Is Eugenia Cooney Lying About Getting Help for Anorexia After her Kingdom Hearts Cosplay?
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Is Eugenia Cooney Lying About Getting Help for Anorexia After her Kingdom Hearts Cosplay?

August 26, 2019

going through my comments I’ve seen
quite a few comments that believe Eugenia Cooney is actually lying about
going and getting help and this is actually a really important topic that
we need to talk about what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired
so where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you’re new
to my channel my channel is all about mental health and what I like to do is
pull different topics from the YouTube community to try to teach you how to
improve your mental and emotional well-being so any of that stuff make
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pretty and all donations will be going over to that teyla and her the
organization that she’s supporting anyways yeah let’s talk about this thing
going on where people think Eugenia Cooney is lying about getting help so I
do want to start out this video with something that I often say you know this
video is not for you junior Cooney like at the end of it day at the end of the
day and don’t get it twisted I am of no delusion like this is none of our
business none of my business what she is doing right like yes we could want to
help yes we could do that but at the end of the day she’s gonna be doing her
thing but I wanted to discuss this because this is actually something that
I’ve struggled with in the past and I know it’s something that many of you
have probably struggled with or you have a loved one who is struggling with this
and this is two different topics one of them is lying about getting help and the
other one is just getting help to get people off your back so those of you who
aren’t caught up to speed you know to give you some context Eugenia Cooney you
know allegedly is struggling with an eating disorder even though she has a
I’m excited anyways about a week ago on Twitter she said hey I’m gonna go see a
doctor and all this and myself as well as cribs in studios we did a collab
discussing this way in from crimson studios he’s in recovery from an eating
disorder I highly recommend you go check out his videos if you have somebody
struggling with an eating disorder or you’re in recovery like go check out his
videos they are amazing I love that dude he’s doing awesome by anyways like I
mentioned in the comment section there are people who think that she might be
lying about this so like yeah this is something that that does happen with
people and you might have done this or you know you might know somebody who has
done this so I’ll try to talk about both aspects of it
but for me personally as many of you know I’m a drug addict and alcoholic in
recovery I’ve been clean for about six and a half years and there were times
when I was lying about getting help so like for example when I was put into a
sober living home when I first got clean like we it was mandatory that we went to
five 12-step meetings a week and I was like this is stupid
this is dumb I don’t want to go up in these meetings have people talk about
their problems and whine and complain or like trying to tell me all these things
like you know and it was part of my illness and there’s part of a lot of
mental illnesses where that that illness talks you and says you don’t need help
and I want to separate you from people so what I was doing was I wasn’t going
to meetings now with forged signatures right but here’s the thing at the end of
the day like at the end of the day the only person I was hurting was myself and
like the reason I was just like God was because man this is something I try to
teach people like some of us have like that defiance in us like we’re wrong I’m
gonna do my own thing no matter what and here’s the thing at the end of the day
the only person we are hurting is ourselves so in the context of Eugenia
Cooney let’s say let’s say hypothetically she was lying about this
like that doesn’t affect us right it would be on her this is something that I
came to realize so for example I had a sponsor who I was
you know I had to call every single day and then I didn’t call him and all that
stuff and then eventually like I ended up calling him and I felt terrible and
all these other things and he was fine and that’s what
realize I’m like oh this is only hurting me it’s not hurting him so trust me
trust me like like I talked about in the podcast that mad mad – unsolicited
advice like I don’t lose any sleep over this stuff like you guys I am just here
to provide you with tools and resources tell you to go get therapy go see a
doctor join support groups whatever it is right
but like if you don’t do those things if you don’t take the help that I’m
offering you or the hope that other people are offering you that is on you
all right something that I had to come to terms with was if I wasn’t getting
help I am choosing to stay in misery like so many people so many people
struggling with different disorders like our stubbornness and our ego is our
biggest freakin enemy and I know you could probably relate like think about
your own stubbornness right now think about how your ego gets involved and
tells you you don’t need help you don’t need to listen to anybody you don’t need
to listen to this dumb idiot on YouTube telling you to go get help right let’s
think about that and ask yourself is this helping you or is it hurting you
right because when I sat back and I analyzed what was going on with me I
realized that it was just hurting me alright so well it is a scenario that
nobody can confirm like her friend dirty Dan his video he says that she is
getting help and all of that but here’s something that I didn’t talk about in my
other video about should we still be worried about Eugenia Cooney and that is
just getting help to get people off your back and this is something that I did
and again it was only hurting me like the first time I got sober the first
time I got sober basically I called up my kids mom because she had left and was
staying at my mom’s house because she was sick and tired of me it’s
threatening to move back to Las Vegas with my son we were living in California
at the time finally I called her up and I said listen if it will shut you up I
will go get help right so all the only I was getting help was to get her off my
back and guess what happened three months later I relapsed alright because
I was I was doing it with the wrong intentions and sometimes we do that and
like and even this last time that I got sober six and a half years ago I was
just doing it to shut people up I was like fine I’ll do it like I had no
intention on staying sober no intention at all I was gonna get the heat off me
and then whenever I felt like it whenever I felt like the coast was clear
I was gonna go back to slowly killing myself again it was only hurting me and
this is why I preach you know personal accountability and all of that you know
what I mean so a couple things like what’s the solution to all this what is
the solution so what about one of them is for all of us like we need to get
better because we want to this is one of the trickiest parts about mental illness
is that we cannot stay better unless we want to okay and like this this doesn’t
matter if it’s addiction if it’s an eating disorder if it’s depression if
it’s an anxiety like disorder like what do you want to do do you want to get
better are you sick and tired of living the way that you’re living like do you
want things to get better do you believe that things can get better if you don’t
believe things can get better watch my other video about the ego and the plus
minus equals technique right like find other people who have gotten better
right and just like look to them and use their hope for a little while like
that’s what I had to do now don’t get me wrong as somebody who has struggled with
depression for many years there are many days when I didn’t want to get better
for me and on those days because we do this thing one day at a time we work on
our addiction or eating disorder or depression or anxiety our PTSD or
whatever we work on that one day at a time and on what on certain days when I
didn’t want to get better for me because I hated myself I looked at a picture of
my son or I looked at my friends I looked at my family I was like you know
what today I’m gonna stay better for you sometimes even doing this YouTube
channel I’m staying well for all of you guys
I have to work on my mental health because I know some of you need to hear
a message of hope all right but the other solution to this is especially if
you you have a loved one who you feel is not getting well for the right reasons
or whatever it is do not lose hope do not lose hope like I said like when I
share my story I did not want to get better I did not want to I was ready to
die okay and by just keep like I kept going and kept going and kept going and
then something clicked and then simply something clicked so even in Eugenia
Cooney’s case let’s say again a hypothetical cuz I don’t freaking know
Eugenia but a hypothetical let’s say she was just doing this to get people to
shut up and get off her back for a while maybe maybe she’s going to hear
something that just clicks and she’s gonna want to stay well right so if you
have a loved one who’s getting help or they’re in treatment right now or seeing
a therapist or whatever it is just like do your best to have a little bit of
faith because I’ve seen it so many times and I’m living proof I’m living proof
about some of somebody who didn’t want to get better but then something
happened and I decided that I wanted to stay better and now I live this amazing
life today so if you don’t have faith in yourself or you don’t believe in
yourself and you don’t have hope in yourself just know that I do I know I
know through years of working with people who
have had far worse experiences than me right I know for a fact that there is no
such thing as a hopeless case all right but anyways anyways let me know down in
the comments below if you’re somebody in recovery from anxiety depression eating
disorder addictions whatever it is like was over a point where you decided to
just like go see a therapist just to shut everybody out or go get help just
to shut everybody up and then what happened to motivate you to continue
working on yourself or or that could be another question what what inspires you
what motivates you to get better and keep working on yourself are you doing
it for yourself are you doing it for others by the way I’m not saying doing
it for others is wrong it’s just sometimes that’s not
stainable that’s all I’m saying all right anyways let’s have the
conversation down to the comments below anyways if you like this video please
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there alright thank you so so much for watching I’ll see you next time

