Intermittent Fasting Tips for beginners | 16-8 | Lowers Blood Pressure
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Intermittent Fasting Tips for beginners | 16-8 | Lowers Blood Pressure

December 10, 2019

I’m gonna answer some questions from our friends like, what is 16|8 in I. F. and what foods to eat? Is it ok not to do workout? and if it’s ok with them people working in graveyard shift? etc. So, STAY TUNED! Before we start, Don’t you ever say that my diet is Intermittent Fasting. No. Just say that I am doing Intermittent Fasting. Simply because it is not a diet plan. It is a pattern of eating. It has been used by our ancestors, because and a lot more… Before, in Cebu my Hometown. It is very easy for me to go outside to look for a retail store to buy and eat bread and softdrinks. for a snacks or lunch. We are that comfortable in our lives today, so what happened was that we really are gaining weight or we got fat. Just like me, before. But it’s ok now, because there is a better way which is the Intermittent Fasting. So, what really is 16|8? How are we gonna do this? 16|8 is the most common program in Intermittent Fasting. 16hrs fasting, and eat within 8hr window only. Just choose which time you want to do your 16|8 that fits your lifestyle Say, you work in a call centre on a graveyard shift. You can just adjust your timing. I was a call centre agent before. I know a lot of people who wake up in the afternoon just to eat and goes back to sleep. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to disturb your sleep. It will never be interrupted. So you just had a quality time for you to rest. What foods to eat? For me, as a beginner, just eat what you want to eat whatever you used to eat. Burgers. Whatever it is? Donuts. if you’re already comfortable doing that keep it that way. The important thing is that you follow your fasting time, the 16|8. If you’re fasting your fasting, just drink water. If you’re eating, you’re eating. Eat what you want to eat. One thing that I can advise you is if you’re breaking your fast, don’t go straight into a heavy meal. Just like us, when somebody wakes us up, we would never wanna be wakened up suddenly, just like a friend waking you up with a bucket of water, it’s very irritating. Ideally you would want to start something light just eat a piece of banana, an apple or a small piece of any kind of fruit just to not irritate our stomach then you eat your first meal. A full meal. Just for the stomach to be woken up gently if you suddenly eat sweets, it will cause sugar spikes so break it gently. With your last meal, you can now eat all the carbs that you want to eat and if you’re not on a Keto diet or low carbs diet you can eat all the carbohydrates that you want to eat on your last meal. Just be strict with your fasting hours with water only. Since I’ve mentioned keto and low carbs diet, let me discuss a little bit. Intermittent Fasting is a tool that you can incorporate with whatever diet program you have been doing like KETO DIET, PALEO DIET and even PLANT BASED DIET. Again, IF is a tool and KETO DIET is another tool that you can incorporate or mix together for better results. With the exercise, as I’ve mentioned in my first video that I do HIIT workout HIIT workout twice a week, while fasted. That is to maximize fat burning. But if you don’t have much time, don’t worry. Because IF can make you burn fats even if you don’t exercise. You’re still losing weight even if you don’t exercise. That’s the beauty of this program. It is just very effective if you work out even a little. Now Neil Ouano who is in Qatar, a Body Building coach that I need to gain muscles now so that even if I don’t work out, there will be muscles that can burn my fats. So this is really great! The beauty of this is if you build muscles plus Intermittent Fasting, you can get amazing results. So if you wanna bulk up, IF plus weight lifting is the best. I want to say THANK YOU to our BOSS, to OUR FATHER up there because last night we went to the doctor because I got dizzy the Doctor said, my blood pressure is so low and I lost a lot of weight and everything drops (BP, WEIGHT, BLOOD SUGAR, and BLOOD CHOLESTEROL) So here’s the proof from Raffles Medical Clinic Raffles Medical Clinic I still got a medicine but the GOOD NEWS is From taking 1 whole pill, it was reduced to 1/2 pill daily. half of 5mg I can only take 0.5 mg daily so I bought a pill splitter. It was really great because since November I am already taking Amlodipine 5mg a medicine for High Blood Pressure. The Doctor was amazed and he got no choice but to reduce the dosage because I got dizzy for a very low blood pressure and if I continue taking the whole 5mg. That was HIM! Thank GOD for Intermittent Fasting! I need to break my fast so, let’s eat. Thank you very much and see you in my next video. If you got questions and suggestions

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  1. Make more videos doG ‘bout IF!!!! Just found u today, been doing 16/8 since April. Please check out Dr. Jason Fung, I love this doc, he is all about fasting.

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