Hypertension Discussion Part 5
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Hypertension Discussion Part 5

September 2, 2019

WALLACE: My mother…uncles aunties, yeah cousins Alright so It just runs in my family.
DR. MEYERS: There is without question a higher risk of having
hypertension if you’re african-american and certainly hypertension results in a lot more disease and
mortality or death rates in folks that are african-american.
DR. CLARKE: I think part of it is genetics. Part of it is diet as well. I think they both play a part in it. If you look at the customary African American diet,
it’s high in salt. There are a lot of fried foods and things
of that sort which can impact and worsen if you
already have a predisposition or high blood pressure.
DR. WILLIAMS: African-americans experience higher blood pressure rates we don’t always know why. It tends to be
more genetic. It runs stronger in families. A higher salt diet. Not being able to get the healthy foods, fruits and vegetables,
fresh meats that other communities may get. We don’t always know. what the answer that question is
DR. MEYERS: For Hispanics as well as African-Americans, their risks are higher both of having hypertension and the
complications from hypertension. DR. CLARKE: So, I think genetics is your initial, plays an initial role but then environment, diet, plays the secondary role.

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