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  2. I saw my help today. I made sure all my help was in check. I don't want history to repeat itself. My Grandmother is not here because she did not take care of her mental health problems. I do NOT want history to repeat its self in my family. I do not want to put my family through that again. I got Nieces and Nephews. I don't want them to lose there Auntie. So I got up today and made sure I am on the right medication for me.

  3. She probably is getting help, and she asks people to respect her privacy, yet everyone is here calling her a liar. I really think that seeing all the stuff people say about her has got to be so awful for her mental health and probably makes her worse

  4. Once again, I agree with you Chris. We CANNOT force Eugenia to get help. She has to want to help herself! Perhaps her family or closest friends might be able to suggest change, but harassing and pushing someone to get help does not do anything except make us become the one obsessed. (ie Onision)
    We can encourage if someone is willing to listen. If they are not willing to listen or help themselves though… there's nothing any of us could do that would make a difference.

  5. I have Bipolar II and PTSD, I tried to get better for the first time while still in an abusive marriage. I had a hard time telling my therapist what was going on, I wasn't ready to open up. She even told me I reacted like a person who had experienced sexual abuse and other forms of abuse. The thing she never realized is that the abuser was also her patient. The ex and I had the same therapist. He convinced her I didn't want help, he convinced me I didn't need help.

    When I moved back with my parents after he and I separated I struggled. I used to self harm. I was a cutter. The last time I cut was June 2007. I am very fucking proud of myself for being able to stop. I wasn't seeking help when I stopped, I stopped cutting for someone else then I met the man who I am married to now. We ended up moving in together in August and it was November (I remember that much. We didn't actually get engaged till Dec. and we got married in June so we weren't married at the time all of this happened) and we were playing a drinking game. It was just the two of us at home (we lived together and we didn't drink much but thought it would be fun for the night).

