Iseral said goodbye to insulin and type 2 diabetes on Virta
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Iseral said goodbye to insulin and type 2 diabetes on Virta

November 3, 2019

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes in 2009 I freaked out. And I went, “Oh my gosh what am I going to do because of this now?”. Being diabetic I kind of lost a bit of who I was. I used to run I used to go out and bicycle, I used to just be outdoors and I quit doing it. Being on insulin the frustrating part about it was that I couldn’t get it under control. I was eating healthier. I was cutting out meals and doing substitutes. I had to shoot myself up twice a day and I can only have one spot that I liked, and it was on my belly. And so that was just becoming a real – literal – pain. And then just the cost of insulin going up, and can I afford the insulin? I could not get my blood sugars regulated. I first found out about Virta through the City of Lafayette. I was so excited to have a new avenue to try to resolve this issue in my life. As a city employee for the City of Lafayette, I am the downtown security officer. I patrol downtown Lafayette. One of the coolest thing about Virta is the energy that it’s giving you. I went from not being able to barely walk down major without huffing and puffing, to now I want to run down Main Street. Before Virta, I didn’t think diabetes was reversible. All I thought was, if I was lucky I could control my diabetes. What really surprised me about the Virta treatment was how easy it was. You literally just made simple changes. I don’t cook so it had to be super super easy for me to do it, and it was. One of the things that I love the best is it – it’s changing your habits. I can sustain it. Anyone can sustain it. I work out a lot now because I can. With their app you can get a health coach that is always there for you. You can always just say, “Hey, I’m having this struggle” or whatever. And they are fairly quick to respond. Instead of having to go to the doctor every three months, I could talk to him anytime I really needed to. And he made the med changes for me and it was so awesome! And he said, “Well, you’re doing so good we can go ahead and drop that insulin.” I was like, “Wow! I’m off insulin. How great is that?” I mean I’ve never been this healthy. The biggest extra bonus is that weight loss, but the greatest thing is reversing the type 2. The Virta Treatment truly has changed my life.

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  1. Wonderful personal story and well produced video. Virta's patient stories pose a blunt challenge to practitioners: Why focus on helping patients 'manage' their diabetes when you can instead help them simply reverse it altogether? Congratulations, Israel; and thank you for sharing your success.

  2. Who down voted, when half of the USA is either diabetic, pre-diabetic, or over-weight? Big Ag. and the Corn growers association must be getting nervous at the growing number of Americans opening their eyes to the chronic poison that is Sugar.
    See Taubes, Lustig, Yudkin, Fung, et. al.

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