Low Calorie Juice – Juice to Lower Blood Pressure 🍒 Low Sugar Recipe

September 12, 2019

– Today I’m gonna be talking about how you can reduce the sugar
in your fruit juices by half without using artificial sweeteners. If this sounds interesting
to you, stay tuned. (smooth music) Just like a lot of people today, I want to reduce the amount
of sugar that I consume. One thing that’s almost a
big no-no is fruit juices, because fruit juices
will have so much sugar. Oftentimes fruit juices can
have more sugar than cola. Today I’m gonna talk about my favorite way to cut sugar in my fruit juices and without using artificial sweeteners. I have always loved Ocean
Spray cranberry juices, whether it’s just plain cranberry juice or the different flavors. My recipe is simple. I simply make a recipe of hibiscus raspberry iced tea. It’s very easy to do. Two common brands that I use is the Celestial Season Raspberry Zinger which is raspberry flavor with hibiscus, or I use my other favorite
brand, Harney & Sons, and I use their Raspberry Herbal Iced Tea. Hibiscus is consumed all around the world because it’s been known
for its health benefits. Hibiscus is extremely
high in antioxidants. So you’re removing half the sugar which is not good for you, and you’re adding something
that’s good for you. And one of the biggest reported
benefits of hibiscus is that it actually will
lower your blood pressure. So if you are an individual that both needs to lower their sugar and lower their blood pressure, then this hibiscus juice
recipe is ideal for you. With making this one, you need to use two to three bags of tea. And I would do a little experimenting, seeing how much you want to put in, whether you like two or three bags. And you simply boil
water, place the tea bags, and I let them sit on the stove, and I let it sit for up until the point where it’s almost room temperature again. It can be a little bit warm. And then if I use the Harney & Sons, which is a great product, it’s specifically an iced tea tea bag. And you just need to use
one of these larger tea bags and let that sit for an hour or two and let all the tea steep into the water. Then I use my favorite pitcher. And some of you probably know
this from when you were a kid. I use a glass Tang pitcher. And I use it specifically for this reason. I like that it’s glass and not plastic, and it has a really tight screw on cap, so basically it’s not going to. You could have it upside down,
and it’s not gonna spill. Or it can if you really
are aggressive about it, but typically this is pretty
good at not spilling the juice, and it’s really nice. I was able, these are
kind of hard to find now, because to my knowledge Tang
doesn’t make these pitchers, but if you go to a resale
shop, you can buy them. I think I bought this for $4, and it was well worth
it to make my iced tea. I use this all the time, whether I use this cranberry hibiscus
raspberry iced tea recipe or if I just use regular,
old-fashioned iced tea that I make in the summer. It’s great. It’s just the right portion to use for when you’re doing your tea. What I simply do is I
take the tea that I have, a concentrate, and I’ll
show these all in a picture, and I fill it up. I made this two days ago,
so I’ve been drinking this. But typically when you pour your iced tea, it’s kind of like at the halfway point. And then after that you take whatever filtered water you have and you pour that into the
pitcher until it’s full. And then after that, it’s quite
simple and it’s very easy. All you need to do, all you need to do is take a glass, fill it half with cranberry juice and half with the iced tea. It can’t be any simpler than that. (smooth music) And then if you want to do something extra to give it more flavor, and
this is what I always do, I will add to my drinks, I will either add lemon,
lime, mint, or ginger, and it gives an added flavor boost. For me personally with the raspberry
cranberry hibiscus drink, I like to use lime. And if a little vodka
gets splashed in it too, who’s to say? That’s the thing, if you like vodka crans, you can reduce the sugar
of your alcoholic drink. It’s not healthy, but it’s better. You can do other interesting
things with this recipe. I like to experiment a little bit, so what I bought this week is the Ocean Spray Cranberry Pomegranate, and Bigelow tea company makes a Pomegranate Black Tea. So I’m gonna follow the same
recipe I told you about, but this time I’m going to
add the Pomegranate Black Tea which also has a little bit of hibiscus. I’m gonna do a little
bit of experimentation, because there is black tea in this one, so then this juice can end
up tasting more like tea with fruit juice. Ocean Spray cranberry
is actually available in many countries, and you
can go onto their website and they’ll show the different countries that they sell their products in. Other countries do not sell Ocean Spray, so you can use different fruit juices that you have available in your country. I have an example of this. This is a Polish juice from
a company called Hortex, and it’s called, Jablko
Wisnia is the flavor. Hortex is the company, and
the flavor is Jablko Wisnia, which is apple and cherry. So this can be substituted
for the hibiscus tea. The Wisnia is cherry, but
it’s a kind of a sour cherry. So apple juice mixed with the sour cherry, you’re gonna get a
similar cranberry taste, so that’s why I recommend this one. And this is actually available
in many countries as well so basically in the world wherever there is a Polish population, there will be Polish stores. And I am going to start
doing a series of episodes on Polish snacks, and they’re going to be all
different types of snacks. I’ve seen lots of videos done on this. My reviews will be very detailed, because I am first generation. I have a Polish parent
and a German parent. I will eventually do German snacks, and I probably will venture off and try other countries like Japan. But for right now, I’m going to talk about
really what I know, and those are Polish snacks. If you’re interested in
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