Is high blood pressure bad for my brain?
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Is high blood pressure bad for my brain?

August 29, 2019

Is high blood pressure bad for my brain? You might already know that high blood pressure isn’t good for your heart but did you know that it isn’t good for your brain either? If your blood pressure stays high over time it may increase your risk of developing dementia Let’s think about it your brain uses more energy than any other organ in your body That’s hardly surprising because you need your brain for everything To keep your brain healthy and working well it needs a good
supply of oxygen and food So exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet are good for your brain So where does blood pressure come in? well your heart works like a pump when it clenches it’s using pressure like water in a hose to push blood through your arteries around your body and to your brain Your heart uses this pressure and enough pipeline to go around the world twice to make sure that every single part of your body and your
brain are serviced. Now you don’t want your blood pressure to be too high or too low
Like Goldilocks you want it to be just right If it’s too low you might feel light-headed and may faint or fall But if it’s too high you probably won’t have any symptoms at all and to be honest you may look well on the outside but on the inside high pressure is causing damage to your arteries and your heart is placed under huge strain. Chronic high blood pressure disrupts the delivery service to your
brain which may begin to malfunction. If left untreated high blood pressure in midlife may increase your risk of vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in later life The good news is that high blood pressure is easily detected but the only way you can find out is to get it checked. If your blood pressure is currently high you can work with your doctor to control it by following their advice about medication and life choices like getting physically active, watching your weight and eating a balanced diet As we get older blood pressure can sneak up silently. So even if your blood pressure is just right now you need to get it checked regularly To avoid unpleasant surprises in later life

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