How too much sugar in our diets of processed foods is causing our obesity and diabetes crisis.
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How too much sugar in our diets of processed foods is causing our obesity and diabetes crisis.

November 2, 2019

this is Steve Hughlett from balance fit and today we’re going to talk about how much sugar is too much
now in previous videos we I’ve explained what exactly what sure is and what sugar
does to your body and then in another video I kind of gave an analogy from dr.
Jason Fung about what pre-diabetes is in so resistance and full-blown type-2
diabetes and the causes of all this and again the cause of this is too much
sugar too much high fructose corn syrup too much processed food too much flour
in our diets and as I talked about in another video remember there are there
are 9 essential amino acids that you have to get from the outside you can’t our
bodies don’t make them and amino acids those are the the building blocks of
protein and there’s also two essential fatty acids that we have to get from the
outside because our bodies don’t make those and these fatty acids those are
the building blocks of fat however there’s no such thing as an essential
carb our bodies can make all the sugar that it needs from excess protein excess
fat and so um really we don’t need sugar at all really but so let’s see what we
actually do and again this is Paracelsus he was the father toxicology back in the
early 1500s and even back in the early 1500s also said that the dose makes the
poison so a little bit of sugar is fine but a lot of sugar is not fine and this
is um kind of explain what I’m talking about here is in our body say we’re a
normal 70 kilo person and in our bodies we have floating around our bloodstream
we have the equivalent of about about um one tea spoon full of sugar floating
around in our bloodstream at any one time okay one teaspoon of sugar now
compare that to 10 teaspoons of sugar that’s in one can of soda pop now if
that’s all you’re going to have is one can of soda pop and you’re going to be
perfectly healthy the rest time that’s perfectly fine because
there’s enough sugar in here there’s enough subcutaneous fat cells that our
body can use it when you put this glucose into our bodies we can either
use it for energy need and then or we can store it as glycogen for energy to
be used later or we can convert it into fat to be putting our subcutaneous fat
cells and this is the the energy that we’ll use during those times that we’re
not eating so our fasting periods and whether you fast for two hours or
whether you fast for two days when you’re not eating our body should be
using the the stored fat that Center subcutaneous fat cells so if that’s all
you had is this one can of pop and you ain’t perfectly healthy the rest of time
that be perfectly fine but that’s not what we do we eat sugar and almost every
single thing that we eat we eat sugar it’s in all of our sugar sweetened
beverages all of our soda pops all of our fruit juices it doesn’t matter how
healthy they say or if they say this is this is all-natural fruit juice it’s too
much sugar and you don’t need it if you want fruit eat the fruit that’s much
better than the fruit juice you’re going to get a lot less in because you can’t
eat as much and you’re going to get the healthy fiber and the health of
phytonutrients along with it so you won’t eat as much when you eat it like
you do and sweetness is sugar sweetened beverages you’re getting a huge glucose
load so stay away from all your sugar sweetened beverages it’s also in our NL
any bags it’s in our crackers our potato chips anything in a bag anything with a
label on it you’re gonna probably want to stay away from it because chances are
there’s gonna be high fructose corn syrup or sugar in there and I’ve
explained that in another video that I made talking about about processed food
why we have processed food and what exactly processed food is but basically
if it is if it’s a man-made food you might want to stay away from it only God
made food that food if it was never alive to begin with we might want not
want to put that in our mouths the other thing we have it in all our boxes it’s
in anything with a label on it so this is what we do with our children we sit
here and we give mothers sugar out of these boxes and then we give them fruit
juices to take home and so we’re just filling our children up with sugar and
this is why we have an extremely horrible obesity crisis in this world
today and especially with our our children
they’re becoming more and more obese and I’ve talked about that in another video
also and it’s all because of what we’re putting in our mouths and that’s all so
remember we’re in another video we also talked about what flower is flower is
just or glucose just like in in the body and the human body when we take a
glucose our body clumps that together and stores in forms called glycogen but
in plants this stored form of glucose is called starch so anything that has
starching anything that has flour in it that also is glucose so that’s even more
sugar so that’s why you want to stay away from all these processed foods and
all these process of breads the other thing is send all our condiments so you
may think that you have a perfectly healthy salad and then you go and you
put all this the salad dressing on top of it you just added sugar you just took
a good healthy meal and you turn it into a bad meal because of the sure that’s in
it and again it’s in all the fast food restaurants that we go to so anywhere
you go for a fast food if it’s not something again if it was never alive to
begin with you might not want to be putting that in your mouth and so
basically anything anything with a can in it I mean anything with a label on it
whether it’s a box bag bottle or a can if it has a label on it and you’re
trying to decide whether it’s healthy for you not chances are it’s not and
obviously it’s on another donuts and all our desserts as well and as you can see
on here there’s even baby food and that’s
exactly right they even put high fructose corn syrup in our baby food and
that’s why we have an epidemic of obesity elves to day so these conditions
these disease states that we used to see with patients when they were in their
60s 70s and 80s now we’re starting to see it with our patients who are in
their 20s 30s 40s and 50s now because of all the sugar and how early we start on
our babies in with all the sugar so we’re starting to see how the
detrimental effects coming now and so if you think you can read a label and see
how much sugar in is you might want to think again because there’s all kinds of
different names for for sugar and because of this they hide the names all
through the labels so if they can just put it all together and just said sugar
that’d be the very first ingredient on the list but that’s not what they do
they have all these different names for sugar so it makes it very hard for you
to see what’s in there and this is also why whenever I’ve been
reading listening or watching studies from all around the world from these
other physicians other nutritionists and other scientists anytime they compare
their country’s nutrition to America they always call it the sad diet and I
didn’t know what they were talking about when they kept talking about the sad
diet and then I realized what they were talking about when they were saying sad
diet they were call it the standard American diet and that’s exactly right
this is an extremely sad diet because of all the processed foods that we put in
our mouths and it’s also extremely sad because of all the countries in the
world America has one of the top medical systems in the entire world however when
you talk about nutrition and our populations we also have one of the top
of the poorest nutrition of any other country in this in this entire world and
it’s all because of the amount of processed foods that we put in our
mouths every single day so if we have any hopes of stopping type 2 diabetes
and reversing it the only way it’s going to be is we have to learn how to eat
properly and that means eat god-made food if it was never alive to begin with
we probably shouldn’t be putting that in our mouths and we definitely need to
stop putting all this processed food in our mouths because it’s toxic to our
bodies with no nutritional value whatsoever so anyway that’s my talk on
this for today so I hope you enjoyed it and please come back and see us in
more videos

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