Low Blood Pressure caused by Adrenal Fatigue
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Low Blood Pressure caused by Adrenal Fatigue

September 11, 2019

This is Dr. Lam, founder of DrLam.com and
today we are going to talk about low blood pressure consistently. Now, blood pressure is an automatically regulated
mechanism in our body. It is designed to provide oxygen through blood, through our brain, as
well as various parts of our body. The regulation of blood pressure falls within many factors.
Blood volume can effect the blood pressure, the endothelial wall of the blood vessel itself
constricting and dialating through what we call baroreceptors or blood pressure sensitive
receptors can help modulate the blood pressure, and of course electrolytes and the sodium
balance can also play an important factor. The organs responsible including the kidneys,
the adrenals, as well as the brain, can also make a big factor in regulating the blood
pressure on a 24/7 basis without us knowing. Of course we can not discount the role that
the heart plays as well. So maintaining normal blood pressure is a very important part of
survival. Just going from a sitting to a standing position requires that it activates all the
systems in various degrees so that we can stand up, not feel dizzy, and are able to
walk and not feel dizzy and then have normal activity. Any time the blood pressure is not regular
the brain is not getting enough profusion or blood flow, and then the body will suffer.
In the case of adrenal fatigue, what happens is, because the adrenal glands regulate the
sodium and potassium balance, there is a tendancy, as the adrenals get weaker, that the body
is not able to regulate this as much as it should. As a result, the sodium is usually
lost through the deficieny or the subclinical effectiveness of aldosterone: the hormone
that is regulating the blood flow and the water flow. Now this hormone is critical because
in adrenal fatigue this hormone aldosterone tends to be low. As a result the sodium is
not going to be easily maintained in the body. At this time the labratory values may be the
same, or when I say the same I mean normal. People come in a lot of them with low blood
pressure because they are losing sodium, and without sodium your water does not flow. So
in other words the water stays with the sodium, wherever the sodium goes the water goes. So
as long as the sodium is high the water will be retained in the body. When the sodium is
low then the body will tend to lose water, and if you lose water, then your blood pressure
will go down; it will stay down consistently. That is why many people with low blood pressure
tend to do better when they eat more salt they can be perked up and feel much better.
But of course, you have to be careful because too much salt can lead to another set of problems
including hypertension, as well as swelling in the legs, what we call edema. So first
we have to understand that low blood pressure is a symptom and not a disease. Number two
you have to look at the big picture of how everything else comes together. In an adrenal
fatigue situation, oftentimes low blood pressure does not stand alone; it comes along with
other clinical signs and symptoms that you have to put the pieces together. It is one
of many symptoms that presents itself. Usually the more advanced the adrenal fatigue
the more prominent this is. A very interesting thing that you also have to understand is
that in the early stages of adrenal fatigue, blood pressure tends to rise because of the
vessel constriction of blood vessels narrowing as a result of hormones; and then in later
stages it tends to go down. So if you look at the blood pressure, it can be high and
still have adrenal fatigue in early stages, if it stays low consistently then it could
mean the body is in a state of advanced adrenal fatigue if all other medical workup is normal.
So, low blood pressure constistently is an important symptom to look for in adrenal fatigue
and it points us to the underlying dysfunction that is maybe happening in the adrenal glands. Those of you who want to learn more about
this topic can read my article called ‘Low Blood Pressure and Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome.’
It is available on my website, DrLam.com I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. For more
information on this topic, head over to DrLam.com where I have written over a thousand articles
to help educate people. You can also call me at 626-571-1234 for more information on
Adrenal Fatigue and how to navigate it. Finally, if you enjoyed this video, please subscribe
to my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

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