Lower Blood Pressure Quickly – How To Lower Blood Pressure Immediately
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Lower Blood Pressure Quickly – How To Lower Blood Pressure Immediately

September 8, 2019

Lower Blood Pressure Quickly – How To Lower Blood Pressure Immediately So easy that almost anyone can do them if you can walk from the living room To the kitchen you could benefit from these blood pressure exercises without breaking a sweat that means you can start lowering your blood pressure today wouldn’t you feel amazed if for the first time in years you saw your blood pressure numbers under 120 over 80 after doing just one easy exercise for just nine minutes this is by far the simplest easiest and most effective method i know to lower blood pressure without suffering the side effects of prescription medications the cause of your high blood pressure is actually irrelevant be it genetic high cholesterol stress or other factors The exercises you’re about to learn have helped and believe me i almost paid for this discovery with my life like you today i was a ticking time bomb my average blood pressure was 185 over 129 i should have been dead long ago i Guess it was my healthy lifestyle that kept me alive i ate well worked out every day and took time to relax but nothing seemed to help with my hypertension every day i monitored my blood pressure and every day my worries drew it wasn’t just my fear of dying like you i have a wonderful friends and family i worried about leaving my wife behind to take care of and support our children all alone without them i may have given up So desperate that as much as i dislike taking medications i honestly Considered that as a possibility and she can pet my doctor pushed me pretty hard to start drugs but i resisted and i’ll tell you why Here are some of the shocking facts regarding blood pressure medications i discovered according to a recent study conducted by the wake forest university school of medicine calcium channel blockers are estimated to cause 85,000 unnecessary deaths every year and You’re 25% more likely to suffer a heart attack if you take these blood pressure medications than if you don’t not just from thousands of strokes and heart attacks the deaths are also due to gastrointestinal bleeding kidney and liver damage plus weaker immune systems lead to all kinds of other diseases

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