Lower blood pressure in 3min. Follow along massage. Acupressure

December 27, 2019

Can you reduce blood pressure in just
several minutes? Absolutely! And this video shows how to do it. Hi, my name is
Dmitri. I am health and longevity enthusiast When I suffered from high blood pressure,
which I finally managed to fix through natural remedies, this is one of the first
exercises which I had to learn. It is called self massage or acupressure. It
goes back to, and it was practiced in China, for thousands of years. It has
finally found its way to Western medicine. Here is the result of one of medical
studies which proves that this technique actually works. Ok, let’s get started. The
first point for self massage is situated in the webbing between the index finger
and the thumb. Find the junction of the bones of these two fingers, start from a
small circular rubbing motion with your thumb for about 10 seconds. Then apply
pressure and hold about 20 seconds. You should feel pressure but it should
not be uncomfortable. Release for 10 seconds and then apply pressure again
for another 20 seconds. Repeat several times. Relax and breath deeply. The
second point is located on our feet between the big toe and the second toe.
Slide your finger along the space between the toes to the tip of the
joint. The point is located in the depression before your finger touches
the bone. Massage with your thumb for 10 seconds, then apply pressure and hold for
about 20 seconds. Again you should feel the pressure but it should not be
uncomfortable. Finally the third area to self massage are two points at the back
of our necks where neck meets skull. Close your eyes, relax,
take long slow deep breath. Massage these points with your thumbs for 10
seconds and also apply static pressure for 20 seconds. The pressure should not
make you feel uncomfortable. Ok, that’s it. I hope it worked for you.
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