healthy dotnet for slash wellness and we have walk groups exercise classes and nutrition seminars all throughout miami-dade and Broward county

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