    I had been hiding the fact that I wanted to cut from him. I had a plan in place to get razors and sneak them into the house. At some point during that night I got drunk enough that I broke down crying. He sat with me in the bathroom for three hours while I begged him apparently (I really don't remember all of this, some of this is what he told me happened) but I begged him to let me just get the razors. I apparently also told him I didn't want to exist anymore. He helped me calm down and get into bed. The next morning my husband sat me down and we had a serious talk. in which we discussed me getting help. I ended up not being able to take meds right away because I ended up finding out I was pregnant in March of that year. However that is where my mindset changed. I remember after having a scare at 5 weeks pregnant (I had spotting and was so terrified I was going to miscarry) that I sat down and looked at my husband and said. "I can't ever cut again. I have to be able to be a good mom." And I meant it.

    I went to my regular doctor and asked for antidepressants and anti anxiety medications and we used that for about 5 years but my anxiety kept getting worse and the antidepressants weren't helping. I ended up in the ER with a panic attack that I couldn't stop that had basically being going for a week. (turns out I was having a manic episode) and after that my doctor referred me to a psychiatrist. I got the call from the psychiatrist's office and the appointment was literally a year and a month from the day they called me because that is HOW busy they were. I actually ended up having to talk to a therapist before possibly getting surgery and it ended up being maybe a month before I saw my psychiatrist for the first time.

    It was the first time I acknowledged that I had been abused and the extent of the abuse so by the time I saw my psychiatrist I wanted help. I also was able to be put on the correct medications because the antidepressants were actually making things worse, it doesn't work for bipolar because it makes your manic episodes way worse.

    So when I started out, I stopped cutting for someone. I continued to not cut for my husband, I decided it was never something I could do again when I found out I was pregnant. I felt that no matter how bad it was in my head I couldn't do that to my son. (anyone who is currently struggling please don't think I am judging you, I am not, I promise. Every person is different and every struggle is different. I actually had to ask my husband to hide sharp objects a few times because the urge to cut came back, so I am not perfect)

    Now I get help because I don't want to be trapped in the hell of flashbacks and nightmares. I have a therapist and my psychiatrist and I do what I promised my husband I would do. I tell him if it gets bad, if it is abnormal or worse than what I am used to. I tell him how I am feeling and what I am feeling. He helps me get the help I need.

    Sorry for the novel of a comment.

  6. I love how you say no one is a lost cause but that brought a thought to my mind. What do you think about psychopathy? Do you think psychopaths are or arent a lost cause? Id be interested to hear your view 🙂

  7. I got over my own stubbornness today and made an appointment with a new therapist, this channel was a huge help in making that decision. Thank you!

  8. I started seeing a psychologist for my anxiety and was diagnosed with GAD. I stopped because I lost insurance. I got my insurance back but haven’t gone. Life is super busy right now with full time college classes and my internship but I want to go back. I improved a lot by visiting him even for a short amount of time. I also removed some negativity from my life that was causing me to have random panic attacks. I haven’t had a panic attack since last June and that was triggered by taking my cat to get surgery. ❤️🙂 I want to go back to get help and maybe I can find the time after I graduate in the spring.

    Thanks for reminding us that things CAN improve.

  9. I have really bad anxiety and really bad depression and lately it's been getting worse I see a doctor for it to I need to see my doctor this Friday. 😣😔😢

    P.S. please pray for me or whatever. It would mean a lot to me. Thank You!!! Xoxo. ♥♥♥

  10. I hope it isn't all a lie. I hope she is getting some sort of help. It is her thing though. She doesn't owe any of us an update.

  11. I disagree Chris. She affects others because she has such a big following and people actually want to be like her!
    She’s not just affecting herself but young people that may want to stop eating just to be skinny like her.
    She’s also hurting her family and friends.

  12. Don't lose hope for Eugenia. She's probably laying in a hospital bed scared as shit. Otherwise she'd be too tempted to post on social media because that is coupled with her primary addiction and no way could she resist that and start BSing again.

  13. Best to just hope that's she's in the right place. As for the twitter Post. It may not have been by eugenia and its a photo from Christmas cuz she could be getting treatment. The reaction she got from her video. I doubt they would post a recent photo. After her friends made very powerful videos and the reactions she got from her cosplay video. This could have made her want to get help. Not long after them videos from her friends a twitter post comes out and said she's getting help. She could have had a shock happen that made her get help. We don't know unless eugenia wants to open up. Her family and friends want to do this privately.

    I think we should just show support. Her friends say she's getting help. I think it's best that when she can go on the Internet not see people doubting her. I think it will be better she sees all the support and love on her social media platforms. I think all this doubt could be problematic. We all need to believe in her and have a little faith.

  14. That’s interesting but I also feel that personality affects mental illness, which is why some are more stubborn then others. For me and my depression I never had any stubbornness if I needed help I would get help, however I know others who have depression but think they know better than the therapists and thus they won’t get help.

    I don’t understand people who have that stubbornness in them, I’ve never had it.

