JOURNALING – Eating Disorder Video #2 with Kati Morton | Kati Morton
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JOURNALING – Eating Disorder Video #2 with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

August 22, 2019

Hi, it’s Kati again. Thank you so much for
checking back in. Now the topic that I would like to talk a
little bit about today is journaling. Now something that I recommend to
every client the steps into my office is to go buy a journal. Now you’re thinking “why would I go by a
journal, I don’t need to say anything I don’t need to write anything down.” It’s a great way to express yourself and to talk about things that you’re not
comfortable talking about yet in a constructive way. So this gives you a place when it’s the middle of the night and you look at
the clock and it’s three in the morning and everybody else is asleep there’s no one else to talk to you can write in your journal. Also let’s say somebody’s really hurt
your feelings but you’re not really comfortable
confronting that person this gives you a safe place to talk about it and to vent. Now something silly that a lot of us
don’t think about is that it’s really important to pick a journal that you’re
comfortable with. Now what i mean by that is it has to kind of look the part. If
you’re not comfortable pulling out a peachy with loose leaf paper then probably that’s not your ideal
journal. Maybe you don’t want a big three-ring
binder maybe you’re like me you’re left-handed and it’s uncomfortable, don’t get
that journal. Maybe you need a nice leather bound one that kind of
looks like a day-planner so if anybody walks up to you, you can kind of shut it and they won’t ask
any questions. So make sure you’re comfortable with
your journal. There’s a great tool also, if you’re kind of like me and have a little
trouble getting started there is a book called the “All about me”
book. This gives you the beginning of
sentences you get to complete as long as you need it kind of gets you warmed up to
the idea of journaling. So that’s just a tip from me to you. Thanks
for checking back in. Again remember to subscribe to my videos so that each time
I post a new video you can get an alert also please leave your comments below. I love getting your questions it really
helps me to create more videos, so feel free to leave as many comments
as you like. And continue to help spread the word as
we continue this journey to a Healthy Mind Healthy Body.

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  1. I love journaling although i am just starting it I am feeling so much better I know I have alot of "self work" to do I am just so greatful that you have come into my life at this time as I was really in a really bad way, but watching and learnin through your videos has truely made the holiday period manageable so thank you Kati xxxxx

  2. i like the idea but i've been afraid to keep a journal since i was young because my parents invade my privacy and because of that, i wouldn't be completely truthful and won't write everything down. it's a pity. seems a like a good tool in recovery.

  3. I have journaled most of my life but there was a point where I did stop for a long time because my family had found it and saw what I wrote one night about being suicidal. I got yelled at after that. But now I journal all the time. Even though its just my gf and I, I still tend to take it with me to school because I am paranoid. I also bring in my journal to therapy because sometimes that is the only way I can open up about certain things. However I am terrified to look back at my old journals

  4. You can download a diary app… i downloaded it for free on to my android phone … there is a password you must enter soo you will have 100%. privacy 🙂 I love it and can enter my feelings .. etc without worrying if someone will read it 🙂 xxx

  5. Ah, journaling: great way to release pretty much every little thing your brain needs. What's nice about it is that what you write down doesn't even have to make sense. I always find myself looking back through something I wrote maybe a month ago and sort through it. Sometimes it's easier than talking about something really difficult, too. Great way to get to know yourself even better.

  6. Great video and tips on finding the right journal too.

    I tried to start journaling for years but always quit because I never found the right one that I felt comfortable writing in. I eventually found a cozy-feeling leather journal and have been journaling for 8 years now.

    Sometimes I wonder if journaling can go "too far" where it's focusing too much on negative emotions. Is that possible? Is it good/necessary to try to guide what you write about somehow- like gratitude journaling or something like that?

  7. Kati, I am a senior citizen and I really love your video's. I was diagnosed with depression in 1981 and was shocked at how much medication and therapy helped me. I have struggled with it the whole time and do not think it will ever go away. Now that I know what you mean by "leave comments" I will. And again I watch some of your videos many times and hear something new and helpful each time. Thank you, Kati

  8. Kati, I am left handed too. It's a right handed world, so we have all had to compromise. I have coped. It has made some things easier, like driving a stick shift car! Any way, you have become special to me and your left handedness just makes me like you more.

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