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Learn about Heart Health | Young Living Essential Oils

September 1, 2019

Dr. Chad Goodman: Okay. We’re
back. So take two, from the top. I am Dr. Chad Goodman here
with Carla Belliard-Rodriguez. And so, I am a former chiropractor turned
Director of Global Training. Carla? Carla Belliard-Rodriguez: And I am a former
– well, I’m still in sciences, right? Dr. Chad Goodman:
Yeah, right, right. Carla Belliard-Rodriguez: But
I used to work for the R&D, just downstairs, here
in Young Living. And now, I’m part of
the training team, so. Dr. Chad Goodman: So we are super excited
to talk about our latest product, CardioGize. Woo. Carla Belliard-Rodriguez:
Woo-hoo. – Round of applause there
in the sound effects. So CardioGize has an
awesome story behind it, and so this story has to do
with our dear founder, Gary. And so, a little over a
couple of years ago, Gary was diagnosed with a
hole in his heart as a result of the Chagas disease that he’d
contracted in the South American jungles, and he went on a mission
to find a good blend to support the
cardiovascular system in the heart and the
heart musculature. So he and Dr. Mike
Buch and team have put together a
fantastic product. – Right. So CardioGize is
a blend of essential oils and a really good balance
of herbs, and selenium, and CoQ10 and deodorized
garlic and Vitamin K that just
synergistically work to provide support for
a healthy heart. And in turn, a good life, right? – Yes. And let’s talk about
that synergistic quality. – Right. Let’s do it. – There’s a Swedish study that
was done for over four years. They worked with folks on a perfect
ratio between CoQ10 and selenium. And they made a lot
of adjustments, and then they came up
with the ideal ratio, and that is the ratio
we use in CardioGize. So it’s been proven,
a health study proven balance there
for optimal results. – Right. And we could talk a
little more about the herbs in it. The herbs that were
chosen by Gary were used traditionally in
China for centuries. – Traditional Chinese medicine. – Right. Chinese medicine
for healthy hearts. And we’ve got in
here astragalus, Dong Quai, motherwort, cats claw, and hawthorne
berry and cactus, and these were all
researched by Gary. And I can tell you
that he himself one day messaged the R&D I was still part of the
R&D when this happened. He messaged us and said,
tomorrow, I need to have these ingredients in the lab.
We became minions. We found the ingredients,
and we brought it to him, and he came in, he made
his blend of these herbs with essential oils, and
we can tell you about the essential oils in a minute. But after he came in and
made his blend, he said, “I want this blend
in 300 capsules.” So we were there for, like,
the whole afternoon, just stuffing the
little capsules in the lab until we
delivered to Gary, and he used it, and he
said that he really felt that it helped
his quality of life. So this was literally
put together by Gary. We were just minions
behind his work, so. – That is a great story. So
you just got an inside story that probably nobody
else has heard. I hadn’t heard that,
so that’s fantastic. Another thing, FDA-approved
ingredients for heart health; CoQ10, K2, and garlic. So
I wanted to mention that. That’s a powerful part
of that education piece. – And what about the
essential oils in there? – So another – thank you. A huge benefit is, yeah
and a huge amount. So the largest amount
of oils in any of our supplements is
found in CardioGize. – That’s right. – So that list includes
angelica, cardamom, cypress, lavender, helicrysum –
are you excited, huh? – Right. (Chuckles) – Rosemary and cinnamon bark. – That’s amazing. – So a fantastic blend, and
again, the largest amount, the quantity of oil per capsule
of any of our supplements. – All right. So benefits
from CardioGize. You’ve got a good,
heart-healthy blend in there to support your heart and
your quality of life. You also have really good
antioxidants from the CoQ10. If you don’t know what
CoQ10 is, you can say that CoQ10 is what powers up your
cells in the mitochondria, mitochondria being the
powerhouse of your cell, CoQ10 feeds it,
so you need CoQ10 in your cells to function, especially in your
heart cells, right? You also have the
awesome herbs that have been used for centuries
in China, you know? It’s what they do
there, and it works. And you also have a good
synergistic combination of Vitamin K2 with CoQ10, like
Dr. Chad just mentioned, so. – Another thing, especially for
women, you think of cancer, especially breast cancer as a
serious threat, and it is. Heart disease, however,
is even more dangerous, so it kills many
more women a year. I think the Harvard study we
have quoted here is six times more women each
year than cancer. So heart health and
support are very important for men
and women alike. – I mean, if you don’t
take care of your heart, you’re just not putting
any effort in staying alive and living a
good life, right? So let’s talk about price. This is launching right now
as we’re speaking to you. So this was launched 10:00 a.m.
Mountain Standard Time. – Standard Time, yes. – So you’ve got a wholesale.
I know, right? – You could have said it in Spanish.
It would have sounded awesome. – (chuckles) Okay. So
you’ve got $39.75. That’s at wholesale
price, and then – – And full PV.
– Full PV, right? Yes. And at retail price
is just $52.30. I mean, it’s available for
ER on the 1st of September, and it’s good (inaudible) order, and
NFR countries can have this as well. There’s no limit. – A couple other things
that I didn’t want to miss. Number one: No contraindications
with our other products. – Right, right. – So you can take this along
with your Master Formula, your NingXia Red, your
Life 9, et cetera. And in the folate is a natural
folate derived from lemon rind. So it even says it on
the bottle, I think. It says…yeah. Folate
from lemon peel extract. – And it’s the same folate
that we use in Master Formula, and the MightyVites as well. – Non-metholated folates.
– Non-metholated. – Folate beneficial for the heart
muscle, just like other muscles. – Right. So when
should you take this? You can take this any
time of the day. It’s two capsules. It’s better
if you take it with food. If you’re the person that
can’t swallow capsules, you can open the capsules of
course, but it would be better, because there’s a bunch of
good components in there. It’s not made to taste good if
you open the capsule, right? And one thing that we do,
I want to point out, is that it’s not
suggested for people that are taking blood thinners, so that’s one thing to
take into consideration. – Yeah, warfarin,
Coumadin, et cetera. This is live TV. We’re just
getting an update on the floor, and it says the products are
not quite live on the dot com. They will be later today. So coming very soon,
very soon, right? – Good catch. – Live update here
on Facebook live. You want to talk about
this for a minute. – So and I’m here to say… yes. Here to stay is our really
good for the heart cereal. It’s good for the heart. – Einkorn Flakes.
– because it has oatmeal in it aside from Einkorn. This is an amazing cereal. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten
such a good-tasting, crunchy, flavorful but still
very clean cereal like these flakes right here. – Our team has done
very well with this. It’s delicious. Nutritious.
Stands up to milk. – It’s the only one…
oh, my gosh, yes. It’s only 100 calories, and
only has four grams of sugar, and that comes from
coconut sugar, so that’s the cleanest
sugar source you can use. Four grams of protein. It has
about 25 grams of whole grains in it so it’s, you
know, heart healthy. And it’s so good for
your kids, for you. I love this in my milk, but
I also have it sometimes if I want to make a little parfait
and I don’t have the granola; I can put the flakes in there. – It’s a good snack at your desk as
well. Even dry, it tastes delicious. – It tastes amazing, and
they’re here to stay. Price for that, it’s wholesale,
$5.50, retail $7.24, and PV $2.75, and there’s no limits on
how much you can have. ER September 1st. So
there you have it, guys. Young Living is trying to
support the good quality of life with supplement and food
products that you can take, being just reassured that you
will be healthy overall. – And support good heart health. Right
here, support good heart health. – Okay? -Thanks everybody. – Thank you.

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