  15. I'd love to hear more about what it's like to be a therapist/clinician seeing clients who do not want to get better.

  16. the interesting thing about your videos is that at the end of the day you have uploaded like 3 of them so it's like a therapy session

  17. I agree with everything you said here, and I get it. However, you talk a lot about stubbornness and having an ego in regards to seeking treatment, I think because that's part of your story. Some of us have neither, though. I desperately need and want help, and recognize my mental health problems.

    I want to go in to the hospital in-patient program (I have insurance to do so), but have nowhere to store what little belongings I have. I have no support system, no family, and "friends" who have brushed off my attempts to ask for help. Sometimes it's not as simple as joining Better Help, or whatever. I have no way to do so. Not a dime to my name. I can't just leave my belongings and go.

    Not everyone has a mother like yours, or a beautiful gf/bf, or resources all over the place. I am literally stuck in someone's basement with a week left here, and in the darkest place I've ever been. So, I'm just saying, it's not always about having an ego, or being a difficult person refusing help. A lot of us are ready and willing.

    edit: I feel like I should clarify my point in my ramblings. Eugenia may have been stuck in some situation that prevented her taking the next steps. Speculating negatively otherwise is damaging. I know we speculate a lot about people here, never diagnose, etc…but this just feels different. Her life is on the line.

  18. It wouldn’t just be on her if she was lying about getting help. It would affect every one of her fans rooting for her. It would affect her family. It would affect her close friends. Her loved ones. It’s not just about her at this point, she’s put it up for the entire internet to witness and be involved with her journey

  19. 10 years this June is my sober date from my addiction 🙂 and I remember going to therapy just to shut people up letting them think I was working on getting better, but I really wasn’t ready at that time and thought they were all the crazy ones lol! Love all your videos! I always look forward to them!

  20. Ur so right , it’s so much harder to do the I’m not ok thing though
    Often feels safer in whatever you are used too

  21. on the days I want to use I remember I have 2 beautiful daughters that are counting on me. I remember the promise I made them when I got home from prison, "I will never leave you again." I was at end stage addiction when I finally got clean, if I use drugs it would be just a short amount of time before I get locked up again or I end up dead.

  22. I guess only time will tell if Eugenia is getting the help she desperately needs. Until then, I choose to believe her.
    Chris could you please make a video on Onision? I know that there's a ton of videos out there about him but that guy is a walking DSM-5. Lots to learn from that specimen.

  23. You quoted something a while back , "Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change." That hit so close to home I made changes and now I'm doing better than before

  24. I want to thank you. I read the comments and you help so many. Thank you. I truly feel that helping others is the greatest service to others. I don’t care if it’s minute or huge. Any help is good. Keep on keeping on Chris! I see the comments and I know you’re making changes in other people’s lives!

    On that note. I truly hope she is in a facility, with doctors. And not at home. There is a video “curling my hair” @ 5:26– her mom is screaming you’re killing her, give me the money…. many are saying that her parents are the reason why she keeps on.

    I feel she believes she has built her community and if she gets healthy she will lose them.
    I also think something has happened to her for her to do this… she has no control of her life. So the only control she has is her weight. The parents do allot for her brother, and she still lives at home. As if her parents want her there. Is it for the money? I don’t know. And I can’t say. No one can say. Well they can but that doesn’t mean that they are correct.
    So with no control, having control of her body is probably the only tangible physical thing she can have.

    I’d hate to say I hope she hasn’t been abused. Listening to her father telling her how pretty she is and how she looks 14… wigged me out. Rubbed me the wrong way. But who would stay… with abuse… those that are abused can love their abuser…

    I will hope for the best for her. She has such a kind soul. I hope she learns to love herself and allow herself the nurture she needs with nutrition. Only time will tell. Her last video broke me into tears. Sobbing 😭 her legs… are a significant sign it’s not looking good for her. I truly hope she gets healthy and moves to her own home.

    Yet she doesn’t have the nutrition to make hormones or neurotransmitter to suffice her needs. Watching her and seeing her limited language and her inability to actually have stamina breaks my heart.

    As a mother, I cannot connect with her mother at all! I would have had her in a facility years ago. And this will and may take years for her to heal. And eating disorder doesn’t just go away. They will always have Anna talking to them.

    I swear her mother does pills and drinks. In one of her videos actually 2 that woman is lite. On downers. My parents were addicts. You can hear it in her speech. 🤔 Drives me up a wall to see her mother do videos with her and act all a fool. I would walk in look at the camera and TELL THE WORLD. Please send my daughter lots of love, she will be going away for a while to get some help! Not act 12 and stupid and play along. Irritating as hell!

    I truly hope she is in a place that has true real help not her mothers home. I really feel that a negative place for her and she needs to leave.

    I send her healing energy. I hope one day we see her back and healthy! I hope when she comes back she is floored when she see how many of us weren’t hating her. There is more comments of begging and love for her and her health than any hate at all.

