Last week’s normal blood pressure may be today’s full-blown hypertension
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Last week’s normal blood pressure may be today’s full-blown hypertension

October 18, 2019

yes a lot of people woke up hypertensive
who weren’t hypertensive when they went to bed by definition one of the reasons
is because the new guideline suggests that lower blood pressures are now
hypertension whereas before they were considered pre-hypertension or even
normal in some cases there’s a lot of ramifications that are going to come
with this guideline the guideline writers knew that they felt strong
enough that the risks associated with hypertension for downstream
cardiovascular disease heart attack stroke and death are substantial enough
and they’re very linear so as blood pressure increases so does
that risk that this guideline was warranted to be released and hopefully
will be acted upon by all of the care providers who were taking care of these
additional twenty to thirty million people so the take-home message of these
new guidelines is that blood pressure is important and knowing what your blood
pressure is a is is especially important if you don’t know you should ask you
should sit down at a kiosk in your local drugstore or your grocery store and take
your blood pressure the numbers are important and the numbers mean something
especially as you age so this guideline really helps put some guidance on when
we should be treating blood pressure and what the new goals for treatment are

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