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Laser voor diabetes

September 21, 2019

Doctor Franke, nice that you are here, thank you You have invented something, that is about a laser for health to make the viewer immediately clear
how it works here a movie, maybe you can
explain us what it is… We see a pack of cables, but what is this?
No, I did not think of it myself I have been approached by a befriended colleague, because the company already existed, Laeq Health, and why I am so interested
especially for the treatment of diabetes.
I have been involved as a gynaecologist in the treatment of diabetes
during a pregnancy and then you have as a woman after the pregnancy more likely to get type 2 diabetes. What is so beautiful, this is a laser device, I have it here with me,
but you also have it seen on the film It is an totally app-controlled device with a laser light
of 650 nanometers and with a very low wattage.
So it is a very low and safe intensity. You bring it in your nose, during
half an hour, twice a day with a gap of at least
6 hours, and you cannot smuggle! Because it is app controlled and it is connected to your smartphone, and after half an hour, it also ends, and then you can only repeat it after 6 hours. But, how does it work? What does it do? Why would you want it in your nose? kind of movies always, and I don’t mean that bad, a little bit of a telsell feeling. So, it disappears somewhere under a bed…. but of course that is not the case, because otherwise you would not connect to this as a doctor. That’s right, the point is, you bring it in your nose
and then the light shines upwards and here are blood vessels, very
superficially, and during that half hour your blood goes approx. 12 times whole through it. So by that little, those little kegs here.
Okay and what does it do? It shines the red blood cells, the erythrocyte.
Patients with diabetes type 2, but also type 1, who have raised
sugar content in the blood because it insulin, produced in the pancreas,
is reduced. Yes. Making the sugar not well absorbed in the body cells. What does it do than? Then it goes into the red blood cell, So that is hoping, that sugar and because the glucose is there, the oxygen can not enter. and the intention is, and we also have one
video with which we can show, that’s this here, here you see that those red blood cells completely stuck together. We
call that a money roll function, and then …. you see now both
images, before and after, so before the laser treatment was given
given and afterwards, and then you see that red blood cells are loose.
So the clod is less, Is that better because then more
oxygen is absorbed?
Yes, because in that small kegs to the arms, the
legs, the feet the blood must come everywhere and that should be well provided with oxygen. People with type 2 diabetes, but also with type , are more likely to get wounds, and it also heals less,
because those blood vessels are often not so good en red blood cells with oxygen
can not come everywhere the beauty of this device is that you have kind of self-management, you do it yourself if you get medication with type 2
diabetes, they always start first with medication. Which
medicines are given to people standard? Well they first get
medicines, for example metformin, but there are different preparations
they make it glucose goes down. With type 1 you have to
start insulin immediately. Because type 1 and type 2 differ, and that is that for type 1 that is one in 10, that is juvenile diabetes, that is innate. And fortunately there are a lot less than there are type 2 diabetes, there are (NL) more than 1 million patients who have diabetes, yes, that is really a lot. And type 2
of course, is a disease that is extremely growing not just in the Netherlands but
worldwide, and in the Netherlands there are 75,000 people per year new diabetic patients and that has, of course, to do with the unhealthy lifestyles and what happens then?
then gradually the insulin production goes downwards, and not just that insulin goes less , it is also less well absorbed by the body.
So, gradually you see that type 2 diabetes patients must
start injecting with insuline Yes, and at first with tablets and then But, and than with injections. And that has other disadvantages. But, all that spraying, that is true
slow down with this laser device? Yes, of course we looked if we could do it to people, that they were going to use, that we got reviews and tests. a friend of mine who has a type 2
diabetes, is 75 years old, and I have asked him please use the Laeq?
He did and what What did we see? After about 4 to 6 weeks he could reduced his oral medication with 50%, so that tablet he kept on injecting insulin and we then we saw that the glucose went down. he is very precise in determining its glucose, and
it is best to use the sugar determine in the morning, so a sober …
Anyway, that is a person and you are a scientist from origin, that is
of course not… there are also studies in the world those in different ways that low level laser. You can even get one through an low level laser inserting in your vein, surgically, that’s a lot more impractical than putting it in your nose. Exactly, so this is the app
controlled method, which has not been present for such a long time. But we do know that low level laser is on administered on different ways, helps. Even in randomized controlled trials, so in large studies that the effect is proven.
Then you launched it to the market in fact, you already contacted 26 countries for this method yes, even huge countries like India
for example. In particular, it is It is remarkable that in countries, like for example in the middle east and in india, diabetes is very common, especially type 2. And certainly type 2, there also is a lot cardiovascular risk, so your heart and
vascular disorders. The Laeq also works against cholesterol because this type of 2 diabetes, so an
increase in glucose, is often accompanied with the increase in cholesterol. And what
they have found in a Chinese study: , they have not looked to the glucose, but also to the cholesterol.
But also to the viscosity, and that is what I showed on the video.
Viscosity is that sticky, that it is less viscous, making them separate, free, and therefore also people feel then better, and also the healing of, among other things, the wounds increase.
I taste a kind of enthusiasm with you, Do you think that too men? almost says give me such a device! .
M: So it heals?
Insulin still has to
be used. (reduced) So it’s a tool. , But what
we see is that is that the medication reduces. It is not that not everyone gets rid of the insulin, you have to take something, but it
helps us get rid of those pills. My friend said, I want to get rid of the pills. you have to take something, he still needs insuline Well, suppose Henk
and Ingrid from Hengelo watch this program en they say: “Henk, can you buy that device? is that possible? because it seems like a fantastic invention. Yes, of course you can buy it at laeq Health, it is one euro a day the device works for a half
years and then it stops and why, because you
must ensure that the intensity of that laser light remains good.
But I can just go to the pharmacy and can Henk buy that in the
pharmacy? It just goes via the website of Laeq
Health. (NL) What we want is that we offer it more to different international
distributors. And how difficult is that, because you are, as I said before connected to the MST hospital, you are a doctor, with your heart and soul connected to this spin-off from the University of Twente, but how difficult is it, to bring such a new
innovation on that big market? because I think it’s quite a matured world.
Yes that’s right we called that the use of
medicaments and also of this type of device, that is called compliance in medical science and Compliance means, “keep it full”.
And what turns out to be … I have an example The last years, when still worked in Medical Spectrum Twente, I kept busy with bone loss and in osteoporosis, you need to use a five yearslong medicine used once a week, in the morning
sober, and then you can not eat for half an hour, but you can not lie either What turned out? that after a year, even
half years, it turned out that 50 percent dit not use it anymore …..
Because of? because they say, I do not bother me.
But you also see this cholesterol-lowering medication. People
are prepared to take a tablet if they have a headache because then you’ve lost your headache, toothbrushing they also do, but long-term
medicaments…. thats very hard. So you argue for it
use of such a device as Laeq instead of other extra pills.
Or that you manage it yourself Self-management that really appeals to me. In any case, I think it’s wonderful always again of that beautiful
inventions are made in the medical sector. I would say now take a good wine …. Thank you for being here!

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