    Time will tell. I hope it tells us she is healing and still with us. She has such a spirit… it’s needed here. And now. I hope she knows that she is going to have some many people soooo proud of her. Gosh! I’m tearing up just thinking about her recovery. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 and 🙏🏻prays casted out to the universe!

  25. I have no faith in CBT I've been in it for about a year and I keep being moved up to more intense therapy. I don't believe it will work. I'm only doing it to satisfy friends and family.
    (General Anxiety Disorder/Depression)

  26. i stopped injecting drugs cold turkey. you don’t need help you need to stop talking drugs. cancer is an illness addiction is a frame of mind x

  27. I'm a recovering addict, and yes I have moments when I do want to use again, but I stay clean not only for myself, but for my son as well. If I'm having a rough day mentally, all it takes is to hold my son, look him in the eyes, and see his cute little smile. Now, THAT is what keeps me going. I don't want my son to go through the things that my parents put me through, and continue to put me through. I'm pretty damn proud of myself, too. I've been clean for almost 19 months now, 2 years in July. My son is 10 months old. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I promised him my sobriety. I've kept that promise, and plan to keep that promise for the rest of my life. <3

  28. What motivaded me to get help was seeing how difficult life will get if I keep living like this.

    I am pretty sure I have anxiety (both social and general) and depression. I've have had these problems for most of my life, so I decided to tell my doctor about it. Last year from October through December he told me to have conversations with this lady. (It was probably some sort of therapy, but it seemed less formal. Plus it was free.) This didn't make me feel better, and I actually felt worse. Now I've gotten an appointment at the local mental health clinic! Hopefully they can tell me what's wrong with my brain and help me with figuring out how to get better. I know I can't expect to get better right away, but I'm hopeful I'll get there eventually.

    I've also thought a lot of using anti depressants if they offer it to me, but that's mostly because I get extremly anxious sometimes and that's way worse than my most depressing episodes. It stops me from ordering food with my boyfriend, or something as simple as what street I use when I need to be somewhere because I was overthinking too much to use the damn crosswalk.

    It's annoying and exhausting to be anxious and sad pretty much all the time, so I'm finally getting the help I need.

  29. (Nothing personal what so ever)  Talking this much about Eugenias illness, in the way people do, is not going to help her. Accusing her of faking her story is not going to help. Let her be heard when she tells her story even if she lies a few times. Even if she does a few problematic things while in recovery, she must live her life the way she chooses and we should not shame her for having one or more mental illnesses.
    We should be supportive and not judgemental as hell… I am NOT saying to enable her toxic moments, but support her and let her recover even if it isn't in the most pure and elegant way. Recovery isn't pretty. People should stop judging others for not dealing with recovery in an elegant and inspiring way all the time.

  30. I have Bi Polar Deppression. I finally got the courage to see a counselor to help my mental health. I am doing it to get better and build a better relationship with my loved ones. I am tired of being miserable. So far I really like her!

  31. She can only truly start recovering if she stays off social media. Her anorexia and identity are mixed up with social media. Unless she can turn it around and make a recovery channel…she will relapse again and again. Social media is keeping her ill.

  32. aparently she is dead unless there is another eugenia cooney in the same state and with the same age but you can check this info yourself

  33. I know it might come across as a bit mean, since the people who have Eating Disorders or other disturbed behaviours when it coems to weight (not everyone who is skinny is anorexic and not everyone who is normal is healthy ) and I am not saying this for Cooney alone, just in general the media – entertainment buisness. For me personally as much as might love the Creator / Artist there comes a point I can not watch them wearing shorts, short sleeves or skirts when they get too skinny in my eyes.
    I do think hopefully he/she is ok and not struggling with sth nasty like mental illness or a system that forces them to stop eating , but there are certain performances I did not watch to this day, just because I actually get the heebie jebbies. -.- I wish everyone who is in recovery from something all the best though. I guess mine would be depression O.o also I never called mysef in recovery, that's an intresting way to put it. 😀

  34. I went to rehab for drug addiction, well I was forced by my parents 10 days before my 18th birthday. I fought tooth and nail and even overdosed in the waiting roon on my anxiety pills my mom had in her purse. I spent 2 days in the hospital and then moved into my pod of the rehab. Everyday I faked my progress and said I knew I didnt need drugs and thank god Id figured that out. Yknow the Addicts Lament. I also had an eating disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression and while they touched on those subjects the drugs was why I was there. I got out 2 days after my birthday and relapsed 8 days later. That was my last relapse, but I had to stop the drugs myself. Strange enough they helped my eating disorder msot and helped my self image the most which, surprise surprise, was the root to my drug usage as well. But I totally pretended to be better for everyone elses sake until I actually got better.

  35. Its not always just about wanting to go and get help. I have had an eating disorder for nearly 10 years and at this point I would like help but its not possible, the expense is enormous for a lot of people. Last year they kicked me out of hospital after one night because my insurance didn't cover it. Everyone can't just snap their little fingers and every one is there to help them you know

  36. That cosplay is not recent and the photos taken during that time were likely older ones. I think she is finally seeking treatment, but I fear it may be too late for her.

