Intralymphatic immunotherapy with the diabetes vaccine Diamyd® explained
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Intralymphatic immunotherapy with the diabetes vaccine Diamyd® explained

October 14, 2019

In newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes, the
insuline producing cells in the pancreas- -are under attack by the body’s own
immune system, causing an inflammation. The lymphatic system is an important
part of the immune system- -and is directly accessed through the
lymph nodes, where Diamyd is injected. Diamyd is an antigen-specific immunotherapy
containing the protein GAD65. A protein targeted by the immune
system in type 1 diabetes. Inside the lymph node the injected GAD65
is engulfed by antigen presenting cells- -dividing the protein into parts that
are presented on the cell surface. The antigen presenting cells interacts with
immune cells that recognize the protein parts. Facilitated by the Diamyd formulation
the immune cells are programmed into- therapeutically active anti-inflammatory cells. The anti-inflammatory cells spread
through the body- -evenutally reaching the pancreas
and the insulin producing beta cells. Here the anti-inflammatory cells are
exposed to GAD65. This triggers their anti-inflammatory
therapeutic response and reduces- -the immune system’s attack on the
insulin producing beta cells- -alleviating the inflammation.

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