How To STOP Negative/Stressful Thinking Once and For All
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How To STOP Negative/Stressful Thinking Once and For All

December 4, 2019

So your mind is out of control huh? You want to control the mind? Well guess what? You can’t do it. Nobody can do it. Trying to control the mind is like trying to flatten out water. You just make more waves because that’s the nature of the ocean; It has waves, it has crashing. You don’t say there should be no waves in the ocean. Well the natural state of the
mind is full of thought, mental noise and once you accept that, the easier it will be to go beyond it. Because you are not the mind. You have a mind but the problem is you have been identifying with the mind, with your thoughts for your entire life. If you are the ocean, why would you identify as a wave? It’s just a wave. Well you are that which observes thoughts. Stop identifying as thoughts. It’s just a thought. And what is every thought made out of? Nothing You bring it to life with the attention
you give it. See every single day we have fifty to seventy thousand thoughts but the ones that stress us are the ones we keep putting our attention on. but these thoughts don’t have any more strength than any other. Stressful thoughts come like a knock on the door and you keep letting them in. Or you say, “No no I don’t want you to come in. No no no stay out.” And that makes them knock even
louder. So both aversion and attraction feed and
multiply thoughts. The secret is just don’t mind the mind. Know that this is the natural state of the mind. Don’t feed it. You do that by not trying to control. Just hold your ground and the thoughts will go away. This is the law of the universe. Everything passes. Just stay as the observer of thought. Don’t touch them, don’t resist the thought, label it or create a whole story around the thought. Just stay as the pure awareness. This is a much higher place. Your true place in silence. So yeah thoughts will arise and you feel them yeah you’re gonna feel but
they will pass. You don’t have to follow them anymore down their rabbit hole. Just remember It’s just a thought. Don’t touch it. Just stop and fix your attention in that silence, nothing more. Very simple. You don’t have to fight control or defeat the mind. Just stay as you are. How simple is that? Just stay as you are. As the silence in between two thoughts and the mind will dissolve by itself into the nothingness that it really is.

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  1. I’ve been in mma for a long time in my life and the constant thoughts I get from it are horrible because I always place myself in the worst case scenario during practice or in a tournament, but this video made me clear my mind and accept that the thoughts are just nothing


  2. Surprisingly this guy went straight to the point, when I saw that binnie I thought wtf he must be one of them wannabe rappers

  3. Thank you. I'm going insane with regrets of my past, things that happened more than a decade ago, but this put a new perspective into it. So thanks

  4. I was going through so many negative thoughts that 1 mistake made me want to cry.I looked at hundreds of videos and none helped 100 percent.But then I saw this video and you helped me realize to just know that if I just know that they are just thoughts,it is just what the natural mind is.Thank you for helping me.

  5. I’m still not there, because of the mind, but as long as their is all that is in front of me in the now, for real,

    I am still predominantly transcending until I know and claim that I am completely fulfilled. You are still my inspiration and conformity Prince Ea!!

  6. If what he's saying is true then how much not fighting thoughts can fix someone close to depressed I don't know if I have depression or if I'm so close that I understand it but I want to be happy again or at least to be less sad

  7. In my nature I don’t get along with people, and those who i get attached to, do not treat me or perhaps think of me as i do to them simply because they are normal people. I want to be like them so i try to stop thinking about them and not be the one who chases them but, here when my mind starts killing me with a terrible mixed feeling of missing and anger in my chest, the more i try to just forget about them the worse it get.
    but here am I watching this video hopefully this way is gonna work with me.

  8. Learning (thought) Applying (action)

    Learn and apply in small increments at the same time…
    Or Learn and apply separately, spending a long time on learning and then a long time applying.

    Learning on its own is addictive therefore making it hard to shift to applying.
    Applying is addictive on its own therefore making it hard to shift to learning.

    Knowing one way could cripple the next,
    What mind frame would you choose?

    Would you rather stay stuck learning or stay stuck applying?

    I don't know what I would prefer but I am currently definitely stuck learning.

    What about you???

    Of course there is another option,
    constantly both learning and applying at the same time.

    But this option may require outside help,
    I don't think you can learn and apply at the same time just by yourself .. like help from a friend( but I might be wrong here).

    Anyway, what would you choose?

  9. Same im 15 and people always hated me and im can,t social other people can social. I don't know how to people social and make me feel in. And not feel left out

  10. Doesn't matter how weird, fucked up, negative or positive your thoughts are, because that's all they are, thoughts. They're made out of nothing, so everyone that's stressing over a dark thought they keep having, stop, just let it pass don't try and stop thinking about it 🙂

  11. I have been like this for several months I trapped in my head with bad thoughts some that i never wished of I feel alone in my thoughts tend to worsen my head hurts I feel like I’m going crazy

  12. I tried it helped me some extent and I keep trying it and i keep watching this video till I get rid of story building thought process which is holding me back in my day to day life from almost years
    Thanks bro 🙏

  13. Thank. I was interested to watch and compare. I also have a video on this topic. Some things I do differently. If interested, you can watch my video #StopNegativeThoughts

  14. I'm crying, and I havent cried in 4 years, this really helped me. Thank you, thank you man, you're our savior❤ you don't know how much I love you, if there is a word that beats love and another word that beats that word and another that beats that word too, yah that's how much i love you man❤❤❤

  15. Other day I couldn’t do my maths homework and I got so stressed because I forgot how to do it and I got anxiety and worries but In reality all that’s gonna happen is I will learn it again and everything is gonna be good

  16. I think this may have just change my perspective and mind forever what was I doing with my life (mostly my mind) before??!!! I’m 21 and had a really shitty day which ended with me looking up “how to stop overthinking” 😭😵👌THANK YOU FOR THIS

  17. Thank you ): seriously…. im 30 weeks pregnant and i could not make myself happy , i was stressing so hard!! And worried and felt bad for my baby… but now i feel so much better …..

  18. Guys! JUST LET THE Thot be in your head don’t make resistance just observe it and it will go away, as Prince Ea said. It’s like when we try to swim for the first time and we make to much resistance , but if you stay calm and let it go you will not get under the water same with thots

  19. I don't understand people who motivates they say that we should study or do smth that's difficult ?
    Then they say that we will be powerful and we can live as we want .!.
    Well, then when we are going to live our life? When we are aged
    The world is so confusing

  20. Its pretty urgent, answer please (REad)
    Ive been looking these vids as healing but i got negative cause i missunderstood them and i go doing everything without thinking which is again very very bad for me,i guess its all good

  21. I keep thinking about something that happend a year ago. I keep having dreams about it, I’m driving myself crazy. I can’t be my normal self. And I don’t know what to do

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