  37. I really don't think she's getting help. People like her, who have such serious eating disorders don't wake up one day and change. I do hope she is getting help, but there's no reason to trust her on this right now.

  38. I had a supervisor once put it like this: “Typically, how bad does something have to hurt before you go to the doctor? For most people, it has to hurt a lot before they get help, and then it’s so hard to get better because it has gotten so bad.” I try to remember that when doing therapy with patients; that sometimes, even though I see the problem clear as day, it may not hurt enough yet (especially if that person has been court ordered to treatment, or pushed into treatment by a friend or family member). And on top of that, confronting that pain is terrifying, particularly if it has festered and been avoided/ compounded for several years.

  39. I think it’d be interesting to talk about mental illness self awareness. You are very self aware, how does/did that come in to play for you when you are struggling mentally? I have crazy bad anxiety and I’m very aware of it, which helps me manage it, but sometimes I think it just compounds my anxiety. Meditation is the best thing I’ve tried so far for this. I hope you’re having a good week, Chris. Always love your videos.

  40. this is unrelated to this video, but through reading some comments, I thought about this– would you be interested in talking about the topic of relationship abuse and if an abuser can ever really get help or change their ways and take accountability for their actions? Do most of them believe that they don't need to change? Love your videos 🙂

  41. Some of us have done serious extensive research regarding getting Eugenia sectioned. For some reason people genuinely believe that she can be; & I’m afraid that in the state of California, that just isn’t the case. There were a few of us emailing one another out of genuine heartfelt concern, making the necessary phone calls / emails to certain organisations etc, who had heard of Eugenia many many times (they’d received literally hundreds if not thousands of phone calls in the space of a year regarding her wellbeing), but because of her age & the fact she wasn’t (/isn’t) a danger to others / society, there are little to no laws to protect an adult from starving themselves to death. She HAD / HAS to make the necessary steps to getting herself better.
    Gosh we’re going back a good 6-8 months ago now when this happened, I’m disabled myself & also suffer mental health problems. I live in the U.K. & saved money to put towards my phone bill so I could phone out towards the US. If I find the emails I will be sure to copy & paste but they were very basic responses, it was mostly on the phones that the few friends I’d made & I got somewhere. I believe if a person is in severe danger of harming themselves or those around them (by this I mean; non functioning, suicidal, psychosis, severe depressive outbursts), it’s only then that family can look into sectioning. Eugenia, despite her current mental health issues & ED’s, is a relatively ‘calm’, functioning individual & has never – at least on livestream (twitch) or on her YT videos, shown extreme signs of distress in any of the above ways. Our hands literally became tied when it came to getting her help of any kind.

    On further discussion between us & from personal experiences, even if she was sectioned / force fed or at the very worst tube fed.. unless she’s mentally ready & willing to face recovery, none of it would ever work. ED patients know exactly what to do to get out, just enough to put on weight / recover, & then they will return to old habits very fast. That’s why myself & many others always stipulate that Eugenia HAS to want to recover & get better, she’s the only person who can get help for herself.

    I don’t believe her mother is involved in the way people believe she is. I think she might be part of the issue – meaning, she has issues of her own & Eugenia has had deep responsibilities in caring not only for her mother, but herself & her brother, which in turn has led her to use an ED as a sense of control (/an aspect of her life she ‘can’ control). Everything above makes complete sense when you realise her mothers hands have been tied regarding helping her own daughter, there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest she hasn’t gone above & beyond to help Eugenia but due to her age she can categorically refuse help. She can drag her kicking & screaming to an inpatient facility but Eugenia can walk straight out without admittance if she chooses because she’s a consenting adult.

    I became emotional when I heard Eugenia had gotten help. Many of us genuinely hope & pray this is real, I dont sense it isn’t. I don’t think Eugenia would stay away from social media this long if it wasn’t true, I honestly don’t believe she’s that cunning.
    I do wish her a whole lotta love & success on this journey, they’ll be many ups & downs for her but we’re all rooting for her every step of the way. X

  42. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
    Didn't her post say to respect her privacy? Questioning her statements, decisions, and circumstances, using her as content is not being respectful to her clearly stated wishes.

  43. I sure hope Eugenia is actually seeking help and not just saying she is getting medical help for attention and to get people off her back. I hope she is in a long term facility that will use effective techniques to assist Eugenia with the dual diagnostic care she clearly needs. This sad young woman has so many issues and her Mother and family is the worst of them all. I beleive her gross mother controls her so much and tries to rule Eugenia's life to the extreme and in response Eugenia developed an eating disorder to cope with her Mother's bad behavior. The best thing for her will be to be in an inpatient facility away from her insane, sick and twisted Mother who wants her daughter to waste away for money and sympathy. Prayers to Eugenia.

