Improving Health with Nutrition : Natural Headache Relief

October 27, 2019

This clip is on migraine headaches and headaches
in general. So one of the things as a nutritionist that I find is that headaches are very much
related to chemicals and toxins found in your food so you have to really look at what are
you eating and what does that food contain and you know that if it comes in a package
there’s lots of different chemicals in that food. It’s not really a whole food so things
like aspartame, msg, food colors, artificial food flavors, hydrogen fats, these are all
toxins in your diet or that may be in your diet that if you get rid of you’re generally
going to start to improve your migraine headaches. Other things that you can do are just general
detoxification so this involves moving to a whole food diet. It involves repairing your
gastrointestinal systems so that you’re eliminating more of your toxins more efficiently. It involves
improving your cellular health with things like Omega 3 fatty acids. A key nutrient for
migraine headaches to prevent them and if you have them at the time is magnesium and
this just relaxes the total.

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