Is Dark Chocolate Good For Diabetes?
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Is Dark Chocolate Good For Diabetes?

September 10, 2019

Hello, I’m Ty Mason from,
researcher, writer and I have type 2 diabetes. Today I’m going to answer the question, is
dark chocolate good for diabetes. But before we get into that, make sure you
download my free diabetes management book which also includes a diabetes grocery shopping
guide (foods to eat and avoid) by clicking the link below. Before we get going, I want you to remember,
we are talking about dark chocolate and not milk chocolate, and there is a huge difference. What if you saw a headline in the newspaper
saying that people with diabetes should eat chocolate daily to help reduce their blood
glucose levels and insulin dependency? Well, a group of researchers from the University
of Hull and the Hull York Medical School have found that dark chocolate has significant
health benefits for people with Type 2 diabetes. A 2010 study conducted by Steve Atkin, Professor
of Diabetes and Endocrinology, concluded that HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol is improved
and overall cholesterol balance is enhanced when patients consume 45g of dark chocolate
each day. This is the first study of its kind to report
on the effects of giving chocolate to individuals with Type 2 diabetes over a period of 16 weeks. Dark chocolate containing 85% cocoa solids
was given to one group with a placebo which contained no cocoa solids but was dyed the
same color as the dark chocolate was given to another group. The patients were given instructions to eat
no other chocolate, but to otherwise eat their normal diet. According to Atkin, “People with Type 2
diabetes are twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease and since one of the main contributory
factors to heart disease is a low level of HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol, the findings
that dark chocolate can improve this, means the results of this study are hugely significant.” He continues: “Chocolate with a high cocoa
content should be included in the diet of individuals with Type 2 diabetes as part of
a sensible, balanced approach to diet and lifestyle. This study demonstrates that it can offer
a potential reduction in cardiovascular risk without detrimental risks on weight, insulin
resistance or glycemic control.” Who would’ve thought that dark chocolate
could be helpful to those of us with diabetes? My research also found a very interesting
fact about dark chocolate. It has a very low GI of 23 and a very low
GL of 5. So, is dark chocolate good for diabetes? Surprisingly, yes it is! But, if you have never had dark chocolate
before, don’t expect it to taste like a Hershey bar. Dark chocolate is a somewhat bitter. Also, this study was conducted with a pretty
high quality dark chocolate. 85% cocoa solids is very high and can be expensive. Most commercial dark chocolate, Dove’s for
example, is about 71% cocoa solids. The higher the cocoa content, the better. I hope this answered your question is dark
chocolate good or bad for diabetes. Don’t forget to get your diabetes management
book by clicking the link in the description box below. Let me know if you have any other diabetes
related questions. Thank you
I am Ty Mason

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