  44. I have a sneaking suspicion her mother is telling her she's fat. Guarantee every time she got a little bit of pudge her mom probably jokingly said you getting a little pudgy and that really contributed

  45. Getting help and assistance from the internet has really helped citizens all around the globe including me. My marital affair with my wife has been full of ups and downs ever since my wife caught me cheating on her with my co-worker and that led to our divorce 4 months ago. I've been in search of help to get her back and never to cheat on her again but i couldn't get the help i wanted not till i was referred to Lord Zakuza online for his ultimate powers. I explained everything to him and he assured me of his work with his powerful spells that my wife will be mine forever within 24 hours and i followed his instructions as said by him and indeed, i got a call from my wife lawyer that my wife needed to see me and now, we are both back together as one lovely happy family. For that reason, i will continue to give Lord Zakuza amazing reviews for the world to know about his good works. Here's his info to get in touch with him. Email: ( [email protected] ), Text or WhatsApp him on +1 (740) 573–9483.

  46. I just recently started getting CBT-E for Atypical Anorexia. A few days ago, my partner broke up with me and told me he needed me to go back to the states. I know that I've relapsed. My counselor suggests that I get back into treatment but I'm afraid to tell my mom. Everyone that I've talked to thinks it will make things worse.

  47. I truly hope and pray Eugenia is getting help. I did have a slight doubt in my gut when I read her post about getting help, but I want to believe she is getting help. I'm legitimately worried about her wellbeing.

    You are 100% correct. If you dont want the help, and arent ready to get help, chances of being successful are pretty slim. But it can happen! I like to remain hopeful for people in those cases.

  48. I was on a video where Eugenia did an unboxing video, where she forgot to edit out her address. Some fans on her videos started talking about her address and circulating it. They then contacted the health professionals and constantly sent them e-mails, photos and videos of Eugenia e.t.c demanding that they do a wellness check. Which I think is what happened. In some areas you can be forcibly committed.

  49. Sending her love and healing regardless ✨💖✨
    I don’t want her to suffer most of us don’t even if we are angry the way that it played out.

  50. I remember having that "eh fuck those people, I'll never get help,"

    And I used to think I was just doing this to get people off my back, but recently, I approached therapy with an open mind, and it's been working.

    My motivation is job hunting and money ;w;

  51. Since yall support supported suicide so much go help some of these people that have terminal illness get legislation passed so they can die with dignity… " all I can do is support her decision " 😐

  52. Please don't make videos with titles like this, even if the video is encouraging. It gets clicks, I understand this, but for Eugenic to see things like this and wonder about ppl thinking she's a liar or anything else they might say about her, is NOT going to help. Please, this is a life and death situation for her. I love your channel but please keep her out of the titles. Any discouragement or set backs could kill her

  53. I rarely ever drink due to watching my dad's alcoholism growing up. I can agree, you can only truly ever change if you WANT to and are READY to. There were so many times as a kid my dad would get "help" just to appease my mom and family. The longest stretch of him being sober was 3 months. He didn't finally get truely sober until I was 17. When i was 17 he decided to work on our house after drinking and fell to the pavement from 2 stories up. He had no recollection of any of it but finally hit his "ah hah" moment after learning I was there in the hospital with him the entire time, was the one screaming for nurses to come in with the crash cart because his vitals were dropping. Basically he realized I was old enough to know exactly what was going on. He's now been sober 11 years and I'm closer to him now than I ever was growing up and am proud to say he now helps other vets that have come home so they don't go down the path he did (it all stemmed from PTSD). Long story short, even if Eugenia is getting help because she hit rock bottom, she can still have her own "ah hah" moment and want to change.

  54. I agree. I doubt she’s getting help. She hasn’t come forward and admitted she has a problem. That’s the first step in getting help. Plus she’s lied before. Hopefully she gets help

  55. WHAT is so hard about understanding and respect to her treatment? As a fake ass psychologist (which is a rarity online these days)- you should fucking know better. k thnx for your disservice.

  56. Depression and anxiety run in my family. Sometime, a little over a year ago, I started seeing a therapist. For months on end, my mom told me I should look into seeing one, because she noticed some changes in my mood. I kept persisting for so long about "Well, I can get through this with my (insert outlet here, like gardening) and I just need time to think about it." And she never pressed me or forced me, but she just kind of knew that I had tried an outlet before that didn't work.
    At the time, I was dealing with a complicated "friendship" – if you can call it that. I was trying to get along with this girl because she was supposed to be one of our roommates when we moved out. But for what seemed like forever, she just kept getting on my case or seemed to hate me. I couldn't be myself with her.
    One day, I straight up asked her why she was acting like that or why she didn't like me. Her response – looking at it in retrospect – was straight up bullying. I cried for days. My heart sank. I was in a rough spot. I literally didn't have any girl friends and I had been trying so desperately to have a healthy friendship with someone who understands me and gets along with me… and she just ripped me to shreds.
    I haven't felt a depression like that since my empathetic depression in high school. In those earlier years, I literally was just being so selfless to help my friends who were suicidal, and ended up feeling buried under it to the point that I made some (very minor) attempts to release myself from existance. That's how bad this girl hurt me.
    I became hermited. I cried to my boyfriend so stinking much. I had never really cried to him before, either.
    That was it. That was my breaking point. I called a local wellness center and asked for a lady I was recommended to. I did it as I thought I was helping myself, but I believe there were intentions to just get my mom to stop talking to me about going to a therapist. After my first visit, I felt a lot more level and really saw the benefit.

