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How to: Vegan

October 30, 2019

How to vegan 
So you’re here cause you wanna become a vegan? Where do you begin? We’ve all seen this new trend
where all the bloggers and celebrities are obsessing over switching to a plant based
diet, today we’re going to explore how that really affects our
bodies. A balanced vegan diet consists primarily of
fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts in large quantities to
ensure that we get all of our macro and micronutrients we need
It, however, does not consist of animal byproducts, so no milk, eggs or any meats. Luckily, there are many tasty alternatives
to get those micro and macronutrients to achieve a balanced
vegan diet. These include fortified soy and rice beverages
to get our daily recommended vitamin B12 intake. Now
instead of getting calcium from cow’s milk, we can eat green leafy vegetables such as
kale and spinach. To get our recommended daily requirement of
vitamin D, we can have soy milk, rice milk, orange juice
and breakfast cereals. And last but not least is the proteins,
we can get a good source of protein from kidney beans and
chickpeas, as well as almonds and cashews. It’s vital to keep in mind the adequate
measures of these substitutes that you need to take to get the
same amount of proteins and nutrients. it takes 3 times the amount of alternatives
to get the same amount of protein from meats
Now that you’ve learned the basics of vegan meal, let’s get started with a simple vegan
meal we can try at home. How to make a vegan salad 
Before you begin, it’s important to have a grocery list 
Today we are going to grab some lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and nuts to start off with the basics
Our first ingredient is lettuce! Now let’s dive into how the vegan diet can
affect the cardiovascular system 
Eating specific foods that are high in fiber and low in cholesterol like fruits and vegetables,
we can lower our risk for many cardiovascular diseases
such as Cardiovascular disease, Ischemic heart disease,
Hypertension In addition, it is very important to have
a high source of iron in a vegan diet. This is because the iron
that we get from vegetables and legumes isn’t readily absorbed by the body. So we need to have much
more kale, spinach and dark leafy vegetables to get our iron supply. Our next ingredient is cucumbers, now lets
dive into how the vegan diet affects your skeletal system 
our bone health can be a serious issue when it comes to a vegan diet, that’s right you
guessed it, we don’t drink any milk or eat any cheese,
so we aren’t getting enough calcium and vitamin D. But there is a
simple fix, we can equalize that loss through dark leafy greens daily supplements to build
our bones strong and keep us healthy. Now let’s add our tomatoes, let’s see
how the vegan diet affects our microbiota and digestive system 
The vegan diet is so beneficial for our digestive system and gut health. By ingesting a high fibre diet, we
are decreasing our chances of developing colorectal cancers and obesity. Thus, filling your diet with
kidney beans, whole grains and corn on the cobs, you will be on your way to a clean gut. Our last ingredient is nuts! Now lets how the vegan diet can affect our
immune system with all of those luscious greens and potent
fruits, we are giving our immune system the greatest natural
boost to keep us strong and ready for any colds and flus that come our way. So to summarize there are pros and cons to
the vegan diet, it can lower the risk of developing heart
diseases but there are chances of having protein and iron deficiency. It can promote a healthier gut, but
there is a risk of calcium deficiency. It can help boost immune function but there
is a risk of vitamin d deficiency 
Now that we have made our salad, let’s figure how to live the vegan life
 The vegan diet comes with a few challenges. You gotta scour the grocery isles and search
for specific food items that don’t have any trace animal
products. Moreover, it is quite common for vegans to
visit health food stores to purchase nutritional
supplements or other natural ingredients which can be quite
time-consuming. Many restaurants are now popping with vegan
meals and substitute options. A lot of
burger places now even supply beyond meat burgers. The most important thing to remember is to
have a balanced meal and get all the nutrients you need. So
that’s how you vegan? Are you ready to start?

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