IBS – D is it really Bile Acid Salt Diarrhea?  [CC]
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IBS – D is it really Bile Acid Salt Diarrhea? [CC]

September 11, 2019

This all kinda started for me in like 2007
I started getting these terrible terrible pains right above my belly button and it just
felt like someone was stabbing me I went to er after er years and years finally 2011 the
took out my gallbladder after running a HIDU scan and showing 0% activity in my gallbladder
they took it out I’m now still many years later having issues they kinda just generalized
it to IBS-D predominant diarrhea predominant so just kind of general thing I feel they
just throw around when they are sure how to correctly (specifically) diagnose an intestinal
problem that is mostly brought on by stress but also bile is not being reabsorbed making
it through the gastrointestinal tract all the way out it is not comfortable but thank
goodness for smart doctors because if my pcp hadn’t gone above and beyond and just taken
one thing away from her lecture that weekend she wouldn’t have even suggested that I might
have B.A.D. which stands for bile acid salt diarrhea now with B.A.D. there are actually
some options there is a medication I can take that is for something else but it just a powder
drink mix and it kind of binds everything together and makes it regular *warning* not
graphic content of pictures just describing possibly if you don’t like talking about poop
or you get squimish *sucks teeth* get outta here everybody poops I don’t care so now here
we are over ten years later I have been suffereing and in and out of hospitals and trying to
convince family member that I’m not faking it for attention or trying to convince people
that I didn’t force the admitting doctor to admit me to the hospital for two weeks it’s
been such a long time coming now that being said I can’t thank my doctor enough but also
I have to say that diet DIET is the most important thing I think that’s helping me out and being
a regular sick get for the past *hmm* over ten years I have come to understand that I
don’t need medication yes there are sometimes that it gets out of control and I need to
be able to something to help control it so that I can live like a normal person and not
have to go to the er and that is just to eat healthy I have given up red meat about two
years ago I’ve been doing chicken and fish and turkey burger very lightly more of less
regularly I’ve been trying to do as much vegetarian as possible thank goodness to this highly
under diagnosed condition I hope that anyone that suffers with the same kind of symptoms
that I had can find some relief one of the main things to look for is bile in your stool
so if you’re having a really bad poop and it’s burning so bad and then you look back
and you see that there is like a bunch of yellow liquid in your poop that’s probably
bile that did not get reabsorbed and is going through your whole intestinal tract and it’s
burning and it’s hurts so defiantly talk to your doctor if you thing that is something
that could be bothering you don’t be like me and have to go over ten years
without having any kind of relief or any kind of answers and having to explain myself constantly
or I love the whole oh but you look too pretty to be so sick no no all of those things no it is your life it is your body only you
know what is going on with it don’t let anybody play you down if you are hurting and if you
are having constant problems defiantly go talk to your doctor defiantly see what’s going
on down there it could turn into something serious thankfully for myself I’m not suffering
from Crohn’s and I’m not suffering from Colitis just a simple powder drink mix and my life is back
so that’s my story about B.A.D. or IBS-D which now they have officially changed my diagnosis
to Bile Acid Salt Diarrhea it’s a less general diagnosis much more specific and way easier
for you G.I. Specialists to move forward with your treatment
I hope this has helped if you guys are suffering with anything like this or you have any questions
about how I found out about all of this stuff please feel free to leave a comment and I will definitely get back to you if you feel like you just aren’t sure but you’re having a lot of pain ya know ? Go talk to your doctor and raise some concerns (the ER can not help with moving forward. Go see your PCP) There’s a lot of stigma out there about abdominal pain a lot of times the doctors with not take you seriously
so make sure that you have logged what you’ve what you’ve been eaten and logged your bathroom activities so that when you do go if you have to go to your (PCP) Doctor or the ER you have these things to present to them that are solid pieces of information. That’s what they’re gonna want from you anyways So if you come prepared like that they are going to take you a lot more
seriously so I hope this has helped you guys and you know if it has pleas e let me know
if you have questions still I’m here for you man and defiantly please give this video a
THUMBS UP if you liked it if you didn’t or for some reason if I was mistaken about something
I had said please let me know and give it a thumbs down *sadface* and once again to
the haters I don’t care I realllllllly really really
don’t care *laughs* that being said PEACE!!!

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  1. I’m going for a Sehcat scan next week iv been suffering for 6 years now it’s awful iv been diagnosed with ibs d I really think iv got a high chance of having this hopefully I’m on the right track thank you for ur video there’s not much information on this issue

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I'm trying to get to the bottom (pardon the pun) of this terrible thing that's been an issue for over a decade and this really helped.

  3. I told my doctor I had bile in my diarrhea and she said it was just the color of the stool from what I ate…. I’ve never been so annoyed. Some doctors just don’t listen. I had to practically force mine to prescribe cholestyramine. I knew this was my issue but she didn’t believe me. I had to try 2 other medicines that did absolutely nothing. I’m only a couple days on cholestyramine but I can already tell a difference in my poop. I was having like 6 episodes of diarrhea a day before and now it’s solid, looks normal and doesn’t have that bile Look to it, which is what it would look like even if it was semi-solid before.

  4. I just got my GB out. I’m having the same and my doc prescribed this. I feel bad taking it. I want to have kids.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story! I haven't even bothered mentioning my symptoms to any doctors in years, wouldn't make a difference either way. I'm 5'7 and frustrated over the fact that I'm so underweight no matter how much I eat. I'm typically about 105 lbs, with a lot of weight training I've been able to get up to 110 lbs. I have chronic fatigue syndrome as well so really it's not a good idea for me to overexercise just for the sake of gaining a few pounds.. but I do it anyway because I'm tired of people commenting on my weight, accusing me of being anorexic. I have loose stools every morning, usually two or three rounds of it.. probably sounds gross but lately it burns when I have a bowel movement. I don't have hemmorhoids obviously, it's more so feels like my stool is very acidic. Does that make sense? I'm not sure what tests to even ask to have done at this point. Too exhausted, I just kind of gave up and accepted the fact that I'll probably die of undiagnosed malabsorption

  6. For about a year now, I’ve had HORRIBLE stomach aches every time I eat something larger than a snack. And then a terrible time in the bathroom after. I also thing I have BAM bile acid malabsorption. My doctor looked at my symptoms and said it was probably ibs, but I didn’t get an actual diagnosis. Sucks. I can’t even enjoy a meal anymore without worrying.

  7. I have IBD Crohn’s disease and just recently had surgery to remove a large chunk of my small bowel, the part that is responsible for the reabsorption of bile acids and I also have no gallbladder. I am now getting this on a daily basis. I also take the powder drink but even that doesn’t make things solid, before going on the meds I was going the loo 20+ times all day and through the night, now I go maybe 7 times a day instead. Have you been tested for crohns as I went undiagnosed for over 20 years, they kept telling me I had IBS and never actually tested me for crohns in all that time and went the hospital and gp office A LOT of times in 20 years with pain and bowel obstructions. IBS has very similar symptoms to IBD but the damage IBD causes on your insides is shocking and sometimes, like myself, if gone untreated for a long period of time can result in surgery to remove the damaged portion of bowel. This will not cure the crohns it will come back at some point be it a month or years after surgery.

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