Kristen Swick on managing her Type 1 Diabetes
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Kristen Swick on managing her Type 1 Diabetes

November 5, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] I was so tired all the time. Now don’t touch it, OK? OK. I think my son was so
used to me telling him that I didn’t feel good and
I didn’t have the energy and that I couldn’t play
that it really worried him that mommy was sick. And I could see the
look on his face, that look of disappointment. I didn’t want that to be the
parent that he grew up knowing. You’re in trouble now. And that really
was my instigator for trying to figure
out what was wrong. I’ve got four ounce boxes
of apple juice and orange juice because they are
14 and 15 grams of carbs, which is a perfect
amount for treating lows. So when I was told it was
type 1, it was a shock. Just the thought of having to
manage an autoimmune disease was a little overwhelming. So one of the things that
I was lacking around me as a type 1 diabetic was that
education and mentorship piece. We can get you set up with our
educators and all those things. So one of the things that
I was interested in at EVMS is that the Strelitz Diabetes
Center has dedicated educators as part of their team. Huggy for mama. Right after I was diagnosed, I
started getting him involved. First, you got to hold
it up and tap it to get all the bubbles to the top. When I was first diagnosed
as a type 1 diabetic and I came home with all
kinds of scary things, sharp things to poke my
fingers and up suck blood, and I think that was a little
overwhelming for my son. I had done my best
to explain it to him. Because your pancreas
makes insulin, what’s wrong with mine? Cuz it’s broken in half. I do all of these things
to keep me healthy so that I can play with him,
so that I do have energy. Him participating in it
made it less scary for him. And he is so proud of
himself for all that he does. You take good care of mama. I am just so grateful to
be able to participate, just to feel alive again. And that feeling of gratitude
just hasn’t worn off. [MUSIC PLAYING] Love you.

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