If You Have High Blood Pressure or Heart Problems, Avoid These Foods
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If You Have High Blood Pressure or Heart Problems, Avoid These Foods

September 10, 2019

If You Have High Blood Pressure or Heart Problems,
Avoid These Foods It is quite difficult these days to avoid
consuming unhealthy junk food, especially with the ever busy work loads, and the hustle
and bustle of everyday living. However, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle
then this is exactly what you need to do. You have to maintain a balanced diet always
to be able to keep your blood sugar stabilised, and also to regulate you blood pressure, and
avoid heart-related health complications. Here are 14 foods you should avoid: #1. Avoid Pizza: Pizza is packed full with processed meat that
is rich in sodium. It is also made from processed flour, these
foods will only raise your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, thereby increasing
your risk of cardiovascular problems. #2. Stay Clear Of French Fries: Deep fried foods like french fries are harmful
to your health as they raise your cholesterol levels. It is estimated that a serving of french fries
has about 270 mg sodium and 19 grams fat. #3. Avoid Table Salt: Table salt can cause your body to retain water,
and it will compel your kidneys and liver to work extra hard, to get rid of any excess
salt in the body while excessive table salt will raise your blood pressure and causes
hypertension. #4. Avoid Red Meat: Red meat is known to cause damage to your
blood s and veins, it causes high blood pressure and hypertension, you need to stay clear of
red meat. #5. Avoid Processed Meat: Instead of stuffing yourself with processed
meat like bacon, bologna, frankfurter and wieners. You should consume turkey and chicken which
are low in salt and healthier. #6. Leave Pickles In Their Jar: Pickles are actually low in calories but they
are rich in their sodium content. It is estimated that the sodium content in
a single pickle is about 570 mg. #7. Avoid Margarine: A lot of people make use of margarine in their
daily cooking. However, when heated margarine like many other
vegetable oil gets full of aluminium, nickel and platinum when subjected to high temperatures. #8. Do Not Eat Doughnuts: This junk food is consumed fairly regularly
by most people on the move, busy executives and on-duty cops find doughnuts as a quick
fix for their hunger pangs. However, a single doughnut is rich in about
12 grams of fat and about 200 calories. #9. Don’t Eat Canned Noodle Soup: Most canned foods are rich in sodium which
is used as a preservative. Canned chicken noodle soup is especially high
in its sodium content as it is estimated that there is about 800 mg of sodium in a single
serving. #10. Stop Eating Canned Treats: Canned treats such as biscuits are also loaded
with sodium, you should avoid eating these treats as they can cause your blood pressure
to spike. #11. Avoid Refined Sugar: Refined sugar is a major cause of cardiovascular
conditions and should be avoided by all means. It will increase your blood sugar levels and
cause excessive weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension. #12. Soda: Soda has lots of sugar and even diet soda
is loaded with aspartame, which is artificial sweetener, soda will raise your blood sugar
and cholesterol levels causing excessive weight gain, and obesity which leads to high blood
pressure and cardiovascular problems. #13. Drop That Alcohol Bottle: Excessive alcohol intake can cause your body’s
blood level to be reduced. Alcohol can cause high blood pressure and
hypertension, when taken regularly and in excess amounts. #14. Be Careful About Eating Frozen Pot Pies: That pie that you love so much can be a cause
of serious health concerns as there is sodium of about 1,400 mg, and fat of about 35 grams
in a single serving of that sweet pot pie. You can lower your blood pressure when you
consume these foods: Rice, Beans, Pasta, Peas, Grain oats, Sweet
potatoes. When you consume vegetables you boost your
potassium levels, and at the same time lower your sodium levels, and helps you avoid high
blood pressure and hypertension. Consume foods fruits also such as oranges
and bananas. You should also eat veggies like tomatoes
and spinach. When cooking you should include herbs and
spices in your meal, as they are very useful in regulating your blood pressure, you can
make use of herbs and spices like sage, oregano, thyme and rosemary. Don’t Forget To Share With Your Friends And
Family On Social Network, As You Might Help Someone. Thank you!

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