Hypertension Awareness and Treatment
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Hypertension Awareness and Treatment

October 7, 2019

>>Ellen: Actually lead to an elevated blood
pressure. Now, does that person always have hypertension? No, not always. Home monitoring of high blood pressure ventricular
syndrome thatís been identified because now your physician or your primary medical provider
can hook you up to a little machine that will check your blood pressure continuously
throughout twenty four hours, and then you bring back the machine, it reads it out and
it sees during your normal activity and at rest your blood pressure is just fine. Or it may show the opposite but this is a
real entity that we have not very long ago identified. Idiopathic just means weíve ruled out everything
here and you still have high blood pressure so thereís always that opportunity as well. Well, what are the benefits of knowing that
you have hypertension and then treating it appropriately? Stroke is reduced by 35 to
40%. Thatís pretty good odds. Heart attacks, or
myocardial infarctions are reduced by 20 to 25% and heart failure is reduced by over 50%. Those are pretty good odds for us in this
day, arenít they? So, great reason to control our blood pressure. How do we do the diagnosis? Well once we have checked our blood pressure
appropriately on two or more occasions, and see that it continues to be elevated to hypertension
ranges, then we see our doctor and the doctor will take a thorough history including a family
history. Does high blood pressure, hypertension, run
in families? Yes it does. Could it occur in any families? Certainly
because ofÖcauses. Remember there are a number of reasons that some might develop hypertension. And then after a thorough history, the medical
provider will do a thorough, hopefully, physical examination. And itís very important because they need
to check out the back of your eyes make sure that looks healthy, they need to check out
your thyroid gland, certainly need to listen to your heart and
lungs and make sure your heart sounds good, no extra murmurs, no other problems and then
check for masses in your abdomen or around the kidneys. And then check your pulses in your upper and
lower extremities. And then there will be laboratory studies including checking what
we call your electrolytes your potassium, sodium, um- kidney function blood sugar and then also
some other things like your liver function. And then there willÖheart tracingÖalso a
urinalysis is requiredÖbecause they placeÖthe disease and the individual finds they have
a problem. They may actually be spilling protein in their
urine. So after all of this is done we have to say, ìOkay weíve diagnosed it appropriately,
and weíve done all the testing, and now weíve decided this is probably idiopathic or- you
know we may have found another cause.î Either way, the most important treatment is
this: Changing our lifestyle. Making sure that just like the figure that there is a
good balance in our life. A good balance between: work and play, stress
and relaxation, fruits and vegetables and other foods, caffeine and water. Making sure that we have developed the balance
that is necessary to keep us well. And that includes an optimum weight. Now, I put an
optimum weight because not everybody needs to be pencil thin. Agreed?>>Audience: Agreed.>>Ellen: Yes. In fact, pencil thin is probably
not necessarily healthful. But we know that there is a weight for each of us because of
our height, because of our family history, because of
our ethnic background that there is a height- I mean a weight, Iím sorry, that is appropriate for the height
so we need to know what that is. Right? We need to know what weíre aiming for, either
to gain weight or to reduce our weight to get to that goal. So obtaining and maintaining
optimum weight is very important. As we get older, it is actually important
to have a little bit extra. Yay! [laughter] Right? Iím so glad Iím over 60! [laugh] Right, so, um- thereís an excuse. Why? Because
as we get older and may be more prone to have problems or Disease states then we need to make sure that
if we are ill we donít lose too much weight. So we need that little bit of cushion. Low sodium diet. Now, why would I say that?
Well it turns out that salt, sodium, actually creates problems and causes high blood pressure.
It may even cause hypertension. Because of the way our body handles salt and
becauseÖ.very powerful chemicals excreted we will talk about a little bit when we talk
about medications, um- sodium plays a big role in maintaining
a normal blood pressure. We need to keep it low. Do we have to cut
it out? Well, no, no. If you donít have problems with your blood pressure um- a little bit
of salt is very tasty but there are other things we can use that
are just as tasty, lots of herbs fresh or otherwise but a lot of different things we
can use to substitute for salt. Unfortunately, many of the fast foods we rely
on are high in salt. Many of the sodas we drink are higher in salt. Um- many of the potato chips [laughter] some of the things that are already salted
and we know are obviously definitely high in salt. So we want to maintain a reasonable salt intake
and make sure that if we have hypertension itís lower. Regular physical activity. I resisted putting
exercise here because I think sometimes exercise has a bad name and we get a little bit uncomfortable
thinking about it because it sounds like something we have to
do in addition to our very busy lives. But regular physical activity could be walking
the campus here at OíBerry. It could be walking up the steps at our job
wherever it is instead of taking the elevator, it could be parking further away uh- unless
itís at night uh- at Wal-Mart and then walking. It could be any number of things that we do.
Uh- it could be tending our garden or going to a dance, wonderful activity! Or it could be you know anything that we do
for exerciseÖwe like thatÖswimmingÖanything that keeps us active and off our seats and
thatís really extremely healthy for us. The studies that have been done about physical
exercise show that actually itís the small increments. Remember when I talked about just
a little bit of weight?

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