Joint Hypertension Scientific Sessions 2018 Program Highlights

September 19, 2019

(two bold piano chords) – Hello, I’m Karen Griffin, the Chair of the Program Committee for the Joint Hypertension
Scientific Sessions 2018. And I’m joined this evening
by Dr. John Bisognano, who is the Immediate Past President of the American Society of Hypertension and now Vice Chair on the
Council of Hypertension. And Dr. Jan Basile, who
is the Vice Chair of the Council of the Hypertension
for Clinical Programming. Our meeting this year is primarily focused on hypertension research
in clinical practice. The science that have been
submitted to this meeting has been really up to
date on the developments of our understanding of
the causes of hypertension, the mechanisms of target organ injury, and the most effective means
for the detection evaluation and management of high blood pressure across diverse populations. Our first opening lecture tomorrow will be given by Dr. Jan Basile, which he will spotlight
some of the highlights of the new hypertension guidelines. This will be followed by recent
advances in hypertension, in which experts in different
areas of hypertension will present data looking
at the relationship between hypertension
and its relationship to stroke, obesity, genetics,
kidney, and cardiac diseases. I think with that I’d
like to ask Dr. Bisognano, since he’s been very involved
with the partnering of the American Society of Hypertension with the Council of Hypertension, why people who’ve been
members of the ASH Society, would want to come to our council meeting? – Thank you Karen. And I want to welcome
everyone to this meeting. The American Society of
Hypertension is very happy to be partnered with the
American Heart Association and this meeting really
is an unusual gathering of people from all aspects
of the field of hypertension, from research to clinical
practice to public health. And the members of the American
Society of Hypertension have a lot to gain from this meeting. The ACC and AHA new guideline for the
treatment of hypertension has come out just a
little under a year ago and techniques to reaching these new goals will be discussed and barriers
to reaching these goals in our patients will also be
discussed in great detail. Another focus will be on patients with resistant hypertension for are an ever-growing
part of our population. So there’s a huge potential
to learn at this meeting and also to learn of
some of the basic science and other research that’s in the pipelines that will probably change the way that we treat hypertension in the future. – And I’m very excited to be here as well. As a past ASH member, and now a proud member of
the Council on Hypertension. We have a great meeting
in store this year. We begin with a clinical
practice, clinical science track that highlights the tracks on basic science research in hypertension. Our clinical practice, clinical
science track will feature a highlight Thursday
afternoon on Aldosterone and its importance in hypertension. We’ll talk about special populations at risk in hypertension. Friday morning, Friday
afternoon, excuse me, as we’ve done for the past eight years, we’ll begin our primary
care track in hypertension. Which really is reaching out to the primary care
clinicians in this country that take care of the
majority of hypertension. And we’ll talk about
important issues for them on translating the science into practice, how to improve blood pressure control. We’ll talk about the different
guidelines that have come out not only the ACC-AHA
guideline that John mentioned, but the European guideline,
the Australian guideline, the Canadian guideline, and we’re going to highlight all of those. In addition, we’re going to talk, like I said, about special populations. Primary care continues Saturday morning. We’ll have some patient
unknown presentations, get the audience involved, our colleagues, as well the panel. And then on Sunday morning,
we’re going to talk about special populations in hypertension and translating to improving
blood pressure control. So, between the clinical
practice, clinical science, the primary care, the overall meeting, this is the best hypertension
meeting in this country that people should come to. We’ve worked very hard to
bring you a good meeting. And I hope that you’ll be part of it. (two bold piano chords)

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