    I've been seeing the same therapist ever since. I've only had a handful of visits with her, but I have a rule of "I need to see her when I feel like this, or when this happens, or just to touch base this often".
    Sometimes, I even wish I had more than an hour.

  57. Imagine looking at a person who is visibly suffering in one way or another and thinking: "Clearly, my hate comments is what needed to improve their situation."

  58. I went into rehab to calm my mom down…in between the second or third week I understood that I was there bc I deserved something better not bc of anyone else

  59. In recovery myself, thanks for all you do. We DO need to do it for ourselves, my scenario sounds familiar to yours. I’ve had to distance myself from my S/O for first time in 5 years due to their addiction. It’s sad, but as you said it’s only hurting them by lying about getting help, etc. Lying about help, lying about life, etc.

  60. Hi 👋I would just like to say congratulations 🎊🎈 on 6 and a half years of being clean! Do you attend church?…🌈🌸🤗🌵

  61. Can relate so much to this mindset. Really impressed (as always) with your delivery and honesty these videos are like therapy to me

  62. Jaclyn Glenn is complaining about everyone making videos about Eugenia. People are making videos because there is silence from Eugenia. People will speculate. After all Eugenia calls herself a public figure and has posted over 400 videos, it's YouTube. Jaclyn could stop people making videos by telling the truth. But she won't because Eugenia doesn't want her to let people know anything. That sounds like Eugenia still wants to have people talking about her, but she doesn't want to admit it. Jaclyn could kill all this speculation dead. But she doesn't want to.

  63. If she is not actually getting help, then she certainly played everyone by making that tweet because she absolutely knew people would really care about this. If so, that’s shady… No, that’s actually just cruel…

  64. Once again, we have a massive fuckwit on the Internet just speculating and trying to cause trouble. Look, Eugenia is already controversial enough. You're just aggravating the situation, just like Onision and everyone else has. Just let it go. What the fuck do you care about some random stranger on the Internet anyway? We're all so busy being in everyone else's business, we forget to take care of our own. By no means am I defending Eugenia's condition, but she knows damn well how she's presenting herself and she doesn't care. If she doesn't care, why the fuck do you? And honestly, if she's getting help, good, that's great. But whether she is or isn't is HER business, NOT YOURS! The whole reason she's even still relevant is because morons keep bringing her up when she's just trying to live her life and do her own thing on her own terms! And the fact that this channel capitalises on the speculation and failed attempts to drum up controversy or even capitalise on the mental afflictions of one individual or another is fucking despicable – just utterly and horrendously despicable. You're not even a licensed therapist or psychoanalyst so you really can't have a say in someone's mental health. Your opinions are just those: opinions, however ridiculous or incorrect they may be.

  65. I am seeing a therapist for my bulimia because I know it’s the right thing to do. Yet I secrelty doubt I will ever get better (I have bulimia since 8 years). I think not having hope is common for everyone with any kind of mental health issue / addiction especially when depression is involved.

  66. I watched maybe 1 minute of the last video she posted and had to stop because it made me so sad and sick to my stomach. I really hope she is getting the help she needs it's scary to watch someone wither away like that and feel so helpless… like a real life scary movie or something. At least now she is not posting video's and showing off her body anymore… Hopefully one day she will get better and maybe she'll delete or private her old video's so no one else can be influenced by her.

  67. Hi Rewired! I hope she is getting help, her mom told a Greenwich news site she was "in good hands" As for issues ppl face, I deal with anxiety that I'm being treated for and I stay active. You do have to believe in yourself

  68. She’s lying because no doctor would allow her to not be admitted to a hospital and her recent photo on Twitter shows she’s at home. Doesn’t matter though because she’s done so much damage to her body that at this point her body rejects food completely and I’m sure she’s been diagnosed with sinus Brady (slow heart rate between 30-40 bpm)

  69. I am very confused like wth is wrong with you to talk about this if u cared about her u could atleast nkt make a video about her and if u say its none of your business then why name a video aboutq it

  70. I just found you; this being the first video of yours that I’ve seen. You’ve gained a subscriber! I’ve been looking for any kind of mental health help I can get my hands on lately. Recovering from generalized anxiety disorder: I can’t afford therapy unfortunately but just making sure I do one thing that I genuinely enjoy everyday has been super helpful with my recovery so far! Playing with makeup, hair and walking my dog has been the best. I’ve also just started working out with a dance video which helps it not seem like a chore to do. I’ve learned that physical exercise is one of the best ways to self help with mental health since it releases endorphins. Researching and learning how the different chemicals in my brain work and what causes them to be released has been difficult but helpful as well!

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